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Take the 2021 Developer Nation Survey and Win Prizes

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The latest global Developer Nation survey is now open. Answer a set of no-nonsense questions about programming languages, developer tools, and platforms. Your answers help Samsung and dozens of other companies engaged in Developer Relations to understand your needs and where we can improve our offerings.

The survey covers 13 areas, including: Web, Mobile, Desktop, Cloud, Industrial IoT, Consumer Electronics, Embedded software, AR & VR, Apps/extensions for 3rd-party ecosystems, Games, Machine Learning & AI, and Data science. It's available in 9 languages, so developers from around the world can comfortably join. The survey takes approximately 30 minutes to complete.

In return, you could win valuable tech prizes, including a Samsung Galaxy S21+ and more.

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    • By STF News
      Samsung Electronics topped the global TV market for the 15th consecutive year, according to market research firm, Omdia. Newly released data published on February 23 notes that Samsung Electronics recorded 31.8% in global TV market share by revenue in Q4 2020 and retained the largest annual category market share by revenue in 2020, at 31.9%.
      Samsung’s growth across the Visual Display Business reflects a commitment to the most premium at-home viewing experiences, coupled with the fast-growing QLED portfolio, category leadership in the ultra large screen segment over 75-inches, the introduction and expansion of a Lifestyle TV portfolio, and a series of industry, category and product “firsts” made possible thanks to Samsung’s constant drive for innovation.
      “Consumers use screens every day to entertain, connect with loved ones, work, exercise from home and do much more. And we have seen how different lifestyles and routines have not only evolved, but converged,” said Jong-hee Han, President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We continue to be incredibly humbled by the trust placed in our vision and products; it is what drives our relentless pursuit to deliver cutting-edge innovation and a best-in-class screen experience that meets the needs of the modern-day consumer.”
      Looking back over the last 15 years, Samsung’s innovation-led growth agenda has incorporated groundbreaking new technologies, while spanning multiple categories, reaching a wide range of consumers and use cases.
      In 2021, Samsung expects to maintain its industry-leading market position with the introduction and expansion of core products and by incorporating proprietary technology and features across all TV lineups. This includes Samsung’s new Neo QLED lineup along with Samsung’s MICRO LED, Lifestyle TVs and a company-wide alignment of operations through long-term sustainability programs. Over the next few years, Samsung will also continue to invest in R&D and product development in strategic business areas to strengthen its core and emerging technology offers.
      For more information on Samsung’s TV products, please visit www.samsung.com/.
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    • By STF News
      Samsung Electronics today announced the global availability of its all-new Smart Monitor, an innovative, do-it-all screen that brings together an unprecedented suite of features for work, learning and entertainment in a single display.
      Designed to meet the new needs of today’s consumers, who are now working, learning and consuming entertainment at home, Samsung Smart Monitor incorporates powerful mobile and PC connectivity, remote home office and learning features as well as Smart Hub, a comprehensive entertainment hub, similar to Samsung’s built-in Smart TV platform.
      “Around the world, work, education and entertainment have transformed into home-centered activities,” said Hyesung Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “With this new normal, it is no surprise that most indicators show a rise in digital activities and many are rethinking their technology use at home. Our new Smart Monitor is a direct response to that demand. Consumers no longer have to choose between a screen for one or the other as this display brings it all together.”
      The new Samsung Smart Monitor provides numerous connectivity options for both PCs and smartphones. Users can connect their personal mobile devices with just a simple tap using Tap View,1 App Casting or Apple AirPlay 2. For a complete desktop experience using a mobile device, users can also connect to the monitor with Samsung DeX.
      For home office and learning, the display operates Microsoft Office 365 applications2 without a PC connection thanks to embedded Wi-Fi, allowing users to view, edit and save documents in the cloud directly from the monitor. Remote Access also allows users wirelessly and remotely access files from a PC or view content from a laptop whether it is situated elsewhere in the house or at the office. The USB Type-C port3 allows for data, display and power — up to 65W — with just a single connection, keeping the area around the monitor clean and beautiful. Multiple USB ports and Bluetooth 4.2 allow for additional connection versatility while the display has built-in two channel speaker.
