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  2. Yeah that was the deal since is so out of warranty, I actually used my Hotspot on my phone and the neighbor hit his wps button for me to try and we are still blanks
  3. That's Samsung Authorized Repair? They may end up performing a reinstall or re-flash. Hopefully its not a hardware issue. Its odd that it was working fine. One other thing I would try just to try a different network and rule it out...either take it to a friend/relatives and hook up to their wifi or hotspot a device like a phone and use the internet off the mobile device/different network to rule out any network internet blockage issues on your end.
  4. Its not available on unfortunately. Do you have amazon prime video? I believe you can go through that.
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  6. I need the NBA league pass APP in my Samsung Smart Tv, please update Tizen.
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  8. I have tried this to no avail it still a black screen and nothing happens... thanks for the information, I just got in contact with someone samsung put me in contact with and just to come see the TV is $120.. I get it is out of warranty but still I am just upset because all of this was working fine until a little while ago
  9. I have some issues during Tizen Studio installation. I have a MacBook Air with BigSur 11.6 and after having downloaded Tizen 4.1.1, the installer needs some authorizations to go on. Well, I have solved the problem with these authorizations (from the "System Preferences" options) but once I click on "Open", the installer does not go on and its icon goes away from my desktop. I have already read that someone has the same problem as me (more o less), however I was not able to find an answer with a solution to this problem. I hope that everything is clear from my massage. Thank you.
  10. I will try this tonight when I get home, and in regards to the firmware it was updated with someone on the phone directly from Samsung to version 1299. Thank you and I will update this upon me trying
  11. That looks to be a 2017 model. What firmware is it running, is it up to date? Have you tried rebooting your router/modem to cycle the IP? Sounds like an internet connectivity issue.
  12. Yes the newer remotes are quite small. I recently bought a UN50AU8000FXZA and the remote is like this: I would try and pair the old remote or pick up a universal on Amazon like:
  13. Hello Everyone, A couple weeks ago me and my wife were enjoying using our TV to watch Disney+ and HBOMAX and occasionally youtube. Now the apps dissapeared from my main smart hub leaving me with just netflix, prime and hulu; the support people took me through a very detail process to get the TV ready but we never solved the issue. We reset the smart hub, update the smart hub (1299), reset the TV, connected it direct to modem, unplugged anything on it: basically you name it we tried it. The biggest problem is that the main "APPS store" doesn't even work therefore i cant intall the apps i want again. I'm basically asking for help in getting these app ( disney+,hobmax, and youtube ) back on our tv or any help getting the APPS to work again
  14. Dear friends, I am looking to buy a new TV for my mother who is quite old and cannot see very well. I know it may sound too picky but I am looking for a Samsung TV in which I can access the TV guide with the push of just one button. That's what I mean by TV guide: My mom's old Samsung has the "GUIDE" button on the remote to do that. The remote was like that: I really like the UE43AU9072 but I think it only comes with the new smart remote which has very few buttons. As I said, I need to access the TV guide with the push of a single button just like on my old TV. Can the new smart TV remote do that? If not, is it possible to use my old IR remote? Maybe one of you guys with new TVs can help! Thanks!
