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Launch the native Tizen application using Tizen Studio?


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Is there a way to take the application files from the TV and run it on Samsung's Tizen blu-ray player?

I have a problem with the application from the Samsung Store. Its publisher left version 5 available for my Samsung UBD-M9500 player. This version does not work anymore, but on Samsung TVs it is version 6. The system is the same, so if i had access to the files of this application maybe it could be launched via developer mode on the blu-ray player.

Does anyone know how it can be done?

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    • By Mahesh Gadhe
      Hello everyone. 
      I have one issue ...
      I want to delete files which are not present in response API from downloader folder of tizen device I have tries using tizen.system.resolve but has it is asynchronous call but  it is not working 
    • By lukaszdiekemper
      Hi, i have samsung profesional display QH55R with Tizen 4. The software is up-to-date 2350.
      I want to display my own web application or just a movie. I don't want to use the management panel from samsung.
      Display is connected to my wi-fi network. I instal tizen studio,  create new web project tv-samsung-6.5 (template -> tv-samsung-6.5 ->web application -> Basic Project) , change project required version 4.0, create Samsung author  certificate, create distributor certificate, instal distributor cetrificate on Samsung Display, connect to Display in Device Manager.
      I can run app on Display from tizen studio by Debug mode.  I build signed package and i have .wgt file.
      Now i have problem.
      In device manager when i try install application i have error:  org.tizen.sdblib.exception.SdbCommandRejecteException: closed.
      I put .wgt file on web serwer, and set in Samsung Display to run from url: "http://........ /file.wgt" and I have error too.
      I try to run some webpage from url, also does not work. (I can manually open webbrowser and open webpage but this is not the effect I mean).
      I cant find any information, how can i always on start:
      - run my tizen app on display,
      - run wideo from url/local file
      - open url website
      I will be grateful for help or link to documentation.

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