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Sessions Announced for SDC19

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Samsung Developer Conference is coming up fast! From October 29 – 30, the industry’s top tech leaders will cover topics from AI to IoT to blockchain. We just announced the first wave of sessions! Check out some highlights below:


Secure Your Decentralized App with Samsung Blockchain Keystore

Samsung Blockchain Keystore on the Galaxy S10 addresses the vulnerabilities of using blockchain tech on your phone. During this session, learn about blockchain from the most innovative industry thinkers, and dive into Samsung Blockchain Keystore’s overall architecture and security features.

Haven’t used the Blockchain Keystore SDK before? No problem. This session walks you through how to integrate it into your app.

Explore Progressive Web Apps and the Evolution of the Web

Building and distributing apps using web tech just got easier. Progressive Web Apps (PWA) leverage new capabilities to better integrate your app into the OS. Learn about new features and tools during this in-depth session, and hear from Samsung experts and partners about how PWA can benefit from WebAPK, OneUI CSS, and more.


Optimize Your Mobile Game with Vulkan

During this session, hear from the Galaxy GameDev team as they share tips and tricks about Vulkan optimization. Plus, explore case studies and best practices from past and present game partner collaborations.

Dive Into Knox Partner Program and Knox Dev Tools

Learn about the Knox Partner Program and how Samsung’s mobile enterprise partner program supports partners and devs with the right resources and B2B dev tools such as EMM, Mobile Threat Detection, Remote Control, and Secure Voice.


Discover the Next Phase of IoT Engagement and Growth

There are lots of exciting things in store for the SmartThings IoT business platform. Explore future services and offerings, and find out how to join the SmartThings community. This session presents improvements made to the IoT environment to improve business growth for partners and devs.

These are just five sessions of many. Check out the rest on the SDC19 website and stay tuned for more coming soon! In the meantime, register today and save $150 with early bird pricing.

