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Create Jaw-Dropping Social Media Visuals with Our New Galaxy Store Social Media Kit

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Creating compelling social media visuals can be a very time-consuming endeavor. It's even harder to find the time to write great copy that complements the visuals. To top it all off, there is no guarantee that your post will reach enough people to make it worth your time. In spite of this, social media remains a pivotal tool for sellers to gain traction in the ever-growing Galaxy Store. That’s why we decided to help sellers cut down on the time needed to make great posts with our new social media kit.

Download Social Media Kit for Phone Apps and Themes

Download Social Media Kit for Watch Apps and Watch Faces

This new kit will allow you to quickly add a screenshot of your watch face, theme, or app; drop in a high-res background image, and add a snappy title in seconds. It will then create exact post sizes for the three major social networks--Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. It’s that easy!


However, we know that creating visuals is only half the battle. Because the holiday season is right around the corner (and with it, a 25%-40% increase in Galaxy Store activity), we wanted to give you all a little extra boost during this time.

We want to help you move up those all-important “top” category lists. During the next few weeks, we will run a content amplification campaign. Sellers who use the new social media kit and post on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram using their Galaxy Store badge links and the hashtag #GalaxyStoreHolidays will have a chance at being retweeted by one of our social media accounts. The Galaxy Store and Samsung Developers accounts have over 100k followers worldwide!

If you have a bad case of writers block or just want to further cut down on your time spent on this exercise, we have provided some sample copy to get you started:

  • Suggested Copy (Watch Face): The holidays are here and all the amazing Samsung wearables deserve the best watch face designs! Check out one of my top sellers, [Insert watch face name], to really make that Galaxy Watch standout! [Insert Galaxy Badge Link] #GalaxyStoreHolidays
  • Suggested Copy (Theme): The holidays are here and all those amazing Galaxy phones deserve a great, new theme! Check out one of my top sellers, [Insert theme name], to really make that new Note10 shine! [Insert Galaxy Badge Link] #GalaxyStoreHolidays

Just remember these are just suggestions, and it may benefit you to change the wording in order to stand out even more.

This new skill requires the use of Adobe Creative Cloud.  Here's how to get started:

  1. Download the Photoshop files from the links above
  2. Insert app/watch face/theme screenshot
  3. Drop in background image
    • Find free high-res images @ pexels.com or similar sites
  4. Insert your headline
    • We recommend keeping it short and simple
  5. Write your copy and don’t forget to add your Galaxy Store badge link
  6. Start sharing your Tweets and Facebook and Instagram posts
    • You can use buffer.com to help schedule all your posts
    • Always use the hashtag #GalaxyStoreHolidays
    • The Samsung Developers and Galaxy Store accounts will retweet different posts using this hashtag throughout the holiday season
      • There is NO GUARANTEE that yours will be selected, please keep this in mind
    • The more you post the better your chance will be to be seen by more than 100k followers worldwide

Don't wait - holiday shoppers await!

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