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Samsung ViewFinity S8 Unboxing: Key Features Helping Creators Stand Out

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With the emergence of social video platforms and wide access to high-resolution cameras, it’s safe to say we’re living in the golden age of accessible, high-quality video content. As more content creators join these spaces and competition increases, many are focusing on making the best quality videos possible to stand out. More than ever, creators are carefully choosing their PC monitors based on image quality and color accuracy to ensure their creations meet their audiences’ expectations.


Samsung Electronics recently unveiled the ViewFinity S8 (Model Name: S80PB), a high-resolution monitor adopting a wide range of features for creative professionals who rely on devices, such as monitors and mobile devices, to create new content. It’s a new benchmark for high-resolution monitors. Here, Samsung Newsroom unboxes the ViewFinity S8 to see how this new product can help emerging creators.



Power and Connect Devices Clutter-Free With USB Type-C



After opening the box, you can see that the package is comprised of the monitor, HDMI cable, USB Type-C cable and the power cable.1 The simplicity of package is made possible thanks to the USB Type-C cable that easily connects the monitor to various devices without additional cables.


Fewer cables on the desk are what creators want as they use multiple devices, including a drawing tablet. A single USB Type-C connection not only displays the external devices to the monitor but provides fast charging with up to 90W power and 10Gbps data transfers without a separate power cable. Even with laptop without LAN port, you can use Ethernet2 just by connecting wired LAN port to monitor instead, which transmit LAN signal to connected laptop.




Installation of the ViewFinity S8 is simple. First, connect the stand’s neck to its base and fasten the bolts. The work is already halfway done. Next, connect the assembled base to the monitor by pushing down until there is a click.




Once the power is on, the first thing you will notice immediately is the picture quality that stands out. Its UHD resolution (3840 X 2160) has four times more pixels than Full HD, revealing hidden details with greater depth. ViewFinity S8 offers a wide color gamut up to 98% of DCI-P3 for lifelike color. In addition, its 178° wide viewing angle delivers brilliant color and punchy images from various angles.


Contrast is as important as color accuracy, especially for videos, since it determines the content quality and realism. Specifically, ultra-fine contrast is critical in expressing scenes with a dark background and bright lights like a starry night sky. ViewFinity S8 meets the standard of Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) DisplayHDR™ 600, making bright areas brighter and dark areas darker, presenting true-to-life images.3



The Best Content Creation Environment With the Matte Display and Ergonomic Stand

Compared to conventional,4 glossy monitors, ViewFinity S8 minimizes glare and reflection. As the world’s first UL-verified Glare Free monitor, Matte Display is applied on the top of the panel, reducing distraction caused by glare.




Many creators use a monitor hood to prevent glare caused by indoor lighting and sunlight. To recreate this environment, we tried installing a monitor hood, and the process was not easy. The hood is heavy, has difficult screen positioning and it costs you extra money.


ViewFinity S8 dispels such concerns by adopting the Matte Display, which reduces light reflection and allows users to view images more clearly without an additional attachment. This also means you can use your desk space more efficiently.



▲ (left) 2021 ViewFinity S70A. (right) 2022 ViewFinity S80PB


ViewFinity S8 also introduces a whole new world of ‘deskterior,’ a portmanteau of ‘desk’ and ‘interior,’ allowing you to transform your desk into a perfectly customized working environment. Setting the monitor on a different spot or adding a décor item will not only boost your mood but also improve work productivity.




You can notice the true value of ViewFinity S8 when creating vertical content. Of course, there are monitors that can pivot, but often the rotation forces you to reinstall the monitor hood. In contrast, ViewFinity S8 users can freely switch the monitor horizontal or vertical, allowing you to create and edit vertical videos at the original ratio. You can also have the best view for vertical content like a long-scrolled text or digital comics.




Furthermore, ViewFinity S8 features a height-adjustable stand that can tilt and swivel. The monitor can also be installed on a wall. ViewFinity S8 offers the most optimal angle to give you the best working space and enhance productivity without having to adjust the height of your desk or chair.



Easy On the Eyes With Intelligent Eye Care

Working at night and for hours at a time, both can lead to eye strain. ViewFinity S8’s Intelligent Eye Care such as Adaptive Picture, Eye Saver Mode and Flicker Free features can help alleviate eye strain.




Adaptive Picture is a useful feature for content creators who work at night. Adaptive Picture, which automatically adjusts brightness and color temperature depending on the surroundings, and the ViewFinity S8 immediately optimizes picture quality. If you want to minimize the stress on your eyes, the Eye Saver Mode smartly reduces blue light emissions and the Flicker Free helps protect your eyes from flickering screens.





Evolution Towards Sustainability

ViewFinity S8 is also built with the environment in mind. Samsung used recycled ocean-bound plastics in the rear covers of ViewFinity S8. Samsung’s Eco Savings Plus technology reduces power consumption by utilizing its built-in photo resistor to adjust optimal brightness and color temperature. You can reduce the power consumption up to 10% by setting the Eco Savings Plus Mode. Samsung ViewFinity S8 is recognized industry-wide with EnergyStar, TCO5 and EPEAT sustainability certifications.




Monitors are one of the most important gadgets for content creators to pay more attention to the details in their work. To elevate the quality of their content, first they must create the optimal working space that is distraction-free, ergonomic and equipped with devices that meet the demands. The Samsung ViewFinity S8 is the perfect fit that will help creators unleash their creativity and full potential.



* Some of the images shown are for illustration purposes only.



1 Accessories may vary by country or region.
2 Requires ViewFinity to be plugged into internet modem via a LAN cable. Internet speeds vary by provider and region.
3 It refers to the 32-inch model. 27-inch model supports VESA Display HDR 400.
4 Previous Samsung monitors without the Matte Display (e.g. 2021 ViewFinity S80A).
5 TCO Certified, generation 9. TCO Certified is a global sustainability certification for IT products, available for computers, mobile devices, display products and data center products. Criteria cover both social and environmental sustainability and enable circular solutions. Compliance with criteria is independently verified. TCO Certified is a third-party certification in accordance with ISO 14024.

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