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  2. Start Date Aug 11, 2020 Location Online Continuing our gaming webinar series, join this Samsung Developer Program talk and learn how take integrate the Samsung IAP SDK in your Unity games. The Galaxy Store is a premium store to make Galaxy phones come alive in their own, unique way. Discover how to use Samsung’s payment service that makes it possible to sell a variety of items in applications for Samsung Galaxy Store. At the end of this talk you will have the knowledge to modify your Unity games and have a new way to monetize them, whether it is with one-off payments or subscriptions. Additionally, we will check the Samsung IAP Unity plugin’s methods and functionalities, facilitating a rapid integration with your existing games. View the full blog at its source
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  4. In this new video tutorial, you will learn how to reach a new gaming audience by publishing in Galaxy Store. Galaxy Store is a premium store, designed to make Galaxy mobile devices come alive in their own, unique way. Discover how to prepare and submit your Unity3D games to Galaxy Store. At the end of this talk, you will have the knowledge to create the right binary files and assets that are required to submit and distribute your first Unity game and ultimately reach the global Samsung audience. If you have knowledge of game development, or are interested in learning how to distribute your upcoming releases, we encourage you to watch. This talk will show participants how to: • Create a Galaxy Store Seller Portal account • Export your game in Unity • Complete the different submission steps in the Galaxy Store Seller Portal • Resolve common errors in your game submission You can also connect with Diego, a Sr. Developer Evangelist, on Twitter Have questions? Post them in our forums. View the full blog at its source
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  6. The latest edition of Galaxy Unpacked was held on Wednesday, August 5th, and for the first time it was virtual. We unveiled five new devices that empower work and play. Galaxy Unpacked featured lots of exciting updates for our designer and developer community, and what was mystery became mystic (bronze). You can watch the full livestream on YouTube, or fast forward to these time codes for key moments 8:50 Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra 53:45 Galaxy Watch3 1:08:01 Galaxy Z Fold2 Be sure to check out our Galaxy Watch3 artboards, now available on the Galaxy Watch Asset Creator. And now, here are the key takeaways on each of the new devices unveiled at Galaxy Unpacked. Galaxy Note20 and Note20 Ultra The Galaxy Note20 Series is a productivity powerhouse that works like a computer and lets users game like a pro. The series comes in two versions: Galaxy Note20 Ultra, designed for Note fans who demand the ultimate in power and productivity, and Galaxy Note20, for those Note users looking to maximize their time for work and play. The Galaxy Note20 series includes the ever-popular S Pen. Developers, you can leverage the S Pen Remote SDK, S Pen Framework, and Air Actions to enhance the experience of your apps and games. As part of our continued partnership with Microsoft, Xbox Game Pass is coming to Galaxy Store. With an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscription, users will be able to play their favorite Xbox games in the cloud (beta) right from their Galaxy device. Galaxy users are always looking for new games to play, so be sure to submit your own game to Galaxy Store. If your game has in-app items for sale, be sure to check out the Samsung In-App Purchase SDK which lets users transact with any of the payment methods associated with their Samsung Account, including Samsung Pay and Samsung Rewards. We also have numerous technical resources and best practices on optimizing your game and getting the most out of the device GPU in Galaxy GameDev. We also unveiled the new wireless version of Samsung DeX. As Samsung DeX becomes even easier to use, you'll want to ensure your apps are optimized for Samsung DeX. Our resources detail how to add multi-window support, handle runtime configuration changes, and support different input modes. Galaxy Watch3 The Galaxy Watch3 is a next-generation companion for managing routines, smashing fitness goals, and taking ownership over health. Built with premium materials and a slimmed-down version of the popular rotating bezel, Galaxy Watch3 features the craftsmanship of a luxury timepiece, while still being comfortable enough to wear all day and all night. Developers can build Tizen-based apps while designers can build watch faces with Galaxy Watch Studio to enhance and customize the user's experience. We will begin reviewing new watch face designs starting next week, but you can get a head start on the requirements now. As we mentioned, a new version of the Galaxy Watch Asset Creator, which includes the Galaxy Watch3, is now available. New Lifestyle Photo Asset Packs will be coming soon as well. Galaxy Z Fold2 Last, but certainly not least, was the Galaxy Z Fold2. This device builds on the experience of both the Galaxy Fold and the Galaxy Z Flip to deliver unique foldable experiences. More details about the Galaxy Z Fold2 will be released on September 1st. In the meantime, check out our resources on designing and optimizing for foldable devices. Wrap Up We also showcased the Galaxy Tab S7 and S7+, devices where your apps and games will be featured in Galaxy Store. The Galaxy Buds Live introduced a new shape for wireless earbuds, an ergonomic design that’s being described as the perfect fit. Can't get your hands on a physical device? Stay tuned to our news feed - we'll announce when the new devices are available in our Remote Test Lab. We can't wait to see what you create for these new devices. Make sure to join us on the developer forums to share what you're working on and get your questions answered. Catch up on all of yesterday's announcements on the Samsung Newsroom or watch the replay on YouTube. View the full blog at its source
  7. A bad practice but sometimes there is no alternative. Last time we introduced about Deno and discussed how it compares to node, like node, Deno is a server side code-execution environment based on web technology. Node uses JavaScript with commonjs modules and npm/yarn as it’s package manager. Deno uses Typescript or JavaScript with modern javascript import statements. It does not need a package manager. To import a module as usual in deno you reference it by URL: import { serve } from "https://deno.land/std/http/server.ts"; You can find many of the modules you may need in the Deno standard library or in the Deno third party modules list but they don’t have everything. Sometimes you need to use a module which the maintainers have only made available through the npm ecosystem. Here are some methods from most convenient to least: 1. If the module already uses ES modules import/export syntax. The libraries you use from deno don’t have to come from the recommended Deno packages they can come from any URL, provided they use the modern import syntax. Using unpkg is a great way to access these files directly from inside an npm repo. import throttle from [https://unpkg.com/[email protected]/throttle.js](https://unpkg.com/[email protected]/throttle.js) 2. If the module itself doesn’t use imports but the source code does If the module is compiled or in the wrong format though npm you may still have some luck if you take a look at the source code. Many popular libraries have moved away from using commonjs in their source code to the standards compliant es module import syntax. Some packages have a separate src/ and dist/ directory where the esmodule style code is in src/ which isn’t included in the package available through npm. In that case you can import from the source directly. import throttle from "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/lodash/lodash/master/throttle.js"; I got this URL by clicking on the “raw” button on github to get the raw JS file. It’s probably neater to use a github cdn or to see if the file is available through github pages, but this works. NB: Some libraries use esmodules with webpack, or a module loader which lets them import from node modules like this: Bad: import { someFunction } from "modulename"; import { someOtherFunction } from "modulename/file.js"; The standard for imports is that they need to start with ./ or be a URL to work Good: import { someOtherFunction } from "./folder/file.js"; In that situation try the next method: 3. Importing commonjs modules Fortunately there is a service called JSPM which will resolve the 3rd party modules and compile the commonjs modules to work as esmodule imports. This tool is for using node modules in the browser without a build step. But we can use it here too. The JSPM logo In my most recent project i wanted to do push notifications, which involves generating the credentials for VAPID, there is a deno crypto library which can do encryption but doing the full procedure is difficult and I’d rather use the popular web-push library. I can import it using the JSPM CDN using the URL like below: import webPush from "https://dev.jspm.io/web-push"; I can now use it like any other module in deno. This almost worked 100% some of the bits which relied on specific node behaviors such as making