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Orbi satellite not connecting


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Let's go over the steps for resolving the orbi satellite not connecting: To begin, take the satellite and place it anywhere in the house. If you don't know where you need to keep the Orbi satellite, you'll have to look for it in order to connect to the Orbi. Once the satellite has been installed, it must be connected to a power outlet that is operational. Check that the LED at the back of the satellite is glowing; if it is not, you must turn the power on and off. This may be of assistance to you.

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    • By orbilogin
      Add orbi satellite to your home network to enjoy flawless internet connection everywhere. However, if the orbi satellite indicates ‘synced error’ this means the orbi satellite fails to establish connection to the router. Or there is a problem with orbi login or orbi setup.
      We will discuss how to fix orbi satellite not connecting issue in this guide and will also help you fix the orbi pulsing white light issue.
      How to connect orbi satellite to a router?
      Orbi satellite is used to extend the orbi wifi network. On rare occasions, you might encounter connection issues with your orbi satellite. The following steps can help you fix the issue-
      Place the orbi router and orbi satellite in the same room.
      Press the ‘SYNC’ button on the orbi satellite.
      Next, press the ‘SYNC’ button on the orbi router as well.
      Check the internet light of the orbi device- it should be solid white.
      If you follow the above-mentioned steps carefully you will be able to connect orbi satellite to orbi router instantly. However, if you are still unable to connect orbi satellite to the router, we can help.
      Steps to fix orbi satellite not connecting issue-
      Reboot your Orbi device-
      Orbi satellite not connecting issues can occur if there’s a technical glitch. Fix this issue by rebooting your orbi satellite. Unplug the power cable of the orbi satellite and plug it back in after 5 minutes.
      Check the Internet Connection-
      Make sure that you are getting high-speed internet from your ISP end. Also, check that that orbi satellite is properly connected to the router or satellite.
      Remove interferences
      Make sure that the orbi satellite is placed away from the inferences. Remove cordless phones, bluetooth speakers, baby monitors, or microwaves if placed near to orbi satellites.
      Is your orbi Pulsing Orbi white light?
      Many users have also reported orbi pulsing white light issues while they complete the connection process of orbi satellite and orbi router.
      The orbi flashing white light is either caused due to a glitch in the firmware of the orbi device or the firmware version on which your obri router is working is corrupt.
      To fix the orbi pulsing white light issue, update the firmware of your orbi device. You can update the firmware either automatically or manually.
      Perform a reset process before updating your orbi router’s firmware. Use the following steps-
      Connect the orbi device to the power source.
      Next, press the reset button on the orbi router for at least a minute.
      Press and hold the reset button for a few seconds until the router starts blinking amber light.
      After this, open the orbi login page by going to the www orbilogin net web address.
      Provide the orbi login details and get into orbi router setup wizard.
      Now, you can update the firmware of your orbi device.
      How to do orbi setup with existing router?
      Many users often ask if it is possible to do orbi setup with existing router. Yes, you can do orbi setup with existing router. To do this, you need to connect orbi device to your existing router with the help of an ethernet cable.
      Use an ethernet cable and plug its one end into the LAN port of the router and plug the other end into the ethernet port of the orbi device.
      Once done, you can change the working mode of the orbi device to ‘AP’ mode and start enjoying high-speed internet connection.
      Here’s what you need to do:
      Once both devices are connected, enter www orbilogin com in the browser.
      An orbi login window will show up on the screen. Provide the login details.
      On the Orbi setup wizard, click on the ‘Advanced’ tab and head to ‘Advanced Setup’
      Click on ‘Router’ and change the orbi working mode to ‘AP’
      Save and apply the settings.
      These were quick steps to help you with orbi setup with existing router.
      In case you are still struggling with orbi login or setup issues, get in touch with our technical experts by calling on our toll-free number. Our team will resolve your orbi issues in minutes.
    • By Samsung Newsroom
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