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    • By Samsung Newsroom
      At IFA 2023, Europe’s largest consumer trade show held in Berlin, Germany, Samsung Electronics underscored its vision for the future of home living — powered by the company’s cutting-edge devices and leading Bespoke products.
      Notable figures from Samsung and partner companies outlined Samsung’s plans to drive positive change through exceptional innovation, impacting the individual lives of users as well as the world around them.
      Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Europe, began by looking back at some of the company’s instrumental innovations that changed the status quo and shaped technological development. Samsung reiterated its commitment to fearlessly pioneering new endeavors, demonstrating its position as a leader within the industry.
      “We are proud to be first and we will continue to innovate, however strange it seems to begin with,” Braun stated.
      ▲ “We have over 200 amazing products on show for you,” shared Benjamin Braun, Chief Marketing Officer at Samsung Europe.
      Amidst an ever-changing world, Braun emphasized how Samsung has been actively listening to consumers throughout the years — producing leading products that meet their needs and add value to their lives. Continuing this pursuit, Samsung has shifted its focus to developing devices and appliances that both empower users on a global scale and contribute to the creation of a more sustainable future.
      Enhancing Lives and Bettering the Planet
      With climate change at the forefront of people’s minds, Samsung highlighted the company’s ongoing commitment to reducing its environmental impact and prioritizing climate-positive solutions, touching on the targets outlined in its new environmental strategy announced in September 2022. Understanding the urgency of the climate crisis, the company set ambitious goals to achieve net-zero carbon emissions for its Device eXperience (DX) Division by 2030 and company-wide by 2050. To meet these goals, Samsung noted the progress in transitioning to renewable energy sources, with 31% of its operations currently running on clean energy — up from 11% in 2021. Additionally, Aimee Holloran, Business Development Manager at Samsung Climate Solutions U.K., discussed how Samsung’s environmental commitment is embedded into its products, allowing users around the world to live more sustainably through the company’s devices and appliances.
      ▲ “We strive to embed sustainability in every aspect of our business and product strategies,” stated Aimee Holloran, Business Development Manager at Samsung Climate Solutions U.K.
      To create innovative solutions based on scientific data, Samsung has joined hands with a variety of industry leaders such as Ocean Wise and Patagonia to tackle environmental issues gripping the planet. In September 2022, the companies partnered to develop the Less Microfiber Cycle for Bespoke washing machines, a remarkable step in addressing microplastics emissions.
      Taking this further, Samsung leveraged its partnership with the companies to develop another groundbreaking innovation in June 2023. Charlie Cox, Manager of Microplastic Solutions at Ocean Wise, highlighted the development of the revolutionary new Less Microfiber Filter for Samsung washers to reduce up to 98% of microplastic emissions from laundry cycles.
      “In just a year, Ocean Wise and Samsung have demonstrated the opportunity that exists for industry leaders — to empower their communities to take positive action and create impact at scale,” added Cox.
      ▲ “Ocean Wise’s collaboration with Samsung and Patagonia shows there are simple ways we can all be part of the solution to microfiber shedding,” said Charlie Cox, Manager of Microplastic Solutions at Ocean Wise (left). Samsung’s Less Microfiber Filter (right) helps reduce microplastic emissions from laundry.
      The Less Microfiber Filter is a prime example of Samsung’s overall approach to sustainable product development – providing consumers with solutions that help them live eco-consciously using minimal effort. In line with this vision, Samsung continues to outfit its Galaxy devices with internal and external components made from recycled materials, in addition to creating product packaging that uses 100% recycled paper.
      As climate change creates new challenges for people around the world, forward-thinking solutions are becoming increasingly necessary. To respond to global energy shortages and advance the transition to clean energy, Samsung emphasized its efforts in building out heat pump technology and leading the rapidly growing market in Europe.
      Likewise, the company highlighted how its SmartThings home ecosystem is utilizing the latest technologies to help more than 280 million registered users save energy. By harnessing the power of AI across its line of Bespoke home appliances, Samsung’s AI Energy Mode optimizes appliance energy usage, reducing unnecessary energy waste and lowering energy bills simultaneously.
      Transforming Homes Through Powerful Solutions
      Aside from helping the planet, Samsung showcased its newest products that add value to consumers’ lives. Zeena Hill, Marketing Director at Samsung U.K., announced the launch of Samsung Food — a new AI-based application that gives users access to thousands of recipes. Samsung plans to link Samsung Food to Samsung Health by the end of this year, allowing users to better keep track of their health and dietary goals.
      ▲ “We’re excited to be bringing our complete lineup of Micro LED screens to Europe,” shared Zeena Hill, Marketing Director at Samsung U.K.
      Samsung is revamping home entertainment and putting users in the center of the action through its new releases, such as the new 98-inch Neo QLED 8K TV. Samsung TVs feature unmatched image quality in sleek forms, and the company continues to release unique patterns and designs to meet the style needs of every user. As such, Samsung has partnered with Disney to launch The Frame-Disney100 Edition — a special, limited-edition version of The Frame TV for Disney lovers.