  15. With their sensual designs, Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs are being widely used as interior-enhancing items for expressing one’s taste. From The Serif, whose design resembles the capital letter “I”, and The Frame, with its elegant and modern bezel, to The Sero, which features a portrait mode-inspired design, the wide-ranging models in Samsung’s Lifestyle TV lineup cater to many tastes. Depending on the space, there are various ways in which Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs can be used to enhance an interior. With the help of a home stylist named Rachel, Samsung Newsroom came up with elegant ways to use the company’s Lifestyle TVs and household objects to decorate a variety of spaces. Whether you are decorating your interior with plants or opting for a minimal aesthetic, the following tips and tricks can help you create the perfect space. View the full article
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  17. More improvements to Seller Portal were released at the end of September. This past month, the Seller Portal team made some changes based on requests from you. Also, learn more about two upcoming events in October that will give you the opportunity to provide us additional feedback. Settlement and financial reports include local currency information New local currency information has been added to the settlement and financial reports. The type of currency is defined in the Payment Currency column (for example, USD) and reflects where the sales occurred. There are new local currency columns for sales, commission, transaction fee, and VAT. Seller Portal timeout After you log in to Seller Portal, an inactive session remains open for up to 24 hours. That means you only have to log in to Seller Portal once a day and won’t see the login pop-up notification every 20 minutes. If your session is idle for 24 hours, you are automatically logged out and you will receive a pop-up notification 10 minutes prior to being logged out. For security purposes, remember to log out of Seller Portal when you have completed your tasks. Requirements for Samsung IAP and Android R If your app is integrated with Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) version 6.0 or earlier with target API level 30 (Android R) or higher, an Android policy change requires an update to the manifest file. Without this update, Android R (or higher) users may not be able to make a payment. To the https://developer.android.com/training/basics/intents/package-visibility manifest file, add the following: <queries> <package android:name="com.sec.android.app.samsungapps" /> </queries> IAP subscriptions and your customers in India The Reserve Bank of India issued a regulation that, starting October 1, 2021, customers in India must consent to renew a subscription at the end of a subscription period. Auto-recurring (automatically renewed) subscriptions are no longer allowed. If you are using Samsung IAP, your subscription customers in India will automatically receive an email notification to renew their subscription. If you are using another payment service provider for your subscription items, you must consult with this payment service provider about the changes you need to make to comply with this regulation. See this Seller Portal notice and the IAP Subscription Guide for more information. IAP beta testing The Samsung In-App Purchase (IAP) team needs your help! If you have published an app or game integrated with Samsung IAP, you may be eligible to participate in an upcoming beta test to review and provide feedback on the following features: Manage item prices and information separately from app information Change the status of each item to active/inactive, when necessary Provide a price template that allows you to manage all items with the same price Look for an announcement in October with more information, including how you can apply. SDC21 is coming Join us online for the Samsung Developer Conference on October 26th. See what’s cooking with development tools and our latest technology. Learn from and network with our experts and your fellow developers and designers. Shape. Design. Create. Additional resources on the Samsung Developers site This site has many resources for developers looking to build for and integrate with Samsung devices and services. Stay in touch with the latest news by creating a free account and subscribing to our monthly newsletter. Visit the Marketing Resources page for information on promoting and distributing your apps. Finally, our Developer Forum is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on all things related to the Galaxy ecosystem. View the full blog at its source
  18. Were you able to solve your issue? Sounds like a hardware problem.
  19. By hard reset, have you unplugged the tv and waiting for 30 -60 sec?
  20. Model UA48J6300 failing to connect wifi or hotspot. I've tried hard reset to no avail
  21. Check out our latest podcast interview with Eric Cloninger, Developer Relations Lead at Samsung. In this special episode of the POW! podcast we chat about some of the highlights from our past developer conferences, and what you can look forward to at this year's SDC21 virtual conference. Topics Covered SDC21, Virtual Conference History of the Samsung Developer Conference Conference Audience Keynote Speakers Conference Announcements Technical Sessions Expo Floor Galaxy Store Gallery Code Lab Virtual Reality After-Hours Party Chris Shomo, Infinity Watchfaces Watch Face Studio 2020 Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2021 Best of Galaxy Store Awards Bixby Developers One UI Beta Samsung Podcast Platform SmartThings Listen Now Watch the Trailer Read Along Transcripts for the Samsung Developers Podcast are available at the Samsung Developers Portal. View the full blog at its source
  22. Start Date Oct 26, 2021 Location Online Counting down the days until the first online SDC. We're cooking up something new for SDC21 on October 26th. Stay tuned for more info and get a first look at the event here. #SDC21 #ShapeDesignCreate #Samsung View the full blog at its source
  23. Enjoy an enhanced viewing experience with Neo QLED 8K. Its game-changing display technology brings you a step closer to reality through your TV screens. Greatness never ends, but evolves. #NeoQLED8K #SamsungTV
  24. The USB warning code comes up when the TV is turned on and it will not change modes to anything. You cannot get into settings, absolutely anything. The TV will not move. We tried all the suggestions online, unplugging for one minute unplugging for 30 seconds doing the reset button, at least five hours on the phone with different people from Best Buy and Samsung. No help. Very frustrating.
