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Seller Portal Enhancements for 2021

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It’s the middle of 2021, so let’s summarize Seller Portal’s highlights and plans for the year.

Seller Portal Enhancement Highlights for 1H 2021

There were many improvements made to Seller Portal during the first half of the year. In case you missed them, here are the details.

Galaxy Store Developer API

The Galaxy Store Developer API provides programmatic access to key features of Seller Portal. Manage your apps and in-app items or check app performance without having to use the Seller Portal UI.

The Galaxy Store Developer API contains a set of server-to-server APIs which provides access to different areas of Seller Portal:

Get started with Galaxy Store Developer API today.

Beta testing

Apps that are registered or under review can be beta tested at any time.

  • Run up to five (5) closed beta tests and one (1) open beta test for the same app at the same time
  • All beta test apps for the same app are grouped together in the app list for easy viewing
  • Quickly import a beta test app to distribute your app
  • Use the Content Publish API (Galaxy Store Developer API) to manage and distribute your beta test app

Check out Enhancements for Beta Testing Apps in Seller Portal, May Updates to Galaxy Store Seller Portal are Here!, and What's New with Beta Testing for more details.

App distribution

Deploy your app to Galaxy Store according to your release schedule. When you register your app, you can choose how your app is distributed:

  • Publish Automatically: After you submit your app and pass the first review, your app is available for sale in Galaxy Store immediately. However, if any issues are discovered during the second review, the sale of your app may be suspended.
  • Publish on Date: After you submit your app and pass the first review, your app is distributed to Galaxy Store on a date you select. However, if any issues are discovered during the second review, the sale of your app may be suspended.
  • Publish Manually: After you submit your app and pass all reviews, you can manually deploy your app to Galaxy Store.

D-U-N-S authentication

D-U-N-S® (Data Universal Numbering System) is a unique 9-digit number provided and managed by Dun & Bradstreet. Request Commercial Seller status using a D-U-N-S number instead of submitting a business registration certificate for business verification.

Email notifications

Opt in to receive news, benefits, and tips about Seller Portal, such as the monthly newsletter the focuses on updates for game developers. Subscribe or unsubscribe in the Email Notifications section of your Seller Portal profile.

Watch face keywords

A new field for watch face keywords has been added for watch face apps (when "Watch faces" is selected as the category). The Watch Face Keywords field is used to identify all words (such as your brand name) that appear on your watch face design. This information helps us more quickly review your designs and identify any possible IP infringement. Text for commonplace terms, such as the names of days or months, do not need to be included.

Promotional opportunities for Galaxy Store

Uploaded screenshots may be used for a banner in Galaxy Store. If you upload one image with a 16:9 ratio, the Galaxy Store team can immediately consider it for their promotions. Note that this is for Android apps only. Themes and watch faces (U.S. and global) have their own opportunities for promotion.

Seller Portal Enhancement Plans for 2H 2021

We are excited to announce our upcoming plans for 2021 to make Seller Portal even better.

Staged rollout

Even after beta testing an app, new issues might be discovered in your app. With staged rollout, you can distribute your app to small groups of users by country. If a new issue is found, you can immediately suspend distribution to correct the problem. This allows you to continue to provide the previous version of your app to users who were not part of the early distribution while you fix the issue.

Policy page

Currently, there are many online guidelines for Seller Portal policies and it is not clear where to look for information. We’re creating a new policy page so that you can easily find information, such as app sales review, terms and conditions, and Galaxy Store promotions, in one place.

Item management

Selected sellers will be asked to participate in a closed beta test for item management. Features to be tested include being able to update the price and/or information about an item without having to resubmit the app, enabling or disabling an item in the app, and using a price template to manage items with the same price.

App registration and management

The app list and app registration pages are the most frequently used pages in Seller Portal. We’ll be improving the UI so that you can quickly check the reasons why an app was rejected after review. We’ll also be providing the ability to filter and view device-specific data.

Additional resources on the Samsung Developers site

This site has many resources for developers looking to build for and integrate with Samsung devices and services. Stay in touch with the latest news by creating a free account or by subscribing to our monthly newsletter. Visit the Marketing Resources page for information on promoting and distributing your apps. Finally, our developer forum is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on all things related to the Galaxy ecosystem.

View the full blog at its source

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