      In addition, the company showcased its recently launched Odyssey Neo G9 gaming monitor and The Freestyle 2nd Gen portable projector — devices perfect for gamers who want to expand their field of vision to ensure they never miss a moment of gameplay. Users can experience games like Starfield, Bethesda Game Studios’ new action-packed role-playing game, in stunning detail on Samsung TVs and displays. Florian Liewer, Senior Director of International Gaming Marketing at Microsoft, discussed the two companies’ partnership on expanding Samsung Gaming Hub, highlighting how Samsung’s technology offers the ultimate gaming experience.
      “Together with Samsung, we’re forging a path that aligns with Xbox’s vision for the future of gaming — reaching more players with breathtaking content,” said Liewer.
      ▲“We are inviting more players to embark on a journey with us,” said Florian Liewer, Senior Director of International Gaming Marketing at Microsoft
      Aside from enhancing entertainment, Samsung detailed the ways it is helping users stay connected to the world around them. The company reemphasized its commitment to ensuring its devices and products meet the diverse needs of consumers and touched on how its latest accessibility features help as many users as possible. This includes TalkBack for Home Appliances and Services, which reads home appliance and service content on SmartThings, and Relumino Mode, which optimizes content on Samsung TVs, for those with visual impairments.
      Future Possibilities Enabled by Technology
      Partnerships have helped make some of Samsung’s technologies possible and, more broadly, brought the company closer to realizing its vision for a brighter future. In line with its goal to upgrade at-home living, Samsung partnered with electric vehicle charger manufacturer ABB and residential inverter brand SMA to collaborate on changing the ways houses are constructed.
      “By integrating Samsung’s products with those of ABB and SMA, we can help make our homes even safer, smarter and more sustainable,” stated Lu Han, EVP of Building and Home Automation Solutions at ABB.
      ▲“With hundreds of new technologies and innovations each year, a joined up approach to home energy systems is vital,” said Lu Han, EVP of Building and Home Automation Solutions at ABB
      Looking forward, Samsung sees the value in future technologies and the limitless applications they can have on the lives of consumers. With new ventures such as 6G deployment, AI capability expansion and more, the company remains excited and optimistic as it explores the remarkable potential of technology. Braun concluded the conference by stating Samsung will continue to improve users’ lives by listening to their needs.
      ▲ At its Press Conference at IFA 2023, Samsung Electronics emphasized how the company works to connect customers to “what matters most” to the media members and business partners in attendance
      “With the help of 6G, AI and XR, augmented reality and mixed reality and artificial intelligence, we will make great advances in everything from healthcare to entertainment and remote work,” he stated.
      For more information, please visit Samsung.com.
      More pictures from the Samsung Electronics Press Conference at IFA 2023:
      ▲ SmartThings Energy puts users in control of how much power they use and when.
      ▲ The annual sales of Samsung’s foldable devices have exceeded the Note Series in Europe.
      ▲ Samsung’s Less Microfiber cycle and Less Microfiber Filter help reduce microplastic emissions from laundry.
      ▲ ABB and SMA have partnered with Samsung to work towards Zero Emission homes.
      ▲ Samsung’s vision for Samsung Food is for it to become the ultimate app for the entire food journey.
      ▲ Samsung’s state-of-the-art technology, combined with the limitless universe of Starfield, signals a thrilling new chapter in gaming.
      ▲ The Samsung Gaming Hub has over three thousand games to choose from, from leading games streaming partners Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Amazon Luna and Utomik.
      ▲ An attendee takes a picture as Samsung shares that it has been recognized as No.1 in soundbars by global sales and market share for the ninth year in a row.
      ▲ The Frame-Disney100 Edition is “magical!”
      View the full article
    • By Samsung Newsroom
      Eunhye Park, Head of Content Distribution Strategy at CJ ENM,1 had a choice to make. Park was tasked with finding new business opportunities to leverage the company’s broad portfolio of content. CJ ENM, well known for producing and distributing popular content across various genres, was already viewed as a leader in the K-culture industry. With their running businesses stable and Korean pop music, TV shows, and films increasingly gaining popularity around the globe, CJ ENM’s business leaders sought to further expand their global market.
      While CJ ENM’s content distribution businesses — including several cable channels and “TVING,” a proprietary streaming service — were already well-established, the media landscape continues to evolve and one miss could lead to a spiraling downfall. The company is known for keeping its antennae out for new opportunities and Park’s job was to find the next big thing. As searches for new business opportunities always accompany uncertainty, Park’s priorities were twofold — first, to explore fields where CJ ENM’s strengths seem likely to mitigate threats, and second, to find partners that can share the risk and work to expand the field. Enter free ad-supported TV streaming TV (often shortened as “FAST”) and Samsung TV Plus — a global FAST service operated by the leader in the global TV market.
