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UN55MU6290 "Apps" does not load and worst of it i dont even have youtube


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Hello Everyone,

A couple weeks ago me and my wife were enjoying using our TV to watch Disney+ and HBOMAX and occasionally youtube. 

Now the apps dissapeared from my main smart hub leaving me with just netflix, prime and hulu; the support people took me through a very detail process to get the TV ready but we never solved the issue.

We reset the smart hub, update the smart hub (1299), reset the TV, connected it direct to modem, unplugged anything on it: basically you name it we tried it.

The biggest problem is that the main "APPS store" doesn't even work therefore i cant intall the apps i want again. 

I'm basically asking for help in getting these app ( disney+,hobmax, and youtube ) back on our tv or any help getting the APPS to work again

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I have tried this to no avail it still a black screen and nothing happens... thanks for the information, I just got in contact with someone samsung put me in contact with and just to come see the TV is $120..  I get it is out of warranty but still I am just upset because all of this was working fine until a little while ago


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4 minutes ago, cperez989 said:

Not even to repair it, just to come see it and dona diagnostics

That's Samsung Authorized Repair? They may end up performing a reinstall or re-flash. Hopefully its not a hardware issue. Its odd that it was working fine. One other thing I would try just to try a different network and rule it out...either take it to a friend/relatives and hook up to their wifi or hotspot a device like a phone and use the internet off the mobile device/different network to rule out any network internet blockage issues on your end.

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