      When work is done, the display also operates as a complete entertainment hub with the ability to stream content with Samsung’s Smart Hub. The monitor’s app store allows users to stream their favorite content including Netflix, HBO and YouTube4 even without a connection to a PC or mobile device. Content can easily be accessed with the supplied remote control, which includes streaming service hot keys. The display can also be controlled by voice thanks to Bixby integration.
      The Smart Monitor also features technology designed to make viewing more comfortable. Adaptive Picture optimizes picture quality for any viewing environment by automatically adjusting brightness and color temperature in response to room conditions. This ensures the most comfortable viewing experience in any environment, reducing eye strain even after extended use. The monitor also features a special eye-saver mode to reduce blue light.
      The monitor is available in two models at launch. The M7 supports Ultra-High Definition (UHD) resolution in 32-inch while the M5 supports Full HD (FHD) resolution in 32-inch and 27-inch options.
      The Samsung Smart Monitor will be available from November 16 in United States, Canada and China, and Samsung plans to expand launching markets starting the end of November. For more information, please visit https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/monitor/detail/1762/32M70A.
      Model M7 Display Screen Size (Inch) 32” Flat / Curved Flat Aspect Ratio 16:9 Viewing Angle 178°(Horizontal)/178°(Vertical) Brightness (Typical) 250cd/m2(Typ), Resolution 3,840 x 2,160 (UHD) HDR HDR10 Interface HDMI 2.0 2EA USB-C 1 EA (65W Charging) Wi-Fi 5 Yes Bluetooth 4.2 Yes Speaker 5W x 2EA USB 2.0 3EA Smart Feature
      / Service OS Tizen 5.5 Voice Assistant(Bixby 2.0) Yes VOD(Netflix, YouTube, etc)5 Yes Mobile Casting/Mirroring Yes Remote Access Yes  
      Model M5 Display Screen Size (Inch) 27”, 32” Flat / Curved Flat Aspect Ratio 16:9 Viewing Angle 178°(Horizontal)/178°(Vertical) Brightness (Typical) 250cd/m2(Typ), Resolution 1,920 x 1,080 (FHD) HDR HDR10 Interface HDMI 2.0 2EA USB-C N/A Wi-Fi 5 Yes Bluetooth 4.2 Yes Speaker 5W x 2EA USB 2.0 2EA Smart Feature
      / Service OS Tizen 5.5 Voice Assistant(Bixby 2.0) Yes VOD(Netflix, YouTube, etc)6 Yes Mobile Casting/Mirroring Yes Remote Access Yes  
      1 Tap view is compatible with Galaxy devices running Android 8.1 or higher, and version 5.1 in the SmartThings app.
      2 Subscription required.
      3 Available on M7 model
      4 Streaming service availability and the remote control’s technical specifications may vary by country. Subscription required.
      5 Streaming service availability may vary by country.
      6 Streaming service availability may vary by country.
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    • By STF News
      Samsung Electronics announced today that consumers can now enjoy BTS’ “Dynamite” music video, the song that recently topped the Billboard chart, in Samsung TV retail stores around the world.
      The music video for ‘Dynamite’ reached 400 million views on YouTube after its release on August 21. The video also amassed 101.1 million views within 24 hours of its launch on YouTube, breaking three Guinness World Records titles: The Most-Viewed YouTube Video in 24 Hours; The Most-Viewed YouTube Music Video in 24 Hours; and The Most-Viewed YouTube Music Video in 24 Hours by a K-Pop Group.
      The music video ‘Dynamite’ captured the attention of viewers with its fun energy, vibrant colors and retro vibes. Samsung’s ultra-high-resolution TVs will further accentuate the visual aesthetics of this music video.
      “We are very pleased to showcase the new music video by BTS in Samsung TV retail shops,” said Jongsuk Chu, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We hope that consumers around the world will enjoy the BTS music video with stunning picture quality on Samsung TVs.”
      Samsung TVs have ranked number one globally for 14 consecutive years and have continually pushed the boundaries over the years with innovative products.
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    • By STF News
      Supporting the Sustainable Development Goals with the wide reach of the Web
      Not long ago, Samsung introduced its Global Goals partnership with the UN as a way to help fight inequality, plan to eliminate hunger and clean up the planet. The initiative, developed by a team in Samsung Research America, was a great way to discover each of the 17 goals agreed by the world leaders at the United Nations General Assembly in 2015. The app (linked below), is a great way to put your device to work for the greater good, features interesting wallpapers, information, and allows you to display ads on the lock screen to earn revenue for donations. This app is available for every Android device so you can start earning donations now (see link below).
      At Samsung Internet, we believe that the web is a powerful place to share information and use it for good, therefore we’ve decided to bring Global Goals to the web, making it a cross-platform web app and available for everybody. Even further, we believe that users deserve a good experience regardless of the platform they are using or the connection available, say hello to Samsung Global Goals PWA!
      Global Goals in desktop
      This is our first soft launch and we hope that more users can be updated with the latest news about Global Goals regardless of the device that they are using. During this first approach, the idea is to make available the latest content of global goals:

      Meet the 17 goals: Learn about each goal, check which projects are related to it, and choose the one that you want to support.
      Learn the facts: View the facts and figures related to each goal and the different areas they’re trying to improve.
      Track worldwide donations: Monitor the donations of each goal worldwide so you are able to see the progress of each project.
      Samsung and Goals: Learn how Samsung supports each goal and how the company applies its principles related to its products and work environment.
      Keep up to the latest news: Whether it’s a podcast, a video, or help with a survey, users can follow up on the latest content of each goal and give direct feedback to the United Nations.
      As we mentioned before we decided to create a Progressive Web App that allows users to keep the same native experience, with the ability to install their app and have direct access to it within an icon. We’ve also added the capability to work offline, using caching strategies and service workers to make the most important content available and provide a more friendly interaction. We are going to explain further details about the architecture in coming posts but let’s have a quick review of the technology that we’ve used:
      Vanilla JS: Simple Javascript, no frameworks, to manage the front end and create a fast and light web application.
      One UI Web: It’s a library inspired in the One UI design pattern created by Samsung which allows us to have smooth responsive user interaction.
      Node JS: In order to communicate with external APIs and manage the information received in the back end, we’ve decided to keep it under Javascript and choose Node.
      Firebase Hosting: Firebase helped us to have an easier way to host our web app and provide a nice URL for free!
      Our milestone
      As a very first soft launch we are looking to receive feedback from the developer community, so please don’t hesitate to contact us using our twitter.
      For our beta launch, the next steps would be looking to add web ads and web payment within donations to keep it closer to the native app and have a real impact within each Global Goal.
      Thanks to Samsung SRA Team and our colleague Diego González that made such a wonderful effort during this adventure.
      Looking forward to hearing your thoughts!
      Samsung Global Goals
      View the full blog at its source
    • By STF News
      The new Developer Economics survey, administered by Slash Data, is now live for Q2 2020! Speak out about the type of projects you're working on and your favorite languages, tools, technologies, or platforms. In return, you enter prize drawings to win new dev gear to upgrade your workstation or courses and licenses to learn something new, worth over USD $15,000 in total. You will also get a free, complimentary report and graphs which compare your skills to the global average.
      The survey is available in eight languages and is open to students, hobbyists, and professionals. Whether you developing for the web, IoT, voice, mobile, games, or other platforms, we and Slash Data want to hear from you.
      View the full blog at its source
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