      Samsung TV Plus is Samsung’s free add-supported TV (FAST) service that delivers thousands of TV shows, movies and sporting events to millions of Samsung Smart TVs, Galaxy devices, and in several markets select Family Hub refrigerators and the web. This service is the result of many partnerships across content and media partners. Samsung Newsroom sat down with Yujung Kang, Junga Park and Sejin Woo of the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics and Eunhye Park, Jipyeong Cheon and Jiyeong Kim of the Content Distribution Strategy team at CJ ENM to learn about the creation, growth and future of Samsung TV Plus.  
      ▲ (From left) Jipyeong Cheon, Jiyeong Kim and Eunhye Park from the Content Distribution Strategy team at CJ ENM and Junga Park, Sejin Woo, Yujung Kang from the Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics
      Samsung TV Plus: Samsung Enters the Content Market
      Samsung has continuously strived to enhance users’ lives through ceaseless innovation. While much of the efforts are often highlighted on the product side, the company saw the potential of leveraging TVs already installed in homes to provide further services. “With the vast number of existing Samsung TV users globally, we wanted to take advantage of this opportunity with TV Plus,” said Junga Park.
      ▲ Junga Park of Samsung Electronics
      When Samsung TV Plus was first introduced in 2015, Samsung had maintained its leadership in global TV sales for nine consecutive years — now 17 consecutive years — demonstrating its dominant market position ideal for entering the content service sector. By securing a place within both the TV device and content sides, Samsung sought to provide a new viewing experience for existing users as well as earn ad revenue through its owned platform. With the right partnerships, this would grow into an ecosystem where all parties involved — platform, content and ad partners, and, of course, the viewers — are happy. Recognizing this space, Samsung put forth TV Plus.
      ▲ Global TV market share for the last nine years. Samsung has maintained leadership in this market for 17 years running (source: Omdia)
      For many decades, Samsung has developed several strategic partnerships across different industries­ ­— helping build out its robust portfolio of products and services. Managing content and advertisements became more efficient through Samsung TV Plus, with the availability of valuable data beyond viewer ratings such as when and where consumers watch content, how long they watch for and more. Equipped with these useful insights, Samsung began developing a platform that benefits consumers, content providers and advertisers alike.
      Upon its release, the platform initially garnered considerable attention from international users as cord-cutting became more commonplace and streaming platforms surged in popularity. The prevalence of smart TVs helped boost the growth of Samsung TV Plus, with smart TVs accounting for 92% of total TV shipments in the first quarter of 2023 according to market research firm Omdia.
      ▲ Samsung TV Plus offers more than 2,000 channels in 24 countries
      Over the course of eight years, Samsung TV Plus has grown into a massive platform with an extensive content library ­— offering more than 2,000 channels in 24 countries and recording three billion hours of accumulated viewing time worldwide in 2022. After establishing its presence within the market, Samsung expanded Samsung TV Plus to mobile devices starting in April 2021 and to smart monitors and the Family Hub refrigerator in 2022, allowing users to enjoy more connected experiences.
      While all this was happening, one key factor in keeping the platform attractive was to diversify content offerings in each of the operating markets. In Korea, partnered with CJ ENM to strengthen its competitive edge.
      FAST Market Growth Through Mutual Cooperation
      While seeking new ways to expand its global market presence, CJ ENM had been monitoring the growth of FAST, acknowledging it as a potential tool for reaching new audiences. “When I was working in Japan, a senior colleague turned on the TV and introduced me to a platform,” recalled Eunhye Park, Head of Content Distribution Strategy at CJ ENM. “Content was playing but this was not an ordinary broadcast television station nor an over-the-top (OTT) streaming service. Only the power and internet were connected — no additional cables. This was a free ad-supported streaming platform — FAST.”
      ▲ Eunhye Park, Head of Content Distribution Strategy at CJ ENM
      Unlike many OTT streaming platforms, FAST offers free access to ad-supported content on digital channels via smart TVs connected to the Internet. It is a popular option for consumers in North America and Europe who want a more affordable TV plan. In recent years, the global FAST industry thrived as total revenue jumped 20-fold between 2019 and 2022, according to the research from Omdia. The popularity is expected to continue, with revenue predicted to triple to 12 billion USD between 2022 and 2027.
      ▲ The FAST market is experiencing remarkable growth in North America and Europe (sources: nScreenMedia, Omdia)
      After viewing growth trends and market indicators, Eunhye recognized the enormous growth potential in the FAST market. “After seeing the growth of FAST in North America, we knew it had the potential to be even more successful in Korea,” said Eunhye.
      Despite its global growth, the FAST market in Korea was still in its infancy — especially as traditional cable TV and OTT streaming services dominated the content industry while other digital platforms were becoming prominent in the advertising space. CJ ENM could have entered the FAST market early to become a leader, but it required a considerable investment of resources and strategic partnerships.
