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  1. We are pleased to announce the first milestone release of Tizen 5.0. Tizen is commercialized on smart TVs, smartphones, smartwatches, and smart home appliances, and currently supports three profiles: TV, mobile, and wearable. This milestone release provides developers with new experience for the development of IoT devices, which are connected easily and securely with legacy IoT ecosystems such as the SmartThings™. This release also includes graphics performance enhancements, and introduces Neural Network Runtime preview experimentally in machine learning. Key highlights of this release are as follows: EFL version 1.16 is upgraded to 1.20. Web engine base open source version is upgraded from M56 to M63. Graphics enhancement: Added Windows backend to DALi. Added XAML based scriptable UI support for NUI. Added support for no-composite mode on Vulkan (20% improvement in performance). Multimedia framework: GStreamer, Pulseaudio is upgraded to latest stable release. ReplayGain feature is added to MediaPlayer. App framework is enhanced (Watchface complication framework, TIDL, rpc-port). Experimental features included in this release: nnfw: Neural Network Runtime preview (development in progress) CPU/GPU acceleration support based on ACL (Arm Compute Library), run Inception V3 model successfully Please refer to the release notes for details. Tags: Tizen 5.0 View the full article
  2. We are excited to announce the release of Tizen Studio 2.2 and Visual Studio Tools for Tizen 1.2. This release introduces support for Tizen .NET TV and IoT certificate. Develop .NET TV application for Samsung Smart TV Samsung has now released Tizen .NET TV APIs using which app developers can develop .NET apps for Samsung Smart TVs. To develop applications for TV, you must install the TV Extension available on Tizen Studio 2.2. The TV Extension includes the TV emulator, which allows you to test your Tizen .NET TV applications. To learn more, see Setting up the development environment. IoT Certification for SmartThings™ This release supports Certificate Signing Request (CSR) generation required for IoT certificate. Using the Certificate Manager in Tizen Studio 2.2, you can now generate a CSR automatically. Using the CSR you can download the cloud certificates, which is required to access the SmartThings cloud. In future, Certificate Manager shall also include support to generate cloud certificates automatically. Release Note : https://developer.tizen.org/development/tizen-studio/download/release-notes Download Tizen Studio : https://developer.tizen.org/development/tizen-studio/download How to install Visual Studio Tools for Tizen : https://developer.tizen.org/development/visual-studio-tools-tizen/installing-visual-studio-tools-tizen Tags: Tizen 4.0 Tizen Studio Visual Studio Tools for Tizen View the full article
  3. Not sure, usually updated software requires updated hardware. Maybe more info from CES next week.
  4. I think we'll find out from CES next week. keep an eye out on announcements.
  5. We are pleased to announce the Tizen 4.0 the 2nd milestone release. This milestone provides developers with Tizen .NET, an application framework for Tizen based on .NET. Developers can use the C# programming language and the Common Language Infrastructure standards and benefit from a managed runtime for faster application development, and efficient, secure code execution. Highlights of this release are as follows: Tizen.NET .NET Core 2.0 runtime / .NET Standard 2.0 API / Xamarin.Forms 2.4.0 SR1 / Tizen API version 4, including TizenFX / NUI 3D rendering APIs (Renderer, Geometry, Shader, Texture) Web Framework Enhancement UX feature for circular form factor device (circular scrollbar, circular video player) Latest Web Standard feature enabling (WASM formal 0x1 Version, Media stream Recording) Toolchain enhancement (Address Sanitizer / UndefinedBehavior Sanitizer / Leak Sanitizer) Interaction enhancement (Voice control hybrid engine / floating keyboard type / smart reply in inputdelegator and IME) Multimedia FW enhancement (faster audio response, HTTP LIVE STREAMING(HLS) support between devices with real-time fragmentation) Please refer to the release notes for details. Tags: Tizen 4.0 View the full article
  6. August 13, 2017 - Written By Dominik Bosnjak https://www.androidheadlines.com/2017/08/steam-link-streaming-app-now-available-on-samsungs-tizen-tvs.html The Steam Link streaming app is now available for download on a range of Samsung Electronics-made smart TVs powered by the company’s Tizen operating system, Valve confirmed earlier this week. The gaming platform has been in testing for over a month and was developed by Valve with some support from the Seoul-based tech giant. The limited beta period ended a few days back and the Steam Link app appeared on the Smart Hub store shortly after, where it’s now available for download on compatible TVs in all parts of the world. The app is completely free to install and use and comes with no ads, save for Valve’s own daily promotions that show every time you start Steam on any platform. Only Samsung’s 2016 and 2017 smart TV lineups are supported by Steam Link and older models are unlikely to ever be compatible with the service. Likewise, the app is currently relatively limited in terms of physical controller support, though a number of popular gamepads already work with it, including both variants of the Xbox 360 controller, the wired version of the Xbox One gamepad, Logitech F710 and F510, and the Steam Controller. Valve will likely debut support for more controllers in the future, though the company has yet to provide any details on the matter. While the Tizen port of the Steam Link app doesn’t ship with any particular software requirements, users are advised to download the latest version of Tizen for their smart TVs prior to using the tool or they may experience technical issues including frame rate drops and white screens. Upon first launching the app, Steam Link will test your local Wi-Fi speed and recommend a wired connection in case your network is too slow. While it doesn’t clarify on the matter, it seems that a 150Mbps / 30Mbps connection is more than enough for the streaming to work properly, provided that you aren’t trying to cast anything over 1080p. Note that playing fast-paced games like shooters and beat-em-ups is still difficult to enjoy over a wireless connection as the occasional input lag is an issue in this current version of the app, though Samsung and Valve may be able to improve the overall performance of the service in the future. Refer to the gallery below to see how Steam Link for Samsung’s Tizen-powered smart TVs looks in action.