network requests failed in this situation I had to work around this to use the standardised fetch API deno uses. Getting Typescript types working One nice feature of typescipt, which deno uses, is that it provides really good autocomplete for modules. The deno extension for my editor even can autocomplete for third part modules if it knows the type definitions. This isn’t essential to getting the code to work but can provide huge benefits for helping you maintain your code. When I was importing another module called fast-xml-parser when I was looking through the source code I noticed it had a type definitions file which is a file which ends in .d.ts . These files describe the various interfaces and even work for even for JavaScript .js files. You can sometimes also find the type definitions files in the @types\somemodule repo. DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTyped The repository for high quality TypeScript type definitions. - DefinitelyTyped/DefinitelyTypedgithub.com Using this file typescript can auto complete on things imported from JavaScript files. Even for files imported using JSPM: // Import the fast-xml-parser library import fastXMLParser from "https://dev.jspm.io/fast-xml-parser"; // Import the type definition file from the source code of fast-xml-parser import * as FastXMLParser from "https://raw.githubusercontent.com/NaturalIntelligence/fast-xml-parser/master/src/parser.d.ts"; *// Use the parser with the types const* parser = fastXMLParser as typeof FastXMLParser; I import the type definitions from the definition files as FastXMLParser (note the uppercase F) this doesn’t contain any working code but is an object which has the same type as the code we want to import. I import the code from JSPM as fastXMLParser (lowercase f) which is the working code but has no types. Next I combine them together to make parser which is fastXMLParser with the type of FastXMLParser . Thank you for reading, I hope you give deno a go. The ability to use any module made for the web and even some which were made for node/npm really gives this new server side library ecosystem a good foundation to get started from. View the full blog at its source
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  9. In this tutorial, you will learn how to monitor memory usage of a Tizen .NET application and identify possible memory leaks using dotnet-dump and dotnet-gcdump. Note: The total memory usage of an application process is affected by various factors (for example, shared size, swap size, or memory allocated by the runtime for its internal use). Only the managed memory region (GC heap) can be analyzed with dotnet-dump and dotnet-gcdump. Prerequisites You need the following things installed on your device: .NET diagnostic tools (see Installing .NET diagnostic tools on Tizen devices) Target application Monitoring memory usage First, obtain the process ID of the currently running application process. Use dotnet dump ps to list all .NET processes running on the device. sh-3.2$ dotnet counters ps 17876 dotnet-loader /usr/bin/dotnet-loader 17464 LeakMemory.dll /usr/bin/dotnet-loader To examine the current memory usage of the target process, use dotnet counters monitor. sh-3.2$ dotnet counters monitor -p 17464 Press p to pause, r to resume, q to quit. Status: Running [System.Runtime] % Time in GC since last GC (%) 0 Allocation Rate / 1 sec (B) 56,992 CPU Usage (%) 29 Exception Count / 1 sec 0 GC Heap Size (MB) 34 Gen 0 GC Count / 60 sec 0 Gen 0 Size (B) 12 Gen 1 GC Count / 60 sec 0 Gen 1 Size (B) 13,820 Gen 2 GC Count / 60 sec 0 Gen 2 Size (B) 493,068 LOH Size (B) 33,587,792 Monitor Lock Contention Count / 1 sec 0 Number of Active Timers 3 Number of Assemblies Loaded 52 ThreadPool Completed Work Item Count / 1 sec 61 ThreadPool Queue Length 0 ThreadPool Thread Count 2 Working Set (MB) 89 In this tutorial, we are only interested with the managed heap size (GC Heap Size) of the process. (cf. Working Set indicates the total bytes of memory used by the process.) If the heap size unexpectedly grows over time, it is likely that your application has a memory leak. Analyzing managed heap dump with dotnet-dump To capture a memory dump (coredump) from the target process, use dotnet dump collect. sh-3.2$ dotnet dump collect -p 17464 -o /home/owner/share/coredump.17464 Writing full to /home/owner/share/coredump.17464 Complete Make sure the target process has write access to the specified path. Also ensure that there's enough space available on the disk (df -h /opt/usr) because the size of the dump is often very large (200+ MB). Otherwise, you will see a file write error (HRESULT: 0x80004005). To analyze the generated coredump, use dotnet dump analyze. sh-3.2$ dotnet dump analyze /home/owner/share/coredump.17464 Loading core dump: /home/owner/share/coredump.17464 ... Ready to process analysis commands. Type 'help' to list available commands or 'help [command]' to get detailed help on a command. Type 'quit' or 'exit' to exit the session. > You can now type any SOS command in the command prompt. For example, clrstack -all provides stack traces of all managed threads. If we want to find managed objects within the GC heap that caused a memory leak, the dumpheap -stat command provides the overall statistics about the managed heap. > dumpheap -stat Statistics: MT Count TotalSize Class Name ... f026e634 60 35556 System.Object[] f026f3b8 30 46038 System.Char[] f026fc3c 245 51356 System.Int32[] f0290744 1531 133922 System.String e3706968 2 16777240 Xamarin.Forms.ContentPage[] The last line reveals that the memory leak is caused by Xamarin.Forms.ContentPage[] type objects. Use the gcroot command to print the chain of references that are keeping those objects alive. > dumpheap -type Xamarin.Forms.ContentPage[] Address MT Size f126391c e38cad40 12 d9c82010 e38cad40 33554444 Statistics: MT Count TotalSize Class Name e38cad40 2 33554456 Xamarin.Forms.ContentPage[] Total 2 objects > gcroot d9c82010 Thread 4438: FF8BF398 F7023CD0 <unknown> ... -> F12637B0 LeakMemory.Views.CircularButtonPage -> F1263908 System.Collections.Generic.List`1[[Xamarin.Forms.ContentPage, Xamarin.Forms.Core]] -> D9C82010 Xamarin.Forms.ContentPage[] Found 1 unique roots (run 'gcroot -all' to see all roots). As shown, the leaky objects are held by a LeakMemory.Views.CircularButtonPage type object. This is the general procedure of identifying major sources of memory leaks in your application. You can continue investigating the coredump using various SOS commands and options to find other underlying issues in your code. Analyzing managed heap dump with dotnet-gcdump An alternative to dotnet-dump is dotnet-gcdump which also allows you to track object allocation and memory leaks from a running application process. GC dumps are often easier to use than coredumps because they are portable (cross-platform format) and lightweight (very small size). Find more information about GC dumps at Collecting and analyzing memory dumps. To capture a GC dump (snapshot) from the target process, use dotnet gcdump collect. You can take multiple snapshots from the same process while it's running. sh-3.2$ dotnet gcdump collect -p 17464 -o /home/owner/share/17464.gcdump Writing gcdump to '/home/owner/share/17464.gcdump'... Finished writing 11101371 bytes. Using Visual Studio You can use Visual Studio to open and analyze the generated GC snapshot. Copy the .gcdump file from the device to the host by typing sdb pull /home/owner/share/17464.gcdump and open it in Visual Studio. By sorting the objects by their types and sizes, List<Xamarin.Forms.ContentPage> appears at the top of the table, which is the main source of the memory leak. The chain of references is also shown in the bottom panel (Paths to Root). If you have more than one snapshot, compare two different snapshots using diff to see which objects grow fast over time. Choose a snapshot that you want to serve as the baseline in the Compare to: section. Using PerfView If the information obtained above is not enough for you, you can switch to another tool called PerfView. At first glance, this tool doesn't look very intuitive, but is extremely helpful for performing complex analysis of managed heap data. Tip: PerfView also supports the trace file format (.nettrace) used by the dotnet-trace tool (see Finding Performance Bottlenecks with dotnet-trace). You can specify detailed provider keywords to capture certain event information (for example, JIT or GC) when recording trace data. By switching between a set of different views and filtering necessary data, you can get detailed information about managed objects in the GC heap. Pressing F1 anywhere opens a pop-up window with the help page for the current view. Also read the following pages for further details of the PerfView tool. Note that some parts of the documents are outdated or not generally applicable for Tizen (PerfView had been Windows-only for a long time before .NET Core was released in 2016). Profiling workflow for dotnet/runtime repository Performance Profiling of .NET Core 3 applications on Linux with dotnet-trace and PerfView View the full blog at its source