  25. This blog post reproduces a press release available at the Samsung Newsroom. Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. today revealed the revamped Samsung Remote Test Lab program, which allows developers to easily test their applications virtually and remotely on thousands of Samsung Galaxy devices, now including the Galaxy S21 series with One UI 4 beta, and the latest Galaxy Z Fold3 5G and Z Flip3 5G. The Remote Test Lab program makes it much more efficient for developers to test their new applications, as they don’t have to cover any hardware costs. With global access to the Remote Test Lab program, developers from around the world will be able to test their applications remotely on Galaxy test devices, regardless of the country they reside in. Over the last ten years, Samsung has built Remote Test Labs around the world, including in India, Poland, South Korea, and the United States. To make access to the program’s services faster and more reliable than ever before1, Samsung has now scaled up the program to include labs in Brazil, Russia, the United Kingdom, and Vietnam. Poland: Organizing the library of Galaxy test devices. "We wouldn’t have been able to offer such innovative mobile experiences to our users without our incredible developer community" said TM Roh, President and Head of Mobile Communications Business, Samsung Electronics. "That’s why we are investing our expertise and innovative technology to support developers—they are crucial partners as we continue to expand our open Galaxy ecosystem." Brazil: Making sure Remote Test Lab program operations are carried out smoothly. To create an enhanced test experience, Samsung released the new version of the program2. Developers will get access to an automated testing tool that will allow them to monitor CPU and memory consumption when running their apps and check if an application has any impact on system resources. And thanks to a new web client service, the program features an improved user interface and enhanced graphics. In the near future, developers will be able to use a new communication channel, giving them direct access to Samsung experts who can advise them on how to improve their app performance. USA: Running checks and maintenance on software for the Galaxy test devices. The new Samsung Remote Test Lab program showcases Samsung’s commitment to helping partners and developers take advantage of revolutionary features, like the foldable experience of the Galaxy Z series, defence-grade security with Samsung Knox, and seamless connectivity with One UI. Through the rebooted Remote Test Lab program, Samsung will continue to partner closely with developers all over the world, helping them push boundaries and unlock new heights of innovation. To find out more about the Samsung Remote Test Lab, visit: developer.samsung.com/remote-test-lab. About Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. Samsung inspires the world and shapes the future with transformative ideas and technologies. The company is redefining the worlds of TVs, smartphones, wearable devices, tablets, digital appliances, network systems, and memory, system LSI, foundry and LED solutions. For the latest news, please visit the Samsung Newsroom at news.samsung.com. [1] The test speed of the Remote Test Lab program may be affected by the distance from the server, the data rate and data traffic of the network connection and the local network policy (firewall). [2] Access to new features may vary by model, SW version and market. Developers must be logged into the Samsung Developers site using a Samsung Account. To access the web client service, developers will need to use the Chrome browser. View the full blog at its source
  26. SDKs for Blockchain Developers At Samsung, we understand that one size does not fit all of your development needs. That’s why we offer two different SDKs to cover your blockchain development needs: Samsung Blockchain Platform (SBP) SDK and Samsung Blockchain Keystore (SBK) SDK. The SBP SDK aims to be an overall solution for your DApp’s every need, from connecting to supported hardware wallets to uploading transactions in the supported Blockchain networks. On the other hand, the SBK SDK allows you to securely access the Samsung Blockchain Keystore cold wallet and supports signing transactions of a wide range of cryptocurrencies. Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK The Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK offers a full set of functions for your Decentralized App (DApp) or Blockchain App needs. It helps you manage blockchain accounts easily and make a transaction easier by using abstracted transfer APIs. Additionally, the SBP SDK offers a UI-based cryptocurrency payment solution for even more rapid development. The Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK can easily connect your DApp to different hardware wallets for securely signing transactions. Currently, three hardware wallets are supported: Samsung Blockchain Keystore, Ledger Nano X, and Ledger Nano S. Once successfully connected to a hardware wallet, the SBP SDK offers abstracted APIs, so you never have to worry about what hardware wallet to which the user is connected. The SBP SDK also has a blockchain browser solution for your web DApp. With the SBP SDK’s Cucumber Webview, you can migrate your web-based DApp into the mobile environment with little to no changes in your web app. This can help you drastically reduce development time and resources, and to reach millions of new Galaxy devices. With the SBP SDK’s Payment Sheet UI, developing a native Android