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Use Galaxy Watch Designer to Change the Weather

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You can’t really change the weather using Galaxy Watch Designer (GWD). However, GWD version 1.7.1 introduced the ability to design a watch face that uses a button to display weather content in various units on the watch face. The temperature unit selector lets users change the temperature unit. Previously, you could set the Auto-refresh time of any weather data; now the update weather data feature allows users to update weather information, which is provided by OpenWeatherMap, whenever they want.

Get Started

The temperature unit selector and update weather data features both require the use of weather components. However, keep in mind the following limitations with using any weather components in GWD.

  • Avoid using the following with weather components:
    • In-App Purchase
    • Tag expression
    • Text elements:
      • Steps %
      • Step counts
      • Steps goal
      • Speed
      • Burned calorie
      • Moved distance
      • Heart rate
      • Water intake
      • Caffeine intake
      • Floor
  • You must use a weather API key to facilitate the use of any weather component. For more details, see this section.
    Note: The Weather API can determine a watch’s location to show the current weather data, but it can’t detect your location on the Galaxy Watch Designer tool. To see the current weather data on the GWD tool, select your location manually from Edit > Preferences > APIs > Current location > Select location.

Temperature Unit Selector

The Text > Temperature element displays the current weather temperature on your watch face. The temperature unit selector enables you to select the temperature unit (Celsius, Fahrenheit, or Kelvin). To create a temperature unit selector on your watch face:

  1. From the sidebar, click Text > Temperature:
  2. A dialog box opens, warning you of the limitation of using this element. Check Do not show again if you understand the limitation, and click OK.
    We recommend: Don’t check Do not show again, so you’ll be reminded of the limitations the next time you use this element.
  3. From Properties, click the Set as Button menu option.
  4. From Properties > Action, click Action > Interaction > Tap, and then set Action to Change Temperature Unit.

Update Weather Data

Follow these steps to add the update weather data feature:

  1. From the sidebar, click Text > {any weather type}.
  2. From Properties, click the Set as Button menu option.
  3. From Properties > Action, click Action > Interaction > Tap, and then set Action to Update Weather Data.

Test the feature

Test your ability to modify weather content using the attached sample GWD file.

Tap on the temperature text to change to another unit. If it is not the unit you want, tap again. Because there are three temperature unit options, you must tap twice to cycle through the units (see Figure 1).


Figure 1

Tap on the update weather data button for the latest weather data (see Figure 2). In this figure, the last time data was updated was at 09:40.


Figure 2

To check weather on a real device, make sure your watch is connected to the Internet, and location services are enabled.

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