  10. In this episode of POW, we interview Morgan Parker, Program Manager for the Knox Partner Program, the team at Samsung that provides resources and support for strategic partners building on the Knox platform. Not only do we talk about the benefits of joining the Knox Partner Program, but also just how easy it is to get started. Topics Covered: Samsung Knox Knox Partner Program Samsung Enterprise Alliance Program Samsung Knox SDK Samsung E-FOTA Knox Service Plug-in Knox Mobile Enrollment Support Forums Knox Validated Program Solutions Catalog Mobile Device Management (MDM) Unified Endpoint Management (UEM) Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) View the full blog at its source
  11. Start Date Jul 27, 2020 Location Online Join this Samsung Developer Program Talk and learn how to reach a new gaming audience by publishing in the Samsung Galaxy Store. The Galaxy Store is a premium store, designed to make Galaxy mobile devices come alive in their own, unique way. Discover how to prepare and submit your Unity3D games to the Galaxy Store. At the end of this talk you will have the knowledge to create the right binary files and assets that are required to submit, and distribute, your first Unity game and ultimately reach the global Samsung audience. If you have knowledge of game development, or are interested in learning how to distribute your upcoming releases, we encourage you to register. This talk will show participants how to: • Create a Samsung Galaxy Store account • Export your game in Unity • Complete the different submission steps in the Galaxy store • Overview of common errors in your game submission • Tips to promote your game View the full blog at its source
  12. We can’t guarantee our users have a good internet connection but we can still be helpful when they don’t. In ideal conditions the user will always maintain a good connection to the web but things are seldom ideal. Fortunately since we’re been building a web app we have a service worker which has the capability of caching network responses. If the network fails or takes too long to respond we can then use these cached responses to show the user the page they were looking for, letting people continue to use the app despite not being connected. Unfortunately our cache isn’t always perfect. Sometimes the user will be trying to go to a page which hasn’t been cached yet. If we haven’t anticipated this we may see the dreaded no connection message: Fortunately we are very smart developers [citation needed] and can show a branded offline page. So the user still feels like they are using our web app when the connection is lost. here are some examples: These are great for maintaining a consistent user experience during network failures which is the expected behaviour of a native app. These pages can do even more though, they can be used to provide entertainment such as The Guardian’s developer blog providing a crossword on their offline page. Which unfortunately I can’t find a live version of any more. The Guardian’s crossword offline page. A useful offline page for almost any Web App I’m going to propose, and build, a feature which should be useful to many apps and websites and would make your app still partly usable whilst your offline. This is to show a lit of relevant cached pages to the user: This example app is an RSS Feed reader. Where the user can read an RSS feed at a URL like so: /feed/?url=https://ada.is/feed This app is rendered on the server so it returns all the information in the HTML page, these pages get cached by the service worker. If your app uses JSON to populate pages on the client side this technique still works as long as you cache both the JSON responses and the pages which show them. This is a common pattern in many Web Apps and will work as long as you have pages cached. Step 1. Be prepared, by pre-caching the offline page Firstly we need to store the offline page, when the app starts. To do this I had the HTML file /offline/ and it’s resources /offline.js cached as soon as the app starts, by populating the cache during the service worker’s install event. const CACHE_NAME = "DENORSS-v1.0.0"; self.addEventListener("install", (event) => { event.waitUntil( caches .open(CACHE_NAME) .then((cache) => cache.addAll(["/", "/offline/", "/offline.js"]) ) .then(self.skipWaiting()) ); }); Step 2. Show the offline page Then when the user tries to navigate to a page we do not have we can show that cached /offline/ page. Our existing code first tried to respond with a live page, if that failed it would try retrieving the page from cache, if that fails instead of just failing and showing the browser error message we instead respond with the offline page. // Try showing the offline page if it's a navigation if (event.request.mode === "navigate") { const offlinePage = await caches.match("/offline/"); if (offlinePage) return offlinePage; } Step 3. Getting a list of cached pages This now shows the offline page when there is no alternative. Now lets provide a list of cached pages the user might like to read instead. Like in the example below. The first step we need to do is to open the web apps caches to find pages we want to access: const cacheKeys = await window.caches.keys(); const caches = await Promise.all( cacheKeys.map((cacheName) => window.caches.open(cacheName)) ); This gives us an array of caches. Next we want to find all of the cached pages from those caches, this works by using cache.matchAll with ignoreSearch: true to find all cache results from the /feed/ endpoint. const results = await Promise.all( caches.map((cache) => cache.matchAll("/feed/", { ignoreSearch: true, }) ) ); I only looked at the /feed/ end point because I felt that pages like /search/ with search results or the error pages like /404.html would not be useful to users and main pages like the home page / are already linked to in the navigation bar. Our results returns an array of arrays for the results from each cache. We will flatten this and then handle each cached response: results.flat().forEach(async (response) => { // Code goes here }); We only want to get the useful pages to the users so we will look at the query parameters to find only the pages are interesting. For our example they are requesting an RSS feed via the url parameter. const params = new URLSearchParams(new URL(response.url).search); const urlParam = params.get('url'); if (!urlParam) return; If there is no url query parameter, it’s not interesting so we won’t show it. Step 4. Rendering the list We have the URLs of the pages now and the raw query parameters but that won’t look very good for users. We can get some better labels to show to users by looking at the cached content itself. To get the data out of the response we need to get the text of the response: const dataAsString = await response.text(); If your data is stored as JSON then a JSON.parse should be enough to retrieve any interesting information such as a good page title. const data = JSON.parse(dataAsString); const title = data.title; For our example website, since it is server side rendered it uses HTML so I will parse the HTML instead, fortunately web browsers are good at HTML parsing. We will turn our raw text into a document fragment which can be queried using the usual DOM methods. In this example we read the text in the <title> tag. Other good elements to query would be <h1> or <h2> to get the first header in the document. const html = document .createRange() .createContextualFragment(dataAsString); const title = html .querySelector("title") .textContent.trim(); We use this title and the response URL to generate a link we can append to the list element to make a list of pages. el.insertAdjacentHTML( "beforeend", `<li><a href="${response.url}">${title}</a></li>` ); Here is a gif of it working, this was recorded with Chrome emulating an offline network connection: Thanks for reading and hope this helps. View the full blog at its source
  13. HCA is a stunning health specialist organization. This attempts to give you greater security and abstain from spamming. Our password discussions are valuable too close to home as well; we don't need them to get access by some off-base individual. What's more, obviously, who needs to permit unlawful access into own hca account; this was the explanation HCA planned this profoundly made sure about password administration. We as a whole utilize a security secret word to get access of our HCA login address by its client as it were. This is regular to overlook or lose the secret word of your login address. On the off chance that you are looking through the best approach to recuperate your HCA account secret word, at that point you are at the right spot. In the event that you overlook your HCA account secret phrase or on the off chance that you need to transform it, at that point this guide will support you. In the initial step, go to hca.com/secret phrase Presently you have to utilize your HCA username and click Continue. However, on the off chance that you can't remember your username, at that point go to hca/username. Thus composing the moving letters in the crate you have to finish the security check. At that point click on Continue button. Here you have to pick a strategy for recouping your secret phrase from the choices recorded and afterward click on Continue. In the event that you need to reset the secret key by means of email, at that point browse your email and snap on Reset my secret key. In the event that you need to reset the secret key by means of instant message, at that point just check your instant messages and enter the reset code. At long last, click on Continue button. Here affirm your reasonable choice on the following page and snap Continue button.
