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  1. Thanks Farmerbob, I've uplugged the TV for hours and then plugged it in again. It did not resolve the issue. It appears to be a bug with Tizen 1201 when opening up a HD Homerun tuner on the network via the default Samsung Tizen DNLA interface (the plain yellow folder UI where I can just pick a channel). Well hopefully the'll fix it one day. I can just watch TV via Windows Media Center using the same tuners - no problem then. I'm not sure what the have changed in the tizen os. It looks the same to me and there are no new apps in the apps section. HD Homerun with RUI interface is
  2. Hi all, I just had a SW update for my Samsung TV UE55KS7005. It's now at version 1201. I watch TV via my HD Homerun tuner box. I can select HD Homerun, browser folder with channels and then select TV channel to watch live tv. Earlier this has worked fine. It still works after the SW upgrade to version 1201, but the Samsung TV constantly shows a rotating circle in the middle of the picture. Anybody else experiencing this? Is there an fix for this? Br Chr
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