      The company also needed data related to the digital industry which was difficult to obtain. While Eunhye’s Content Distribution Strategy team consisted of a group of experts, each bringing considerable experience to the table, the media landscape was becoming more and more complex. With cable TV, OTT streaming services, digital platforms and more, collecting cross-platform data and analyzing user preferences proved to be a challenge.
      “A program can be popular on one platform yet fail on another. Short-form and long-form content also perform differently depending on the platform. Clearly identifying users’ preferences is a must when organizing a channel — and a massive amount of data is required,” explained Eunhye.
      CJ ENM needed a partner that could shoulder some of the investments and also one to stably provide reliable viewing data. CJ ENM found both in Samsung TV Plus.
      Making Everyone Happy — Especially the Viewers
      In May 2023, CJ ENM’s brand channel was added to Samsung TV Plus, helping the platform rise to become a top FAST service in Korea.
      ▲ CJ ENM’s brand channel launched on Samsung TV Plus in May 2023
      Since partnering with CJ ENM, Samsung is now targeting existing smart TV users through Samsung TV Plus. “We are focusing on how to improve the viewing experience for users who are already using our products, going beyond selling new TVs,“ said Junga.
      To continue providing users with the best content available, Samsung TV Plus is curating a variety of older, fan-favorite content and repackaging them on the platform, in addition to newer more trendy shows. This encourages users to rewatch their favorite programs — even ones they may have forgotten. This, in turn, helps content providers. “Over time, people easily and naturally forget content they enjoyed watching in the past,” said Jipyeong Cheon of CJ ENM. “Samsung TV Plus is helping people rediscover this nostalgia by offering older titles on the platform, helping them become popular again.”
      ▲ (From left) Jipyeong Cheon and Jiyeong Kim of Content Distribution Strategy at CJ ENM
      While platform and content partners benefit from Samsung TV Plus, consumers enjoy the greatest benefits. Users can watch a wide assortment of content for free, and Samsung TV Plus curates a personalized list of content based on unique user preferences, helping viewers find new titles to enjoy. To provide the best and most optimal service, Samsung is constantly working to enhance its offerings. “We are continuing to further diversify content and improve profitability for partners to deliver better experiences for our consumers,“ said Junga.
      Mutual Benefits for Continued Business Growth
      FAST has experienced incredible growth since its inception, but it is still unfamiliar to many consumers. To continue developing the FAST market, it is important to continue with long-term investments as well as garner relationships with viewers and partners. Samsung is reaching out to content providers to both enrich the user experience and further expand the market in Korea and beyond. In Korea, Samsung is also helping establish FAST as a major digital ad market.
      Boasting a variety of advanced features, including optimized content and advertising based on unique user preferences, Samsung TV Plus enables partners to directly reach and connect with consumers. In addition, as the platform is available in 24 countries, companies can utilize Samsung’s expansive international network to target new markets. Recognizing these benefits, CJ ENM chose to work with Samsung to break into the North American market.
      “During negotiations, we learn about our partners’ strengths first and suggest various channel strategies. Through our successes, we learned how to strengthen and benefit our partners as well,” said Junga.
      Media Outlook for the FAST Market
      The future of Samsung TV Plus is bright. Reports from Omdia and Blue Ant suggest that the number of monthly active users of Samsung TV Plus will increase to 58 million in 2027, driven by the rise in the popularity of smart TVs. To meet this demand and showcase diverse content on the platform, Samsung continues to add more content to give audience members something they’ll love watching. Recently, Samsung globally added FIFA+ on Samsung TV Plus to celebrate the FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023.
      ▲ To celebrate FIFA Women’s World Cup Australia & New Zealand 2023, Samsung globally added FIFA+ on Samsung TV Plus and expanded sports content.
      In line with constantly changing content consumption patterns and streaming environments, Samsung and CJ ENM are working to spearhead the FAST market not only in Korea but also in North America and beyond. And with more partners and projects in the works, Samsung TV Plus continues to grow as a platform.
      1 CJ ENM is a leading entertainment company based in Korea. Since 1995, the company has engaged in a wide array of businesses across the industry spectrum including media content, music, film, performing arts, and animation, providing its top-notch original content to various media platforms. CJ ENM has created, produced and distributed globally acclaimed content including Oscar-winning film Parasite, Tony Award-winning musical Kinky Boots, record-breaking Korean box office hits Roaring Currents, Extreme Job, Ode to My Father, along with sought-after television series such as Mr. Sunshine, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Grandpas over Flowers, I Can See Your Voice and more. To offer the best K-Culture experiences worldwide, CJ ENM presents KCON, the world’s largest K-culture convention & festival celebrating Hallyu and Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS (MAMA), the world’s No.1 K-pop music awards. With regional offices in Asia, Europe and the U.S., CJ ENM currently employs over 3,600 people. For more information, please visit: http://www.cjenm.com.
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