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    • By STF News
      We continue the Best of Galaxy Store Awards 2019 series with Rosetta Stone, winner of the Best Made for Samsung App with Rosetta Stone for Samsung 1:1 Video Tutoring.
      In our second annual Best of Galaxy Store Awards, we announced winners in 25 categories at #SDC19. We awarded publishers with stand out apps in the Galaxy Store’s boutique of expertly-curated apps. Rosetta Stone shares tips on how to build apps that stand out from the crowd.
      Please tell us about Rosetta Stone.
      Rosetta Stone Inc. is dedicated to changing people's lives through the power of language and literacy education. Our innovative digital solutions drive positive learning outcomes for the inspired learner at home or in schools and workplaces around the world.
      Rosetta Stone won Best Made for Samsung App. How is the app "Made for Samsung"?
      Rosetta Stone’s “Made for Samsung” app is our award-winning, immersive language learning app with the added convenience for Samsung users to subscribe using Samsung Pay. Our app provides language learners with a step-by-step learning experience that gets you speaking one of 24 languages quickly and confidently.
      What was the development process for the Rosetta Stone Made for Samsung app?
      As with all of our product development, we start with the customer experience, then build our plan based on what we validate with customers. Making our application easily available for millions of potential customers was extremely compelling to us. Once we validated the experience, it was straight-forward to implement the optimizations to the learner experience for Made for Samsung.
      How is the Rosetta Stone Made for Samsung app different than other Rosetta Stone apps?
      Our Rosetta Stone Made for Samsung app is optimized for our Samsung learners. It’s conveniently available within the Galaxy Store, with a payment experience tailor-made for Samsung. Samsung learners even have access to special pricing.

      What is the most important thing to consider when building apps for Samsung?
      All Samsung users should get ultimate convenience when they use Rosetta Stone’s Made for Samsung app. We try to make sure our app supports all Samsung handset and tablet models with a seamless experience of using the app features and functionalities as well as Samsung’s check-out/payment solutions. The next step is for us to add even more convenience and fun by leveraging unique Samsung features.
      How do you create apps that stand out from the crowd?
      It all comes back to the customer. The more that you can ensure that you are building products and features that solve real customer problems in ways that exceed what they can get from other options, you’re on the right track. At Rosetta Stone, we are obsessed with solving customer pain-points as it relates to learning a new language. We constantly strive to focus on improvements that drive higher learner engagement that is focused on higher usage as well as efficacy (e.g. helping learners actually learn most effectively).
      When designing an app, what is the most important UX consideration?
      Empathy for the customer. In the case of Rosetta Stone, we’ve found through extensive research of learners that they’re most interested in being able to speak the language they’re learning. That’s why we introduce users to our patented TruAccent speech-recognition engine upon entering our app. This builds the learner’s confidence in speaking. We’re constantly focusing on the learner experience and validating new concepts and directions with customers through prototyping, customer interviews, surveys and reviewing our customer usage activity within our applications.
      What feature do you feel all great apps have in common?
      An intense focus on user engagement, and for Rosetta Stone, our learners’ goals. As part of our development process, we engage our learners by listening to their direct experience using the app and whether it is helping them reach their language goals. We want to know why they study and how they want to use that new language, in addition to the features that would delight them.
      What guidance do you have for new developers looking to create a successful app?
      Spend time on the Samsung Developers website learning about Samsung's APIs. There is lots of useful information there to help you quickly get started on your app.
      How has working with Samsung helped your business?
      Rosetta Stone has a premium brand in North America and we recognize that there are incredible opportunities in language learning throughout the world. Partnering with Samsung not only reinforces our value proposition with another great brand, but opens up the ability to reach language learners internationally.
      Thanks to Rosetta Stone for sharing their tips on building Made for Samsung apps. Be sure to follow @samsung_dev on Twitter for more great advice from our Best of Galaxy Store winners.
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    • By STF News
      An updated version of the Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK has been released. New features in v1.3.0 include:
      Added APIs to support Stellar transactions Added APIs to support Sign Personal Message in Tron transactions View the full blog at its source
    • By STF News
      We're proud to announce a watch face making contest for Korean designers!
      대한민국 최대의 워치페이스 제작 콘테스트!
      갤럭시 워치 디자이너 툴을 활용하여, 개발자가 아니어도 간편하게 나만의 워치페이스를 만들어 보세요.
      갤럭시워치 액티브2 및 다양한 상품이 여러분을 기다립니다.
      자세한 사항은 https://cafe.naver.com/facebot/219044 에서 확인하실 수 있습니다.
      View the full blog at its source
    • By STF News
      On Tuesday, Febuary 11th, Galaxy Unpacked occurred at the Palace of the Fine Arts in San Francisco.
      The Galaxy Z Flip, which was previewed at last year's Samsung Developer Conference, took center stage first. As the world’s first foldable glass smartphone, the Galaxy Z Flip's revolutionary form factor opens up a whole new world of mobile experiences. For developers, we're especially excited about Flex Mode. When the device is free-standing, the display automatically splits into two 4-inch screens so you can easily view images, content, or videos on the top half of the display, and control them on the bottom half. We can't wait to see what developers do with this capability.
      TM Roh then kicked off a brand new decade of growth and change and committed Samsung and the developer ecosystem to be on the forefront of innovation. With that, he introduced "a new phone, named for a bold new decade of change." This one doesn't just go to eleven - it's the Galaxy S20.
      The launch of these new phones is exciting for not only for developers, but designers as well. We'll be opening the window for Galaxy Themes applications in about a week. If you want to see your designs on the new Galaxy Z Flip, Galaxy S20, or any other Galaxy device, check out our tips on How to Become a Mobile UI Themes Designer.
      Also, you might have noticed the "Available on Galaxy Store" badge when Samsung highlighted the Forza Street partnership with Microsoft. This was a great reminder that anyone who has published an app or content on the Galaxy Store can promote the availability of their content using Galaxy Store badges. They are free and deep-link directly to your content in the store to make it easy to acquire new users.