  7. I had read this somewhere as well but don't know for sure. I'll post if I get more info.
  8. From the early stages of Tizen, we have been working hard to continually enhance this open source, standards-based software platform. Today we are using static code analysis tools to automatically discover checkpoints and help developers to investigate the quality of patched codes in a timely manner. To reinforce code analysis, we have consistently added new coding rules and potential defect checkers in our tools while the patched codes were reviewed by subject matter experts, including maintainers. In addition, our continuous integration system automatically triggers the static code analysis tools as soon as each code is committed. Moreover, we have intensively monitored open source codes and regularly patched them to enhance Tizen since the early stage of its development. With support from the Tizen developers’ community, we plan to further expand the capabilities of our analysis tools to examine codes more thoroughly while we continue to proactively propose activities and share progress across the community. We look forward to your continued active participation. View the full article
  9. Samsung has released the fourth preview of Visual Studio Tools for Tizen. Since announcing its collaboration with Microsoft on .NET Core and Xamarin.Forms projects last November, Samsung has steadily released preview versions of.NET support for Tizen with enriched features, such as supporting TV application development and various Visual Studio tools for Tizen. The new key features released with the fourth preview are based on Tizen 4.0 M1 as follows: Support for .NET Core 2.0 Preview 1: The fourth preview is aligned with .NET Core 2.0 Preview 1 supporting .NET Standard 2.0. For more information of .NET Core 2.0 preview 1, see the .NET blog announcement. More emulator support: You can run Tizen .NET applications on the emulator without needing an actual target device. With the new release, more emulators are supported, such as x64 TV, x64 Mobile, and x86 TV. <Gallery App running on Mobile and TV emulators> More Tizen platform-specific APIs: The fourth preview added a number of Tizen-specific APIs for IoT connectivity and voice control. For the full list, see Tizen Platform-Specific API. The official release of Tizen .NET is scheduled for the end of 2017 as part of Tizen 4.0. For more information, see Samsung’s Tizen Developers Web site. If you have any feedback or problems, share them through Tizen .NET Forum. View the full article
  10. Topic moved to developers forum.
  11. We are pleased to announce the Tizen 4.0 the first milestone release. This milestone provides developers with Tizen .NET, an application framework for Tizen based on .NET. Developers can use the C# programming language and the Common Language Infrastructure standards and benefit from a managed runtime for faster application development, and efficient, secure code execution. Highlights of this release are as follows: Tizen.NET Xamarin.Forms 2.3.5 C# Tizen Platform-specific API C# 3D UI Framework(NUI, Natural User Interface) Web Framework Web engine base open source up version : chromium M56 is applied Below HTML5/W3C standard feature/API is added Shadow DOM v1, Pointer Events, WebGL 2, Credential Management API, ECMAScript7 Async and Await Toolchain gcc Upgraded from 4.9.2 to 6.2.1 (Linaro '16 Dec version) Language C++11 is fully supported. Graphics System Wayland Server Add the extension protocols and impelementation for wayland server. For example tizen_screen_rotation, tizen_screenshooter, tizen_remote_surface. libpepper-evdev and libpepper-keyrouter are added. These library can be used for headless wayland server. Display and GL Frontbuffer rendering is added for VR rendering engine. Support the layer commit to ensure an output commit per each vblank in TDM(Tizen Display Management) OpenGLES 3.2 support Voice Webpage Control and Voice Touch are supported Please refer to the release notes for details. Tags: Tizen 4.0 View the full article
  12. Samsung Electronics today released the third preview of the Tizen .NET application framework, featuring improved Visual Studio Tools for developing Tizen applications. Since announcing its collaboration with Microsoft on .NET open-source projects such as .NET Core and Xamarin.Forms last November, Samsung has steadily released preview versions of Tizen .NET to help developers build better apps. The second preview brought support for TV application development, to go along with the mobile support introduced in the first, and improved Visual Studio Tools for Tizen with several new features, including a Project Wizard, Manifest Editor, Emulator Manager, Emulator Control Panel and Certificate Manager. The third preview allows you to create self-contained applications that will run on Tizen devices without pre-installed .NET runtime. Visual Studio Tools for Tizen also features two new tools: Log Viewer and Device Manager. The former helps developers debug their application by capturing all the events logged by the platform and the application; the latter provides information about connected Tizen devices and emulators for application debugging, and improves tools that were introduced in previous previews. < Log Viewer and Device Manager > The third preview enables a large number of Tizen's multimedia features such as Camera, Wave Player, Tone Player, Media Streaming and Screen Mirroring. Developers also have access to other Tizen platform-specific features such as Messages, Bluetooth, Voice Control, Input Method and FIDO (Fast IDentity Online). In addition, Tizen.Xamarin.Forms.Extension allows developers to enhance their applications with rich UI components such as buttons, popups, grids and calendar views. The next preview release of Tizen .NET will coincide with Tizen Public Milestone 1 in May. Samsung will begin shipping Tizen devices with .NET capabilities later in 2017. Learn more about Visual Studio Tools for Tizen here: http://developer.tizen.org/development/preview Learn more about the Tizen open source project here: https://source.tizen.org Learn more about the .NET Core open source project here: https://github.com/dotnet/core Learn more about the Xamarin.Forms open source project here: https://github.com/xamarin/Xamarin.Forms Learn more about the previous preview of Tizen .NET here: https://news.samsung.com/global/samsung-joins-the-microsoft-net-community-enabling-c-developers-to-build-applications-for-samsung-tizen-devices https://news.samsung.com/global/samsungs-second-tizen-net-developer-preview-introduces-new-design-tools-and-support-for-tv-apps View the full article
  13. Isn't that an android watch?
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