  14. Not just these specialized disasters, in the event that you are additionally confronting any of the other sort of issues relating to mycigna, quick assistance from the world class master can be gotten in this respects. For the explanation itself, you are expected to utilize mycigna com activate and get snappy and powerful treatment to every one of your issues in a less time stretch. First Approach: If you are utilizing on the web accounts, you have to make a rundown of online records where you keep your own delicate data. As it is matter of your own data, you are recommended to refresh all your record passwords with safety efforts. Be that as it may, it is insightful to make an extraordinary yet solid secret phrase to each record independently. For your record security, you have to Create mycigna Account secret phrase hack evidence. The most great route so as to monitor all your record passwords is only a secret word supervisor, particularly intended to store all your record qualifications. Second Approach: Despite the accessibility of the main methodology, you are required to audit old messages and expel all touchy substance legitimately from your mycigna mail account. Aside from that, you are expected to erase generously and void the entire substance legitimately from the refuse envelope. You are required to roll out certain improvements in account setting and make them arranged in a legitimate way. Third Approach: It would not be right to express that mycigna account is embraced by an a lot of security scientists for being truly outstanding and made sure about messaging stage that a large number of individuals all over the world can rely on. Aside from that, on the off chance that you are hoping to include a water/air proof layer of security over your mycigna account, you are proposed to empower two-advance confirmation highlight to validate your login endeavor. Furthermore, you are required to ensure that you are utilizing all the related administrations refreshed so as to use all the security enhancements. Aside from that, in the event that you are one of the individuals who are running into any sort of security inconvenience or anything you feel unseemly on your mycigna mail account, you are expected to make appropriate use of mycigna Customer Service Phone Number which is a complementary suport dynamic 24 hours every day at your administrations. We have made ourselves in such a manner to be set up with all the required investigating devices and procedures so as to give the fastest conceivable answer for practically the entirety of your easy to complex issues in a matter of seconds. In any case, we have additionally opened our basic mycigna com activate nonstop so clients, who are running into any sort of obstacles and are moving toward our experts with an expectation of getting the correct sort of help under the oversight of specialists, can get the ideal help, directly from your home like solace. Mycigna clients can depend on expert technicians at whatever point they face any of the hitches or glitches with the utilization of mycigna or its related administrations. Thus, it is recommended to inform us as to whether you are feeling good on your mycigna account. Here, we will be more than cheerful for helping you in each conceivable way. On the off chance that your mycigna activate is if having an issue and you're thinking about how to fix mail issues as you're not having the choice of overhauling email, at that point you don't have to stress whether your messages despite everything work or not. You won't need to utilize the recuperate my secret word and recoup my record include. You should simply to contact to expert technicians and address agent or you can do live talk with the help.
  15. Start Date Jul 23, 2020 Location Online Join Samsung Evangelist Tony Morelan and special guest, Andrew Zanella from Jibber Jab Reviews, as they talk YouTube strategies to market apps and other content. With over 6 million views, Jibber Jab Reviews is the leading channel on YouTube dedicated to promoting apps and content in the Galaxy Store. Join the conversation and receive live support from the pros! View the full blog at its source
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  17. In this tutorial, you will learn how to profile a Tizen .NET application during startup to identify major performance issues using dotnet-trace. Prerequisites First, install the following things on your device: .NET diagnostic tools (see Installing .NET diagnostic tools on Tizen devices) Target application (building an application in Debug mode may affect the result of profiling; make sure to build your application in Release mode) Find loader process ID A Tizen application is generally hosted by a pre-created process called loader. A loader process is automatically created by the system when it's in an idle state. To check if there is a free loader process running on your device, use dotnet trace ps. sh-3.2$ dotnet trace ps 3295 dotnet-loader /usr/bin/dotnet-loader If a loader process is not found, install and run any .NET application on the device and try again. Stack sampling Using the process ID (PID) of the loader process you obtained in the previous step, you can collect the process's diagnostic trace using dotnet trace collect. -p PID: Target process ID --format Speedscope: Convert to the speedscope format -o PATH: Output file path (.nettrace) sh-3.2$ dotnet trace collect -p 3295 --format Speedscope -o /home/owner/share/3295.nettrace No profile or providers specified, defaulting to trace profile 'cpu-sampling' Provider Name Keywords Level Enabled By Microsoft-DotNETCore-SampleProfiler 0x0000000000000000 Informational(4) --profile Microsoft-Windows-DotNETRuntime 0x00000014C14FCCBD Informational(4) --profile Process : /usr/bin/dotnet-loader Output File : /home/owner/share/3295.nettrace [00:00:00:01] Recording trace 32.707 (KB) If you see an output similar to the example above, launch an application from which you want to collect a trace (if the application is already running, terminate it before starting the trace). After the application launches completely, stop tracing by pressing Enter. [00:00:00:01] Recording trace 32.707 (KB) Stopping the trace. This may take up to minutes depending on the application being traced. Trace completed. Writing: /home/owner/share/3295.speedscope.json Conversion complete A .speedscope.json file is generated in the output directory. Caution: You should have a write access to the specified output directory. Creating a file in an arbitrary directory may be denied by the SMACK security policy. The recommended output location is /home/owner/share. Analyzing the result The .speedscope.json file can be opened with a web-based tool called speedscope. First copy the file from the device to the host by running sdb pull /home/owner/share/3295.speedscope.json, and import the file in the browser at https://www.speedscope.app. In the viewer, you can see: Execution order of your application code Time-consuming methods and hot paths Costly work that can be lazily done after drawing the initial screen of the app Which thread is used to run an async Task at runtime and how long it lasts etc. Notice that the trace shows call paths for not only your own code but also external code. If you see any performance issues related with the external code, you should identify if it's your code misusing the external library, or the library itself has a defect or performance limitations. To learn more about the speedscope viewer, check out the following pages. jlfwong/speedscope Profiling .NET Code with PerfView and visualizing it with speedscope.app Note: dotnet-trace collects thread stack information on a sampling basis. The default sampling interval is 1 ms. Some very short-running methods may not be recorded correctly. Note: Native (unmanaged) callstacks (including P/Invoke frames) cannot be recorded by dotnet-trace. Using PerfCollect to trace native code execution is also not supported on Tizen. View the full blog at its source
  18. Nonetheless, a few clients have announced a Minecraft password reset issue when endeavoring to login to the game. On the off chance that you are additionally pained by this issue, we have recorded two or three investigating tips to assist you with settling the Minecraft login not working issue in Windows. One of the basic purpose behind Minecraft login not working issue is if the Minecraft server are down for support. Prior to continuing with some other advances, check if the Minecraft server are down. Check Reddit and Minecraft.net gathering and check whether different clients are detailing comparable issues. On account of server issues, you can never really trust that the designer will fix the issue.As indicated by the Minecraft's legitimate page, mistakes like Login fizzled, invalid username and secret key can be a brief issue and will consequently resolve following an hour or thereabouts. Moreover, on the off chance that you got the record username and secret key from an outsider, check for the legitimacy of the client qualifications for the Minecraft account. Try not to attempt to sign in over and over as it can get your record bolted for 24 hours. Open the Minecraft overlooked secret key page. Sign in with your email address and snap on the Forgot secret key alternative. Minecraft will send a connect to reset your secret key to your email address. Open the email and snap on the connection. Reset the secret word. Dispatch Minecraft and attempt to login again and check for any upgrades. In the event that you are attempting to login to Minecraft.net and encountering the login not working issue, take a stab at utilizing an alternate program. Dispatch an unexpected program in comparison to your essential internet browser. Open Minecraft.net and enter your login accreditations. Check on the off chance that you can sign in to your record effectively. On the off chance that the login is effective, have a go at clearing the program reserve and treats on your essential program. Press Windows Key + R to open Run. Type cmd and click OK to open Command Prompt. In Command Prompt, enter the accompanying order and hit enter: Sit tight for the achievement message and close the Command Prompt. Dispatch Minecraft and attempt to sign in. Flushing the DNS expels all the system data put away in the reserve and powers the PC to discover new DNS data. The Minecraft login not working issue can happen if the Minecraft servers are confronting specialized issues. More often than not, sitting tight for two or three hours or even a day can consequently fix the issue. Notwithstanding, if the issue didn't resolve consequently, attemptthe means recorded in this article individually to fix the issue. FAQs: Learn increasingly about Minecraft user accounts. How would I fix fizzled login on Minecraft? The fizzled login mistake on Minecraft is generally a transitory issue caused because of server issues. By and large, hanging tight for an hour and afterward marking in again should resolve the issue.If not, attempt the means in this article to investigate the issue. How would I discover what email I utilized for Minecraft? The main alternative is to enter the entirety of your email addresses in the Forgot Password area of the Minecraft secret word recuperation page and hang tight for the secret key reset connectfrom expert technicians. On the other hand, you can likewise utilize the best secret word administrators for Windows to keep your username and secret key secure.
