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Samsung and Porsche Team up To Bring Legendary Car Back to Life With the Wall

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▲ Invited guests gather around The Wall All-in-One to witness the unveiling of the 911 Carrera Panamericana Special


Samsung and Porsche recently hosted an exclusive event at the Porsche Center Santa Fe, Mexico City. The German luxury brand’s unveiling of the “911 Carrera Panamericana Special” was enhanced by The Wall All-in-One, a display that introduces high-resolution immersive viewing experiences in a customizable large format.



▲A feature video, displayed on The Wall All-in-One, depicts the first Porsche to finish the Panamericana Mexico


The 911 Carrera Panamericana Special, a unique car that recalls the historic achievement of the traditional endurance race and coincides with the 75th anniversary of Porsche sports cars. In an introductory film, guests were presented with a deep dive into the past and present of the car manufacturer, including the first Porsche to finish the legendary Panamericana Mexico race in 1952.


Samsung helped bring this story to life with The Wall. The Wall, with a modular design that is not limited by shape, proportion or size, can be adapted to various configurations such as Concave, Convex, S shape, Fascia or 90 °L type shapes. The bezel-less modules build a tailor-made display, expanding the screen to display extra-large life-like images.



▲The Wall, with its bezel-less modules, enables large formats without sacrificing picture quality


The Wall provides a true-to-life viewing experience that is unmatched in both size and picture quality using an array of cutting edge technologies:


  • a Neural Quantum Processor that analyzes and optimizes each image
  • Black Seal technology, which offers levels of black tones that enable unparalleled contrast and immaculate detail
  • Ultra Chroma technology, which produces vibrant colors
  • a narrower color wavelength that results in greater color purity compared to conventional LED Displays



▲The newly unveiled 911 Carrera Panamericana Special


“For Samsung, it has been an honor to partner with Porsche in creating this event which showcases the highest quality image technology available in the Mexican market,” said Ana Laura Lira, director of B2B sales at Samsung Electronics Mexico. “The Wall is part of our new generation of screens which have made us national and international leaders in the sector with solutions that suit all needs.”



▲ Roberto Cortés, B2B Business Developer Manager, Jake Kim, B2B Business Manager, José Tarango, B2B Sales Head, Mauricio Cantu, General Manager at Porsche San Ángel / Santa Fe, Ana Lira B2B Director, Alan Godinez, B2B Presales Enginner, Omar Melendez MKT Manager at Porsche San Ángel / Santa Fe


Samsung Mexico continues to be an innovative subsidiary by creating a disruptive strategy for the placement of premium products such as The Wall, as well as generating strategic alliances with luxury brands such as Porsche to reach the most demanding markets that seek exclusivity and a high level of quality and design in all products.


To learn more about Samsung’s business solutions, visit: https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/main/index.

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      Samsung Electronics today celebrates the grand opening of a virtual production stage in collaboration with leading entertainment company in Korea, CJ ENM. The studio’s real-time virtual experience is powered by connected cameras and Samsung’s cutting-edge Micro LED technology, The Wall (Model Name: IWA).
      The partnership, first announced in July 2021, leverages the customizable, modular technology of The Wall and CJ ENM’s globally renowned television and film content production. The opening of this studio in Paju, Korea demonstrates momentum from both companies toward the next generation of video production technology, aimed at satisfying a range of customers in the increasingly fast-paced world of entertainment.

      “We are delighted to announce the opening of this virtual production stage in partnership with CJ ENM, a company at the forefront of media and entertainment,” said Hyesung Ha, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “We are excited to see the innovation that this new space will produce, bringing the latest content to life like never seen before on our incredible display, The Wall.”
      The CJ ENM virtual production stage will present Samsung’s innovative Micro LED technology with The Wall’s impressive screen measuring over 1,000 inches in a custom oval display of 20 meters in diameter and 7 meters in height. The IWA model display supports a resolution of 30,720 (32K) x 4,320 (4K). This real-time, virtual set powered by Samsung’s Micro LED displays and connected cameras will reduce the image compositing needs and save time and production costs. In addition, an IFR2.5 ceiling display has been installed, with the IFR 2.5 Plug Wall displayed on the other side of the IWA. 360-degree video shooting is also possible thanks to the main screen, ceiling and Plug Wall.


      The Wall’s specifications are customizable to fit the unique requirements of the content creators and space, including ceiling installation in convex or concave design. The screen enhances visual expression with vivid colors, HDR10, HDR10+ and cinema LED picture quality and details. The features enabling reimagined content production include dedicated studio frame rates, including 23.976, 29.97 and 59.94Hz, for seamless video sync.
      The Wall is designed for easy management and peace of mind in any environment due to the ability to manage and make color adjustments remotely as well as the dust and contamination-resistant LED protective films. In partnership with CJ ENM, Samsung is delivering on its commitment to offer innovative solutions ready for the next generation of content production.