DApp has never been easier. Simply launch the desired Payment Sheet Intent and let the SDK take care of the rest of your DApp’s payment or transfer flows. The SBP SDK currently supports two major Blockchain networks: Ethereum and TRON. With the SBP SDK’s abstracted APIs for cryptocurrency and token transfers, you never have to worry about complex details. The SBP automatically estimates transaction fees and handles code for underlying smart contract function ABIs for token transfer. You can simply plug in your JSON-RPC endpoint/node to the SBP and develop your DApp faster. You can check out all of the aforementioned APIs (and more) in action, on the Aero Wallet sample application for the SBP SDK. Using Aero Wallet’s source code, you can learn how to easily build a fully functional cryptocurrency wallet application from scratch. To learn more about how the SBP SDK can greatly simplify your DApp development, check out the SDK Overview. Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK The Samsung Blockchain Keystore, powered by the Knox Security Platform, is a built-in secure cold wallet available on a wide range of Galaxy devices. The Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK allows your Android apps and DApps to communicate directly with this highly secure cold wallet for fetching address lists and public keys and signing cryptocurrency transactions. With the SBK SDK, your DApp can fetch the user’s blockchain address and link it to the user’s account. Using this address, you can query on the blockchain network (using a blockchain explorer or another library such as SBP) to find the user’s account balance and transaction history. Furthermore, you can use the SBK SDK to request the Keystore app to sign a cryptocurrency transaction. The Keystore app then shows the requested transaction to the user inside a Trusted User Interface (TUI), executed within the Trusted Execution Environment (TEE). Once the user approves the transaction with a PIN or a biometric authentication like a fingerprint, the Keystore app signs the transaction with the associated private key and returns it to you through the SBK SDK. To learn more about how you can integrate the SBK SDK into your app, check out the SDK overview. Choosing the right SDK for your Dapp Both of the Samsung Blockchain SDKs can help make your DApp more feature-rich and cut down development time and effort. If you are still confused about which SDK is best for your DApp, check out our brief comparison below. API Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK Fetch Public Address Supported Supported Sign Transaction Supported Supported Send Transaction Supported Unsupported Send Token Transaction Supported Unsupported Built-in Payment Screen UI Supported Unsupported Seamless Integration with WebApps Supported Unsupported External Hardware Wallet Supported Unsupported Blockchain Networks Supported (at the time of writing) Ethereum and Tron Bitcoin, Ethereum, Klaytn, Stellar and Tron Services for End-Users Samsung Blockchain Apps and services aim to provide you with a secure and convenient experience in the blockchain world. Samsung currently offers two applications under its blockchain platform: the Samsung Blockchain Keystore app and the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app. You can find out more about each of these offerings from this article and from the global Samsung site. Samsung Blockchain Keystore Samsung Blockchain Keystore offers defense-grade, vault-like security for your crypto assets. The Blockchain Keystore app runs within the TEE of the Knox Platform. This allows the Samsung Blockchain Keystore to provide security unlike ever before, as the private key and information located in the Samsung Blockchain Keystore are never saved to a Samsung or an external cloud, nor is it seen by the devices’ Android OS. You can easily set up the Keystore app by importing your existing account by using a 12-word mnemonic, or create an entirely new one. Samsung Blockchain Wallet The Samsung Blockchain Wallet app allows you to conveniently send and receive major cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ether. Not only does the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app support the built-in Samsung Blockchain Keystore wallet, it also supports external physical wallets such as Ledger Nano S and Nano X, using USB. Beyond sending and receiving crypto assets, you can also explore partner DApps through the Blockchain Wallet App. Partner DApps on the Samsung Blockchain Wallet app unlock the door to a wide range of experiences such as cryptocurrency exchanges, staking pools, and NFT marketplaces. Furthermore, you can stay on top of the latest trends and ongoing events in the blockchain world with the Samsung Blockchain Wallet’s News section. Conclusion Blockchain technology has the potential to revolutionize many aspects of our lives. With Samsung Blockchain SDKs and applications, you and your DApp users can always stay at the forefront of this technology. We want to continuously improve your experience in the blockchain world. Feel free to share your thoughts with us and with the global blockchain developer community on the Samsung Blockchain Developer forum. View the full blog at its source
  27. I bought 2 IPTV apps (1. Smart IPTV & 2. SmartOne IPTV) for my Samsung tizen-powered 4.0 TV. At first both played smoothly, each with different streaming service (paid & free). Now after one day it plays for like 1 minute, then freezes and hangs up. Can anyone help how to fix this?
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