  19. Need League Of Legends Change Password ? You can change your secret word online at LoL. The you ought to do, incidentally, even without extraordinary episodes all the time. We give you where and how. Open the site of League of Legends and snap upper right on "Login". At that point click the upper right "My record" and select the "settings". Go to one side of the class "change secret key" and enter your old secret phrase and the new secret word. Through the Button "" is supplanted to Send the old secret word by the enhanced one. It would be ideal if you move or give an arrangement to have reset/overlooked secret phrase after the client has signed in, as in some other clear online networking or any application that exists.... I confronted a tremendous measure of issues while resetting my secret word 1) so as to reset secret key I need to log out 2) I don't recollect my secret key so on the off chance that I log out my record is no more 3) my G-Mail inbox is full so I wont have the option to get the connection In the event that the secret word reset alternative would have existed inside the clients account that would have been a colossal immense assistance. A secret phrase is an apparatus that can assist you with keeping your information or some other thing protected and private. There are two fundamental reasons when a player or individual needs to change their secret key. The primary explanation is the point at which they overlook the secret key and need to open the record of the game to play the game. The subsequent explanation is the point at which their record becomes traded off. Secret key assumes a huge job in every single game, PC to some other gadget. There are such a large number of games accessible, yet one of the most renowned games is League of Legends, which has made the majority of the individuals wild about it. This game is a procedure based game that incorporates two groups with five heroes each. It causes you to have your best five victors structure the absolute of 140 bosses. On the off chance that you need to play this game, at that point you have to get familiar with all the basic viewpoints which can assist you with playing an upset free game. In the event that you need to figure out how to change the secret word of this game, at that point you ought to think about this article. It will assist you with having an essential information about it and about numerous different parts of this game. Steps to Change Password There are essentially two reasons why players need to change their secret phrase. First is the point at which they have overlooked their record's secret key, and second is the point at which you regularly utilize the secret word, the game becomes traded off. At the point when you overlooked your secret word You need to play the game and overlooked the secret key; at that point, you have to go to the top of this game and should click login in the upper right. At that point a page gets open there; you will discover a word that is "Overlooked Password?" click on this word, and afterward you will ready to see the following page. On the following page, you need to enter your username and secret word. At that point the Riot game will send you an email where you will get a connect to reset your secret key. Next, you have to follow the connection and put another secret key for your game, and afterward you are prepared to play. At the point when the game becomes traded off At that point, when you as often as possible utilize the secret phrase and still won't have the option to open the game record, and the gamer becomes traded off. At that point you have to change the secret key of the game with the goal that you will ready to play the game. In such a case, the player needs to login to the record to begin the secret key change process. At the point when you apply for this, at that point you have to enter your data and afterward sign in. When you get signed in, at that point you have to pick the settings, and afterward you have to confirm the subtleties by entering a security code. At that point enter the email id to get the code and afterward click close to the secret key. What's more, next, you are prepared to open another secret key.
  20. Tizen 5.5 comes with support for a new sdb shell CLI command called dotnet. The command is for use by application and platform developers for advanced testing and debugging scenarios. Note: You cannot use the dotnet command when developing for TV devices (missing sdb shell support). Tip: To see which version of Tizen your device runs on, enter sdb capability and find the platform_version value. Note: If you have ever installed the .NET SDK on Windows or macOS/Linux, you may have some knowledge about the dotnet command provided by the SDK. However, dotnet on Tizen is not a variant of the .NET SDK CLI and has a smaller number of supported features. The following options are currently available with the dotnet command on Tizen 5.5. sh-3.2$ dotnet -h Execute a .NET application or command. Usage: dotnet [options] [path-to-executable] [arguments] Usage: dotnet [command] [arguments] Options: -h, --help show this help message --clr-path <path> path to libcoreclr.so and runtime assemblies --tool-path <path> path to the tool installation directory --additionalprobingpath <path> path containing assemblies to probe for --globalizationinvariant run in globalization invariant mode Commands: counters monitor or collect performance counters dump capture or analyze a coredump gcdump capture a heapdump trace collect or convert a diagnostic event trace Running a console application To execute a .NET application from the command line, use dotnet or dotnet exec with an assembly (.dll) name. Note: .runtimeconfig.json and .deps.json files are not required. dotnet automatically resolves dependencies from the executing directory. $ sdb push MyAssembly.dll /home/owner/share $ sdb shell sh-3.2$ cd /home/owner/share sh-3.2$ dotnet MyAssembly.dll Installing and invoking a global tool A tool is a special kind of console application which can be installed as a development add-on. Most tools use the dotnet-* prefix as a naming convention. Microsoft has developed a set of tools which can be used for runtime diagnostics (for example, performance evaluation and problem analysis). The tools are maintained and published through the dotnet/diagnostics repo in GitHub. The currently available tools include: dotnet-counters dotnet-dump dotnet-gcdump dotnet-trace To install the above tools on Tizen, follow these steps: Download the latest release of pre-built diagnostics tools (.tar.gz) from the tizendotnet/diagnostics repo. Copy the files to your device's /home/owner/share/.dotnet/tools directory. $ sdb push [.tar.gz] /home/owner/share $ sdb shell sh-3.2$ cd /home/owner/share sh-3.2$ mkdir -p .dotnet/tools sh-3.2$ tar -zxvf [.tar.gz] -C .dotnet/tools Note: The dotnet tool install command is not supported by dotnet on Tizen. If you have installed the tools successfully, launch them using the dotnet [name] command (omit - in the name). sh-3.2$ dotnet dump -h Usage: dotnet-dump [options] [command] Options: --version Display version information Commands: collect Capture dumps from a process analyze <dump_path> Starts an interactive shell with debugging commands to explore a dump ps Lists the dotnet processes that dumps can be collected Otherwise, you will see the following error message. sh-3.2$ dotnet hello Could not execute because dotnet-hello does not exist. Go to https://developer.samsung.com/tizen to learn how to install tools. For more usage and examples, click on the links in the Installing an invoking a global tool section. View the full blog at its source
  21. Samsung Internet 12.1 Beta adds support for Augmented Reality — here’s how to try it out today Last week we told you about our latest Beta, 12.1, which offers a host of quality-of-life improvements for end users. We’re also really glad to announce that with this beta we are also shipping modules for the WebXR Device API that enable Augmented Reality (AR) content to be built right in the browser: including the “hit test” module. Hit testing allows you to detect the position of the real world at a single point on the screen which can be used correctly position virtual objects in the real world. One of the reasons we’re especially excited about this is because Samsung Internet have been playing a leadership role in developing the WebXR spec in W3C, along with many other companies and organizations. You can try AR out for yourself using the XR Dinosaurs demo to place a dinosaur in your environment: Step 1. Download the Samsung Internet Beta from the Play Store or the Galaxy Store: Step 2. Go to https://xrdinosaurs.com and choose Augmented Reality When you run this demo you will see this message, this means that the demo is able to place the virtual objects onto your environment but it cannot actually record the camera feed so you don’t have to worry about it recording what you are doing. Step 3. Select a place on the floor to place the dinosaur XR Dinosaurs was built by Brandon Jones (Tojiro) using THREE.js. Making your own AR Web Sites This method of AR uses the Augmented Reality features of the WebXR Device API. Here is a sample project you can use to help you get started: A-Frame Hit Test Demo *Remix to make your own augmented reality scenes.*hit-test.glitch.me Snapshot of the scene To make your own press the fish button then the remix on glitch button: How to remix the app It shows a 3D object and some basic shapes around and lets the user reposition them as they need. You can then add interactivity or other models and 3D shapes to the scene. Once the user enters VR a Reticle is used to select the location to place the objects. The hit-test API casts ray out from the center of the screen and works out that real world position and places the reticle there. Once the user taps the screen it then places the objects in the scene. If you want to hide an object in AR at the hide-in-ar-mode attribute. It will make objects in visible when AR gets turned on. In the demo this has been done for the ‘a-sky’ element and the ‘world’ element. The world element contains the objects. When the user enters AR we make it invisible so it’s not floating in the air, we make it visible again once the user has selected the location. I hope this helps you have fun adding Augmented Reality to your Websites. Please send us your feedback and let us know if you have any questions, either via Twitter or on our developer forum. View the full blog at its source
