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I want to develop app for Tizen TVs models 2015-2018.


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I want to develop app for Tizen TVs models 2015-2018.
Means it should run on all the Tizen TVs models available in market till now either that is with Tizen OS 2, Tizen OS 3 or Tizen OS 4.

Please suggest me how to start. What technology or framework I have to use.

For Tizen 4, Tizen.Net is avaiable, but the problem is it is not supporting Tizen OS 3 or lower version.

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      I recently signed up to sling tv streaming and have to say its better on apple tv. On my samsung tv it seems to be slower loading between channels. Apple tv the channels change as if its cable.  If I'm in the guide and click on a channel, I have to then click the "watch" button. I wish they would just remove that park, ON apple tv you click right into the channel for immediate streaming. I think its the way its designed, they should tweak it. Amazon Fire tv is not bad but the samsung Sling TV app needs some updating.

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