      About CJ ENM
      CJ ENM is a leading entertainment company originated from Korea. Since 1995, the company has engaged in a wide array of businesses across the industry spectrum including media content, music, film, performing arts, and animation, providing its top-notch original content to various media platforms. CJ ENM has created, produced and distributed globally acclaimed contents including Oscar-winning film Parasite, Tony Award-winning musical Kinky Boots, record-breaking Korean box office hits Roaring Currents, Extreme Job, Ode to My Father, along with sought-after television series such as Mr. Sunshine, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, Grandpas over Flowers, I Can See Your Voice and more. To offer the best K-Culture experiences worldwide, CJ ENM presents KCON, the world’s largest K-culture convention & festival celebrating Hallyu and Mnet ASIAN MUSIC AWARDS (MAMA), the world’s No.1 K-pop music awards. With regional offices in Asia, Europe and the U.S., CJ ENM currently employs over 3,600 people. For more information, please visit: http://www.cjenm.com.
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      Samsung Electronics today announced a new partnership with The Forestias by MQDC — Thailand’s biggest property development project, combining forest with residences and commercial areas.
      Through this partnership, Samsung will supply its state-of-the-art display technology, The Wall, to The Forest Pavilion located at the heart of the project in Bangkok to showcase the most immersive cinematic experience. The Wall is the world’s first modular MicroLED technology that delivers incredible definition, without restrictions to size, resolution, or form. This innovation enables a 360-degree theater in The Forest Pavilion that lets the audience enjoy a one-of-a-kind visual experience.
      The Wall’s high-definition, MicroLED display measures 38.707m x 3.628m (126.99ft x 11.90ft) for a total surface area of 140.43m² (1,511.18ft²). The video screen is composed of 384 cabinets that are arranged in a line to produce one single 360-degree continuous image consisting of 4 sides, with a resolution of 46,080 x 4,320 pixels (or approximately 200 million pixels).1

      “This is one of the most exciting, world-class collaborations between leaders in novelty and sustainable living. I would like to congratulate all those involved for the strong partnership between Samsung Electronics and Thailand’s largest property development project — The Forestias by MQDC,” said Hyesung Ha, Executive Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics.
      Keerin Chutumstid, President of The Forestias by MQDC, said the strong partnership with global technology leader Samsung Electronics secures its commitment to achieving its vision. The Forestias by MQDC aims to develop the best sustainable and innovative housing projects under ‘sustainnovation’ for all well-being.
      “The Forestias is a sustainable, innovative forested district under MQDC`s founding principle of ‘For All Well-being’ to benefit all life on Earth. Our ‘Chamber of Secrets’ is a world-class, 360° animated theater created by our main partner T&B Media Global Co., for our visitors to experience Thailand’s first community designed for health and happiness of nature, animals and humans. Samsung’s The Wall, a state-of-the-art MicroLED modular technology, enables The Forestias by MQDC to immerse visitors in an experience that feels as close to reality as possible,” said Chutumstid.
      The ‘Chamber of Secrets’ is the highlight inside The Forest Pavilion which delivers an amazing wrap-around experience surrounding the viewer with vivid images in vibrant-yet-natural colors, enhanced by the cutting-edge innovation of The Wall’s industry-leading picture quality engine which delivers true-to-life imagery.
      Samsung’s The Wall is the sole innovation in the 360° animated theater that helps convey a mesmerizing immersive experience showing The Forest Pavilion, which currently functions as the sales gallery and will soon be transformed into a shared learning center for its residents.
      (From left) Ruedeekorn Onsawat, Senior Vice President of Marketing, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited., Apirada Puapornpong, Head of Display Business at Thai Samsung Electronics, Jennifer Song, Executive Vice President of Consumer Electronics at Thai Samsung Electronics, Keerin Chutumstid, President, Magnolia Quality Development Corporation Limited
      About The Forestias
      The Forestias is the “Enchanted Community District in The Forest”, the world’s first project where nature, animals, and people live together in a healthy, high-quality environment. The 398-rai district at Bangna-Trad KM7 addresses the world’s social and environmental challenges with ecofriendly utilities and extensive green spaces and forest. Amenities include residential projects, a business district, a 6-star boutique hotel, a community and family center, movie theaters, shops, restaurants, offices, a medical and healthcare center, an innovation center, a community area, a museum and learning center, and an extensive forest ecosystem. For more information, visit www.theforestias.com.
      1 Exact amount of pixels is 199,065,560.
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