  22. Continuando la serie de charlas en vivo de Samsung en Español , hoy les traemos el video de la más reciente conversación entre nuestros desarrolladores evangelistas Laura Morinigo (Developer Advocate / Principal Engineer @Samsung Internet) y Diego Lizarazo (Sr. Developer Evangelist @Samsung Electronics of America). Esta vez nuestro Diego se encargó de dar una introducción al desarrollo de aplicaciones para los relojes inteligentes de Samsung, y las diferentes ventajas de desarrollar con Tizen. En esta charla, completamente en castellano, los participantes hablaron directamente con nuestros expertos y plantearon todas tus dudas sobre cómo desarrollar tus aplicaciones para el mercado global de Samsung. Aquí puedes ver el video de toda la charla: Ya estamos trabajando en los temas para una nueva charla en el mes de Julio. Aprovecha la oportunidad para proponer nuevos temas y preguntas para esta y futuras charlas, puedes escribirnos a [email protected] Puedes conectar con nuestros desarrolladores evangelistas aquí: Laura Morinigo: https://twitter.com/thisislalaok Diego Lizarazo: https://twitter.com/hielo777 Recuerda que este es un espacio para hablar con los expertos y otros desarrolladores sobre tus creaciones y para aprender más sobre la tecnología Samsung, así que te esperamos en Julio con nuevos temas y anuncios. View the full blog at its source
  23. Hello Everyone! My colleagues are still on holiday, enjoying socially-distant vacations and staycations. While they're on hikes in the Sierra Mountains and swimming in backyard pools, I'll continue on from my post last week. We made big changes to the layout and function of the Samsung Developers site in January, so if you haven't explored the site in detail, here are some highlights. D'ya Like Games? If you're a game developer or have interest in developing games in the future, you'll want to investigate the Galaxy GameDev section of the site. Our colleagues in the GameDev team are building useful tools for optimizing games so they'll run great on Galaxy phones, tablets, as well as other Android devices. The GameDev team is updating their content frequently, so if you want to get the most out of your game projects, check back often. If you have existing game titles and you're interested in expanding your user base, spend some time in the Galaxy Store Games section to learn how to list your games (and other apps) in Galaxy Store. You can also learn how to use Samsung's In-App Purchase (IAP) SDK for new ways to increase your revenue. What's up, Docs? We know, what you're looking for is information and ways to develop faster and smarter. A developer site would not be complete without reams of technical documentation describing the APIs and tools. That's all there, again, with new ways to view and access the information. Most every tool or SDK listed on the top navigation bar has documentation affiliated with it. After choosing a topic from the navigation bar, often you can access the documentation by clicking the "Get Started" button in the header image, or by scrolling down the page and looking for the specific API you are interested in. For example, if you're looking for information on optimizing your apps for foldable devices, use the main navigation bar to go to Build > Mobile and then click the Galaxy Fold icon partway down the page. Test, Test, & Test When you're ready to test your app on a real device, you have a couple of options. The Remote Test Lab allows you to test real devices in labs located in Asia, North America, and Europe. This includes the latest devices like the Galaxy Z Flip or Galaxy S20, as well as Galaxy Watch and Galaxy Tab devices. If you have a Galaxy Android device, you can test locally with your Mac, Linux, or Windows device using the Android platform SDK tools. Windows users will need to install the Samsung-specific USB drivers, which can be found on the developer portal. Feed Me, Again I mentioned the RSS feed features of Discourse in my earlier post. If it's not obvious, I really enjoy the convenience and consistency of reading my day's worth of news all within one app. If I find an article or topic that I want to read in more depth, I'll click the heading and go to the site in my mobile browser or save it for later reading on the desktop. Here, you can see that I can read all the latest posts from Android enthusiast sites, the NY Times, and our very own product teams. The link to the Samsung Developers Portal (SDP) RSS feed can be found at the footer of every page, or you can simply add https://developer.samsung.com/feed to your favorite RSS reader. We Got You Covered If you have a question that can't be answered in the public forums, you can request support through the portal dashboard. If you log into the site using your Samsung Account ID, you can submit a ticket to our Developer Support team. To check on the status of your ticket and read feedback, visit the dashboard Support page. In addition to submitting and viewing support tickets, the portal dashboard is your gateway to special partner benefits. For example, if you're a registered Galaxy Themes or Galaxy Watch creator, you can use the dashboard to access tools, services, and SDKs for developing new content. From the dashboard, you can also sign up for our monthly newsletter or withdraw membership from the developer program altogether. POW! While it's not exactly a feature of the site, it's an example of the ways we're trying to reach developers. My colleague Tony Morelan started working on a new podcast earlier this year, called POW! Podcasts of Wisdom. Tony has a lot of enthusiasm for design and he's always searching for his next great topic. Give him a listen on your favorite podcasting app or by visiting our podcast archive on Buzzsprout. We Still Feedback I hope you're enjoying the new layout and design of the site. If you have suggestions (or even bug reports), hop into the Feature Requests section of the forums and let me know. Thank you for being a Samsung Developer. View the full blog at its source
  24. You dispatch a PC game or stream a film, however you don't hear any solid. By all accounts, there's no evident purpose behind the absence of sound. This guide tells you the best way to fix sound issues in Windows 10. Lamentably, solid issues can be precarious. Issues could only live in outsider programming, requiring a fix. Issues could likewise originate from inside Windows 10 itself or the hidden equipment. Conceivable fixes incorporate putting in new drivers, tweaking settings, or even return to a past reestablish point. This guide starts with the simple advances and moves further into Windows 10 in the event that you keep on confronting sound issues. There's nothing more humiliating than hollering at the PC over sound issues originating from an unexpected press of the receiver's quiet catch. To begin with, confirm that the sound isn't quieted on the PC end. On the off chance that your console has volume controls, press a key or turn a slider to check whether the on-screen volume bar raises and brings down. You can likewise raise the taskbar to look at the "speaker" symbol stopped close to the framework clock. As demonstrated as follows, a "X" close to the virtual speaker symbol implies your sound is quieted. Essentially click the speaker catch to extend the volume board. Next, click the speaker symbol to one side of the slider to unmute. You ought to likewise check that the sound isn't quieted or turned down on the equipment end. For example, your speakers may have volume catches, or they might be incidentally unplugged from the PC or electrical plug. In like manner, your headset or receiver may remember for line volume dials that are turned down, or they may simply be unplugged from the PC. The model underneath shows a Logitech headset's in-line controls for sound (dial) and an implicit mouthpiece (switch). Another straightforward fix is to check that the issue isn't identified with a particular application or program introduced on your PC. There might be a major issue with the application or program itself that necessities fixing or sound is diverted down or quieted from inside. For the most part, you should just have one introduced sound gadget. In any case, the rundown piles up once you start heaping on outside gadgets like the HTC Vive, a remote Xbox controller, a headset, etc. There might be circumstances where you change from a headset to a PC's worked in speakers, however Windows 10 despite everything yields sound through your detached headset. You can check the default sound gadget in one of two different ways: from the taskbar or through the Control Panel. Snap on the "speaker" symbol close to the framework clock. You'll see a name recorded over the volume spring up board. Snap the name to uncover a spring up list marked "Select Playback Device" and pick an alternate sound gadget until you hear a sound. On the off chance that none of those work, proceed onward to the "Run the Troubleshooter" step. The Control Panel Route Hit the Windows key, type "Control Panel" in the taskbar's hunt field, and select the Control Panel work area application in the outcomes. Next, select "Equipment and Sound" on the fundamental Control Panel menu, trailed by "Sound" on the following board. The Sound spring up window shows up on the screen. Ensure your sound gadget is set as default. On the off chance that not, single-tick on the gadget leaning to choose and afterward click the "Set Default" button. Next, click the "alright" catch to wrap up. Windows 10 offers an inherent troubleshooter that checks the framework and offers potential fixes. Press the Windows key, type "Sound" in the taskbar's pursuit field, and select "Find and Fix Problems with Playing Sound" in the outcomes. This opens a troubleshooter in the Control Panel. You can likewise get to this troubleshooter by going to Start > Settings > System > Sound > Troubleshoot. After the troubleshooter checks for sound gadgets, select the gadget you need to investigate and tap the "Following" button. Windows 10 outputs for issues. Follow any accessible headings to determine your sound issues. Reboot the Audio Services Tap the Windows key, type "Administrations" in the taskbar's inquiry field, and select the Services work area application in the outcomes. In the Services window, you'll have to restart three administrations: Remote Procedure Call (RPC) Windows Audio Windows Audio Endpoint Builder For each assistance, single-tick to choose, right-snap to open the administration's menu, and afterward select the "Restart" choice. On the off chance that "Restart" is turned gray out, attempt the "Revive" alternative. These "improvements" gave by sound equipment merchants and Microsoft mean to convey the most ideal experience. Be that as it may, they could be the fundamental issue. Type "Control Panel" in the taskbar's inquiry field and select the subsequent Control Panel work area application. Select "Equipment and Sound" on the primary Control Panel menu, trailed by "Sound" on the following board. Select your sound gadget recorded under the "Playback" tab and right-snap to open a menu. Select the "Properties" alternative at the base. When the Speakers/Headphones Properties window shows up, click on the "Upgrades" tab. Check the case close to "Debilitate All Sound Effects" (or "Handicap All Enhancements"). Affirm the change by tapping the "alright" button. On the off chance that this doesn't work, you might not have the correct sound gadget set as the default. Adhere to the Control Panel course guidelines to set your default sound gadget. In the event that that despite everything doesn't work, proceed onward to the subsequent stage. Change Audio Format The current sound arrangement may not work accurately with your PC's equipment. To check whether this is the situation, type "Control Panel" in the taskbar's hunt field and select the subsequent Control Panel work area application. Select "Equipment and Sound" on the primary Control Panel menu, trailed by "Sound" on the following board. Select your sound gadget recorded under the Playback tab and right-snap to open a menu. Select the "Properties" alternative at the base. When the Speakers/Headphones Properties window shows up, click on the "Propelled" tab. A drop-down menu shows up in the "Default Format" area. Select an alternate configuration and snap the "Test" catch to check whether an alternate organization works. In the event that it does, click the "Apply" button, trailed by the "alright" button. In the event that changing the sound configuration doesn't work, proceed onward to refreshing your sound driver. Update the Driver There are two different ways to refresh your sound driver. Numerous pre-fabricated PCs from Dell, HP, and more introduce a "war room" application that filters your gadget and introduces refreshed drivers. For example, Alienware PCs transport with SupportAssist that checks for obsolete drivers, equipment issues, etc. Run these applications to check for driver refreshes. The subsequent methodology is to refresh the driver through Device Manager physically. To start, right-click on the Start button and select "Gadget Manager" on the spring up menu. Choose and extend the "Sound, video, and game controllers" section to list all accessible sound gadgets. Snap once on your essential gadget—this model uses Realtek Audio—at that point right-snap to open a spring up menu. Select the "Update Driver" alternative. Select "Quest Automatically for Updated Driver Software" in the accompanying window. On the other hand, you could look through the sound card maker's site for new drivers and download them to your PC. In the event that you take that course, pick the "Peruse My Computer for Driver Software" alternative. Just immediate Windows 10 to the download area. Another "Peruse My Computer for Driver Software" choice is to introduce good drivers from a rundown. In this manner, rather than entering a download area, click the "Let Me Pick from a List of Available Drivers on My Computer" choice. Ensure the "Show good equipment" box is checked and select one of the recorded drivers in the accompanying window. Snap the "Following" catch to wrap up. Expel your sound gadget inside and out and let Windows 10 identify and reinstall the suitable driver. Right-click on the Start catch and afterward select "Gadget Manager" on the setting menu. When Device Manager shows up on your screen, choose and grow the "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers" section. Snap once on your essential gadget—this model uses Realtek Audio—at that point right-snap to open a spring up menu. Select the "Uninstall Device" alternative and reboot your PC. Windows 10 ought to reinstall the fitting sound driver after the reboot. To check, come back to the Device Manager and check whether your sound gadget shows up under "Sound, Video, and Game Controllers." In the event that it's not there, single-tick to choose the classification followed by a right-snap to open a spring up menu. Select the menu's "Output for Hardware Changes" choice. In the event that your sound gadget despite everything doesn't show up, you likely have equipment gives a driver update/invigorate can't address. Play out a System Restore In conclusion, as a last resort, trust that Windows 10 made a reestablish point before your sound issues started. Type "Reestablish" in the taskbar's inquiry field and select "Make a Restore Point" in the outcomes. Snap the "Framework Restore" button on the accompanying System Properties window to dispatch the administration.
  25. In this episode of POW, we interview Andy Beaudoin, Principal Design Director at Turn 10 Studios, the Microsoft team behind the mega successful racing game, Forza. Andy and I sat down to chat about their latest addition to the Forza franchise, Forza Street, and how they specifically designed this game for play on mobile devices. Topics Covered: Turn 10 Studios Samsung Partnership Forza Motorsport Forza Street Soundtrack Galaxy S10 Optimizations Galaxy GameDev View the full blog at its source
  26. Out of the blue, at times while looking through your point absolute will go here and there. I really encountered this myself. I was at 457 focuses, did a hunt, and it went down to 432 focuses. It took a few pursuits of it hopping around, until it at long last halted at 457 once more. Not certain what this was about, and I'm not exceptionally cheerful that I wasn't paid for those hunts. In any event they were just worth a few pennies, so I can't gripe excessively. A couple of individuals have been prohibited for abusing the Terms of Service when attempting to money out their focuses, and never got a clarification of what they fouled up. Clearly, they abused the terms, yet maybe accidentally. To maintain a strategic distance from this occurrence, make certain to peruse and submit to the ToS cautiously. (This goes for any site you join, not simply Microsoft). 100% allowed to join and partake It's fundamentally free cash for accomplishing something you as of now do Easy to win focuses You don't HAVE to look so as to procure focuses, you can likewise do the protected and simple offers Microsoft Rewards is an authentic method to make some additional pocket change on the web. It's anything but difficult to utilize, and I love the way that the paid quests procure you automated revenue. I would enthusiastically prescribe Microsoft Rewards to any individual who routinely utilizes Bing. Nonetheless, in case you're a dedicated Google client, it probably won't be justified, despite all the trouble. In the event that you'd prefer to go along with, you can do as such by going to www.microsoft.com/rewards. In spite of the fact that making some pocket change online is pleasant, Microsoft Rewards will never cover the tabs. In case you're hoping to make a full-time salary telecommuting, I would recommend beginning your own site. You can adapt your site with promotions and subsidiary connections, and really make in excess of a full-time pay doing it. This is my main event, and it's really simpler than you may might suspect. It unquestionably takes a ton of work and time, however at long last, it's absolutely justified, despite all the trouble. I've discovered an astonishing preparing stage that shows you how to fabricate and adapt your own site in bit by bit exercises. There's likewise all day, every day live assistance and support, and an amazingly accommodating network of similar business people.
