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Galaxy S23 preorder reservations will net you up to $100 in Samsung credit


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Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra

Samsung confirmed earlier this week that the Galaxy S23 launch event is set to take place on February 1st. The company will host its first in-person launch event in three years, and it will be hosted in San Francisco. As is customary for Samsung flagship devices, the Korean giant has already launched preorder reservations for the upcoming new Galaxy S23 phones.

That gives buyers a chance to score a significant discount on the upcoming smartphone, in addition to any other upcoming Galaxy S23 preorder deals. Buyers can now get up to $100 in credit when they turn their reservations into preorders.

The Galaxy S23 reservation system works just like reservations for other Samsung flagships. You don’t have to commit to a purchase at this time. After all, the phone isn’t official yet, and you may not be impressed by Samsung’s Galaxy S23 specs.

You only have to fill in the Galaxy S23 reservation form to be eligible for the Samsung credit that will come with Galaxy S23 preorders. You can reserve a phone starting right now on Samsung’s website.

Preordering the Galaxy S23, S23 Plus, or S23 Ultra is not enough to get the full $100 Samsung credit. You’ll also have to preorder one of Samsung’s new Galaxy Book laptops that are coming at the show. Reserve both, and you get $100 in Samsung credit. Otherwise, you’ll be eligible for a $50 Samsung Credit for preordering only one new product.

Galaxy S23 Unpacked event set for February 1st.
Galaxy S23 Unpacked event set for February 1st. Image source: Samsung

But $50 in free Samsung credit isn’t a bad deal when you factor in rumors claiming that the Galaxy S23 phones might be more expensive. That $50 can go towards the purchases of accessories for the phones, including cases, screen protectors, chargers, and earphones.

The Galaxy S23 reservation deal also stacks up with any preorder deals that Samsung will offer during the preorder phase. Those deals should provide additional savings and make it even easier to justify an early Galaxy S23 purchase.

Unfortunately, the Galaxy S23 price tiers have not leaked for the US at this time. A questionable report from Korea said a few days ago that all three models will cost more than their predecessors. That said, it’s likely the Galaxy S23 prices will leak long before Samsung announces them on February 1st. But the price points do not even matter when it comes to reservations.

Again, you can reserve the Galaxy S23 without any strings attached. You won’t be forced to go forward with a purchase if you don’t want to.

According to Samsung’s reservation page, buyers can reserve the Galaxy S23 and/or new Galaxy Book until February 1st. Preorders will likely start soon after the launch event.

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