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Galaxy Z Fold 4 will be thinner and lighter, Samsung insider says


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Galaxy Z Fold 3 handset splashed with water

Early Galaxy Z Fold 4 leaks indicated that Samsung will not take a risk by keeping the same Fold 3 design for one more year. The Fold 3 isn’t perfect, as it is still thicker and heavier than traditional handsets that don’t fold. But the Fold 3 is still a massive improvement over Samsung’s previous foldables when it comes to overall durability.

But it turns out that Samsung is ready to address some of the most significant pain points from critics and deliver a few Fold 4 design improvements this year. A Samsung insider well-known for his leaks has offered exciting new details about the Fold 4, teasing that the handset will be thinner and lighter than last year’s model.

Recent Galaxy Z Fold 3 rivals from China have highlighted some of Samsung’s Fold design weaknesses.

For example, the Fold 3 has a gap when folded. That increases the handset’s thickness and lets in annoying dirt. This is something Vivo fixed on the X Fold design. That foldable handset is still thicker than a traditional phone, but it has no gap. And the hinge design has an element that prevents creasing down the middle when the phone is unfolded.

Previously, the Oppo Find N showed that the Fold design’s height could be shorter so that the external display is easier to operate. But, again, these are foldable devices so the thickness and weight will still be noticeable.

Samsung is expected to launch the Galaxy Z Fold 4 in August, but we’ll probably learn everything about the handset long before then. And if the new design details are accurate, then the Fold 4 will be easier to handle than its predecessors.

Vivo X Fold
Vivo X Fold: Foldable hinge mechanism prevents creases. Image source: Vivo via xda-developers

The Galaxy Z Fold 4 design leak

Ice Universe is a well-known Samsung leaker who is not afraid to criticize the Korean giant’s mobile mistakes. He discovered Fold 4 design details, which apparently surprised him in a good way.

The size change of Galaxy Z fold4 exceeded my expectation, It becomes smaller and lighter. Bezel narrower

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) April 20, 2022

The leaker revealed more Fold 4 changes in other tweets, claiming that the foldable display’s aspect ratio is closer to a square. If accurate, this means the phone will not be as tall as before.

The internal screen ratio of Fold3 is 5:4, and Fold4 is closer to the square.

— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) April 22, 2022

As a result, the external display should have a better aspect ratio than before. The leaker also posted visuals that highlight the purported Fold 4 design changes.

The “square” aspect ratio is more evident in these images. The phone is slightly shorter than the Fold 4. And it might be a bit wider.

However, the internal foldable display will be about the same size when it comes to diagonal measurements. We’re looking at 7.56 inches for the Fold 4 compared to 7.55 inches for previous versions.


— Ice universe (@UniverseIce) April 22, 2022

However, the leaker did not mention the phone’s hinge mechanism, which appeared in a leak a few days ago. Apparently, changes to the hinge will let Samsung reduce the handset’s weight.

Finally, the Ice Universe also reacted to a report from Galaxy Club that claims the Fold 4 battery has leaked. He once again focused on the weight and thickness of the Fold 4.

We don’t have actual images yet that show the Fold 4 design. And it’s unclear whether Samsung will remove the gap entirely on its new model. But if all these claims are accurate, it looks like Samsung won’t just recycle the Fold 3 design for another year. And that’s a step in the right direction for the future of foldables.

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