      Can't get your hands on a physical device? Stay tuned to our news feed - we'll announce when the Galaxy S20 and Galaxy Z Flip are available in our Remote Test Lab.
      If you didn’t catch Unpacked live, watch the livestream below or check out the Samsung Newsroom for more on the day’s announcements.
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    • By STF News
      Whenever necessary, you can create, build, register, and submit newer versions of your Galaxy Watch app for publication in Galaxy Store. You can use Seller Portal to update apps that you created using Galaxy Watch Designer or Tizen Studio.
      Note: All statements below apply to apps developed using either Galaxy Watch Designer or Tizen Studio, except for the Tizen Studio step 4 in the procedure below.
      Once you update the app in Seller Portal, a new update registration is created, which you complete and submit for review processing. During registration and review processing, the previous version continues to be published in Galaxy Store.
      For an updated version:
      The filename must be different from all previous version filenames.
      The package ID must be the same as for the first app version.
      The app version number must be greater than the previous version number.
      The author certificate must be the same as for the first app version.
      Caution: Without the app’s author certificate, you cannot update the app. We recommend that you store multiple backup copies somewhere other than on your development computer.
      To create, build, register, and submit an updated app version
      Get the author certificate of the app.
      Get the filename, package ID, and version number (version name) of the current app version in Seller Portal:
      a. Click Applications, and navigate to and click [your published app title].
      b. Click the Binary tab and [your latest binary filename].

      In Galaxy Watch Designer:
      a. Back up your project and save it in a different directory.
      b. Create the new app version.
      c. Click Project > Build. Then specify the same package ID and a different version number, use the same author certificate, and build the updated binary file(s) (.tpk).
      d. Rename the resulting binary files, and keep them in the same workspace directory.
      In Tizen Studio:
      a. Open either your app’s Tizen project tizen-manifest.xml file (Native) or config.xml file (Web).
      b. In the Overview tab, specify the update version number in the Version field.
      c. Use the certificate manager to ensure you have a certificate profile that contains your app’s author certificate.
      Note: You do not need to use the same certificate profile, just the same author certificate. You can re-use an author certificate across multiple certificate profiles.
      d. Build a signed package for your app.
      e. In the console, note the output location of the compiled .tpk (Native) or .wgt (Web) update binary file, and rename if necessary.
      In Seller Portal:
      a. Click Applications, navigate to your published app, and click Update.
      b. Register the update version information and upload the updated binary files.
      c. Deselect any unsupported distribution device groups.
      d. Submit the update version for review processing by clicking Submit.
      If the updated version does not pass review processing, the Samsung review team will notify you. You can then change the updated version, upload the changed updated binary file, and submit the updated version again.
      If your updated version passes review processing, the previous version will stop being published in Galaxy Store, and the updated version will start being published. You can then manage the latest version and your finances in Seller Portal.
      To get started updating an app, log in to Seller Portal with your Samsung Account.
      Discover the latest version of Galaxy Watch Designer here.
      Find out more about Tizen Studio here.
      View the full blog at its source
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    • By Alex
      The Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is one of the best smartwatches for all Android phones. It’s got great compatibility, design, battery life, and is very light. Depending on your point of view, one of the best things about it is it’s not running Google’s Wear OS. The Galaxy Watch Active is running Tizen 4, and after the latest update, it has One UI 1.2 as well. Let’s take a look at some of the changes.
      The Galaxy Watch Active’s new update tweaks some things to improve the experience without the rotating bezel. The app drawer is now slightly more optimized for swiping. Before, there were little icons at the top that would allow you to switch between pages. Now, all you can do is swipe instead of pressing the icon. It should be noted that you could also swipe before this update, but Samsung cleaned up the animation and made it work better. This is a small change, but it always felt like Samsung just threw the same software onto the watch with different hardware. No more next page button
      The next major change is actually with Bixby. I know most people just ignore Bixby’s existence, but it can actually be useful on a watch. Before the new update, Bixby felt like S Voice with a new icon. The original Bixby on the watch and S Voice didn’t even sound different. After the update, Bixby actually sounds and feels like Bixby from Samsung phones. It even has a similar settings panel and app support to Bixby 2.0 on phones with One UI. (Then again, you could just use Google Assistant…)
      Goodnight mode is another pretty cool change. It tries to limit your use of the watch and keep you away from checking your notifications. It makes it harder to check your apps and notifications. To continue to do so, you need to either turn off goodnight mode or hit the home button. It’s not making it impossible, but it just adds a little barrier to make the process more difficult and hopefully keep you away.

      Another very minor change I noticed after playing with this update is with icons. The theater mode icon in the watch’s quick settings has been redesigned. Before, it had a confusing-looking curved display. It was hard to tell what it was unless you knew ahead of time. Now, the new icon is much easier to see and actually know what it means.

      Along with these new features and minor changes, we do have some actually useful updates. The Galaxy Watch Active can now automatically track swimming and input it into Samsung Health. There is also a new warning for minimum and maximum heart rates. These will warn you if your heart rate is above or below a certain point without doing exercise. This feature will likely be tied to ECG support in the Watch Active 2.

      All of these updates are really nice and just reinforces my perception of the Galaxy Watch Active being the best smartwatch for Android. These changes will also pave the way for the Galaxy Watch Active 2 when it’s announced next month. Wear OS as a platform doesn’t see much movement these days, but Samsung is charging ahead with their smartwatches and software.
      Source: https://www.xda-developers.com/hands-on-tizen-4-samsung-galaxy-watch-active/
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