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Galaxy Z Fold 4 price leak might give you sticker shock


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Samsung Galaxy Z Fold3

Samsung has officially confirmed that it will unveil the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 on August 10th. Then again, everything has seemingly already leaked. For instance, a new Galaxy Z Fold 4 price leak tells us the new foldable flagship might be slightly more expensive than last year’s. And Galaxy rumors almost always turn out to be accurate, whether it’s for traditional form factors or foldable handsets.

The Fold 4 price leak comes just a few days after the Flip 4’s cost leaked in Europe. The new rumor comes from the same region, teasing slight price bumps for the new devices. That’s not surprising, considering the current state of the global economy. And it’s not necessarily bad news considering Samsung’s reservation promotion for the two handsets and the rumored upgrades.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 price leak

We explained just a few days ago that buyers should expect price hikes across the board for new smartphones. The pandemic and the war in Ukraine continue to impact the economy. And the costs of goods are going up. It’s not just fuel at the pump or groceries but also devices like the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 that will see price increases.

Last week’s Flip 4 price leak suggested that the price would be similar in Europe to last year’s Flip 3. An Italian blog said that the leaked price of €1,080 for the 128GB version would probably go to €1,099 for the country. That would be on par with the Flip 3’s cost last year.

As a reminder, prices all throughout Europe tend to be similar, with slight variations. Also, they include tax, unlike US prices. Therefore, converting the EU price to dollars would not reflect the US price. Finally, the dollar has reached parity with the euro recently, which makes currency conversions a lot easier if you need them.

With all that in mind, we explained last week that the Flip 4 might cost $999 in the US if that leak was accurate.

In turn, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 price might stay at $1,799, which is what the Fold 3 cost at launch. Also, these are prices before any reservation or preorders promos that Samsung might offer.

Galaxy Z Fold 4 design render: Foldable screen (top), cover screen and camera details (bottom)
Galaxy Z Fold 4 design render: Foldable screen (top), cover screen and camera details (bottom). Image source: @OnLeaks and Smartprix

How much will the Galaxy Z Fold 4 cost?

But now we have a different price leak for Europe, and this time around, the Fold 4 is specifically mentioned. GizPaw found the price tags of both the Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 on the website of an undisclosed European retailer.

As always, with such discoveries, these might be just placeholders. Stores are preparing their websites for future sales. The information they present might not be accurate.

According to the leak, the 256GB Galaxy Z Fold 4 would sell for €1,849 in this European market, or €50 higher than last year. The price for the 512GB option would go up by €100, from €1,899 to €1,999.

The same retailer posted prices for the Flip 4 handset, which are in line with last week’s quotes. The 128GB starts at €1,080. But GizPaw says that’s actually €30 more expensive than the Flip 3’s €1,049 starting price.

Assuming the information above is accurate, US prices might see similar hikes come August 10th.

Galaxy Z Flip 4 press image leak.
Galaxy Z Flip 4 press image leak. Image source: 91mobiles/Evan Blass

It’s not all bad news

There might be ways to mitigate the higher prices. First, Samsung offers fans up to $200 credit for preorder registrations. That might be enough to offset the price increase, considering that Samsung should offer various preorder deals for the phones.

Secondly, there’s a rumor that says the Fold 4 might also come in an 128GB version. That might be a way for Samsung to keep the $1,799 price tag in place for one more year. If you don’t mind having just half the Fold 3’s storage, then you might be able to purchase the Galaxy Z Fold 4 for $1,799 before deals and discounts.

Nothing is official, however. These are all assumptions based on a myriad of rumors. And while Galaxy leaks usually turn out to be true, Samsung still has time to change its pricing scheme for the 2022 foldables.

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