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Announcing Tizen Template Studio

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Tizen is continuously improving Tizen .NET development tools to increase developer productivity. Today, we are pleased to announce the beta release of Tizen Template Studio.

Tizen Template Studio is a Visual Studio 2019 Extension that uses a wizard to help you create a Tizen .NET app. You create a new project by selecting the type of project, UI pages, and features in the wizard. Once selection is finished, the wizard generates the project, including code templates where the specified UI pages and features are composed. You can use these templates as starter code to quickly build Tizen .NET apps and develop UI and commonly used features.

Tizen Template Studio currently supports the creation of Tizen .NET apps running on Samsung Galaxy Watch. Templates are designed to help you write apps optimized for Galaxy Watch using Xamarin.Forms and the Tizen .NET framework.

If you are new to Tizen .NET, we encourage you to review Get Started with .NET Applications.

Meet Tizen Template Studio

Let's get started with Tizen Template Studio by creating a new Tizen .NET app project. Launch Visual Studio 2019 and, from the Create a new project menu, select Tizen Template Studio. Enter a name for your new Tizen .NET app and click Create. Tizen Template Studio appears and walks you through four steps to create the desired project.

Step 1: Project Type

First, select the project type for the app you are about to generate (Application, Watch Face, Widget, or Service). Tizen Template Studio provides standard project templates that include essential project configuration and files to help you start your development.


Step 2: Design Pattern

Once you have selected a project type, you can select a coding pattern, either Code Behind or MVVM Basic.


Step 3: Pages

Next, build your app's user interface. Tizen Template Studio provides UI page templates to help you create beautiful and usable apps that follow UI design guidelines and best practices. Select the UI pages that you want to add into your app. You can add as many of each page as you need.



Step 4: Features

Lastly, you can select which Tizen .NET framework features you want to use in your app. Tizen Template Studio provides a variety of templates to help you use Tizen .NET framework APIs easily. Templates help you follow best practices, reduce writing boilerplate code, and free you from handling manifest files, so you can focus on building functional apps.



Get Started Today

Tizen Template Studio beta is available now and you can install the Visual Studio 2019 Extension from the Visual Studio Gallery. Once installed, you should then see Tizen Template Studio in the Create a new project menu of your Visual Studio 2019.

Note: Before you install the extension, you must have an environment for developing Tizen .NET apps. For more information, see Installing Visual Studio Tools for Tizen.


What's Next?

We care about your Tizen .NET app development experience. As we continue to add in new features and templates, Tizen Template Studio will continue to help you write high quality apps.

Try building a Tizen .NET app with Tizen Template Studio and let us know what you think! If you find a bug or issue, don't forget to file an issue.

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