  27. Next up are Windows 10 Audio Enhancements. Sound Enhancements are inbuilt Microsoft and outsider bundles intended to ensure your frameworks explicit sound equipment works consummately. With the exception of when it doesn't. These very "improvements" could be causing your Windows 10 sound issue. Fortunately, they're easy to kill. In the Start menu search box type Sound, and snap on the Sound Control Panel alternative. In the new box that opens, right-click the default gadget, and select Properties. Snap the Enhancements tab, and try to check the case marked Disable all improvements, and Apply. (This is how you switch between default sound gadgets.) Issue with numerous gadgets? Rehash the procedure for each recorded. Windows doesn't generally make a move, and now and then it's everything off camera. Sound administrations can some of the time wonderfully debilitate themselves, yet we can utilize them to give your sound a kick off. In the Start menu search box, type Services and press Enter. Look down to Windows Audio. In the event that the administration has been halted in any way, shape or form, your framework sound won't work effectively. Restart it by double tapping and choosing Start. While you are here, twofold check the administration fire up type. Sound administrations ought to be set to Automatic as a matter of course. On the off chance that it is anything extraordinary—Automatic (deferred start), Manual or Disabled—change it back. You can likewise utilize the inherent sound troubleshooter, permitting Windows 10 to recognize and fix its own issues. On the off chance that you've utilized the inbuilt Microsoft troubleshooters previously, you realize they don't generally discover everything, except it tends to merit a shot. Head to Control Panel > Troubleshooting > Troubleshoot sound playback, and adhere to the guidelines. Would you be able to Hear Me Now? We've secured probably the most widely recognized Windows 10 sound sufferings, and ideally, you can hear the magnificent world in sound system indeed. While not a complete fix for each issue, Windows 10 appears to truly like you utilizing the inbuilt High Definition Audio Drivers, and the tremendous measure of fixes I've perused include refreshing, uninstalling, reinstalling, and moving this driver back. Also, there are sufficient free Windows investigating instruments to assist you with fixing any issues. Should you manage a film that has no stable, examine our committed investigating guide for that.
  28. We continue to celebrate the top performing apps in creativity, quality, design, and innovation, as we interview winners of our Best of Galaxy Store Awards. Today, we're talking with Alexandr Kovalev about how he creates dials (watch faces) for the Galaxy Watch. How did you start designing watch faces? I first bought a Samsung Gear S2 watch at the end of 2016. When I found out about the GWD program (now Galaxy Watch Studio), I immediately wanted to draw my own dial. At first it was not easy, because I never studied as a designer. I began to slowly study Photoshop. In 2017, I made my first submission to the Galaxy Store. After I saw it in the Galaxy Store, it inspired me even more. Since then, I am constantly learning something new, and it seems to me that this training will never end. But the most important thing is that the design of the dials gives me really great joy. As the Best of Galaxy Store Awards Winner for Best Watch Face Design for Summer Vacation, tell us what went into this design and why it stood out amongst the crowd? This design, like my other work, came about spontaneously. I have no initial or ready-made projects. Each of my dials is born in the course of work in Galaxy Watch Studio and Photoshop. Therefore, I can redraw the finished work dozens of times, as if bringing it to the ideal state. I painted Summer Vacation for the summer season. I really looked forward to the summer, and it inspired me. I wanted to create something colorful and beautiful for Galaxy Watch users, so that everyone who downloaded this watch would be in a better mood after looking at it. After all, we all love summer and holidays! You have a new pro version of Summer Vacation. How have you evolved Summer Vacation with this new version I have a new version of Summer Vacation; it's name is WFP211 WEATHER TIME PRO. In this dial, I tried to improve the design and quality, as well as optimize battery consumption. I added the temperature in degrees Celsius and Fahrenheit on the same dial (earlier they were two different versions, which confused users and often they downloaded the wrong version). As for me, the new version turned out to be more interesting, but my opinion does not always coincide with the opinion of a huge audience of users. Over time, it will become known how much my efforts will be justified in front of users. What are key features of a good watch face design? In fact, the main thing is everything! The quality of each detail should be perfect, given that the screen resolution of the watch is only 360 pixels. Readability is very important, while the dial must be optimized for minimal power consumption. The Always On Display (AOD) mode also plays a huge role, as experience has shown that many users often use the AOD mode, but only occasionally the main mode. I spend a lot of time until I send the dial to the store, because you need to test it yourself. And only when my work suits me do I send it for testing. It is also important to record video reviews in the Galaxy Store, because only on a video review can users can see what it really looks like and appreciate it. Your brand Watch Face Production (WFP) includes Luxury Pro, Techno, and Plasma watch faces, all with an exceptional look and feel. How do you come up with new designs to support the continued growth and evolution of your brand? As I wrote above, I do not have any blanks or projects drawn on paper. An idea is born in my head, and I sketch out Photoshop as soon as possible. After that comes the development of the idea. I constantly upload my project to my watch and can watch it for some time, sorting through the thoughts in my head, and so on until the design suits me. After that, the second stage begins - this is quality, functionality, and optimization. Almost all of my dials are really very functional, almost everything changes in them - arrows, backgrounds, glow, and much more. This significantly affects the battery consumption, but the user can customize the dial as they like, for any clothes and mood. I think this is very important. How do you maintain the quality of your watch face designs? I try not to be like others. Each of my works should have a highlight. It should be something not ordinary and not standard. There are thousands of thoughts in my head, but unfortunately many of them are not yet feasible in Galaxy Watch Studio. I hope that with every update of the tool, I will be able to translate my ideas into reality. Your designs have received great ratings and reviews, including third party watch face reviews from Huck's World. How much does user feedback factor into the designs you create? Thanks to the Huck's World Channel for its work! It makes excellent video reviews for all users. Feedback is very important for any developer in any field of activity, because this is the only way we can understand, take into account, and further realize the wishes of users and correct our shortcomings! You employ various marketing strategies including social media promotions. Can you share the channels and resources you use to market your watch faces? Yes, I have pages and chats in almost all social networks that I know of. Just recently, I had my own website where users can see all my new products. In the development of marketing and promotion on social networks, I work with a team, these are great guys who are also dial designers. What have you found to be successful in marketing your watch faces? I cannot consider something more successful than another. In each country, people use different social networks, some places use Facebook more, and other places use Reddit. Therefore, it is important to be visible everywhere. When my new work appears in the store, I can spend several hours until I send alerts to all sources. How does the Galaxy Store badge support your marketing strategy? It is very convenient, short, and clear! There is no set of obscure characters in each link, as it was before. In addition, I can see the number of clicks on the link, which allows me to understand the interest of users of one or another of my work. How has the Samsung Developer Program supported your journey and growth as a watch face designer? I express my deep gratitude to each member of the team that has worked and is working with me so far! To all the questions that interest me, I instantly received not only answers, but also often useful tips. Each team member is professional in their field. What advice do you have for new designers looking to create a successful watch face business? Strive, and you will succeed! Maybe not right away, but study your business, and do not rush. There is no need to take pictures from the Internet and with the addition of arrows or digital time put it in the store. And most importantly, it should give you joy. First of all, this should be your hobby, as for most famous designers. What is next for WFP? Next, only the development and study of the future functionality of Galaxy Watch Studio, Photoshop, and other programs that allow you to create masterpieces for the Galaxy Store. Thanks to Alexandr Kovalev for sharing his insights on how to design and promote award-winning watch faces. Follow our Twitter @samsung_dev for more developer interviews and tips for building games, apps, and more for the Galaxy Store. Find out more about our Best of Galaxy Store Awards. View the full blog at its source
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