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March 2023 Newsletter for Samsung Developers

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    • By BGR
      The Galaxy Z Fold 4 and Flip 4 are probably coming this August when Samsung should hold its second annual key Unpacked press event. Even without the plethora of Fold 4 and Flip 4 leaks, we’d know that new foldables are coming this summer. There’s no other smartphone option for Samsung to unveil in the second half of the year, now that the Note brand is folded into the Galaxy S series. But thanks to all the leaks, we already have a pretty good idea of what to expect from the new foldables. And a brand new Galaxy Z Fold 4 leak gives us the phone’s complete set of specs.
      Don't Miss: Deals: $179 AirPods Pro, $139 Roomba i4, swimsuits, $19 bed sheets, more Why the Galaxy Z Fold 4 rumors are exciting so far
      Contrary to what we thought would happen this year, Samsung will make several significant changes to the Galaxy Z Fold 4. The foldable flagship has no real competition in most markets. Several Chinese vendors have developed Fold 3 alternatives that might be even better than Samsung’s handset. They have a better design and are more affordable than the Fold line.
      Not only that, but Apple is years away from making a foldable iPhone. If that’s even in the cards.
      Moreover, Google is yet to unveil its own foldable. The company delayed the Pixel foldable last year, and we didn’t expect the Pixel Notepad any sooner than fall 2022. More recent reports say Google postponed the launch again, and the Pixel foldable isn’t coming this year.
      Galaxy Z Fold 4 design render: Foldable screen (top), cover screen and camera details (bottom). Image source: @OnLeaks and Smartprix With all that in mind, speculations that the Fold 4 will practically be identical to its predecessor save for certain specs upgrades made sense. But a well-known Samsung insider posted several Fold 4 details in the past few months that altered those expectations.
      According to Ice Universe, the Galaxy Z Fold 4 will receive a few significant design updates. The phone is thinner and lighter than the Fold 3. More importantly, the Fold 4 will have a wider and shorter external display. That’s one of the biggest issues with the current design. The phone’s hinge is also getting a redesign.
      Finally, the rear camera will get better specs, which is another Fold 3 aspect that Samsung needed to fix.
      Fold 4 specs leaked
      The same leaker posted on Twitter the full set of specs for the Galaxy Z Fold 4, claiming they’re 100% accurate.
      The handset will reportedly feature a 7.6-inch 120Hz QXGA+ AMOLED foldable screen and a 6.2-inch 120Hz HD+ AMOLED cover panel. Powering the foldable is Qualcomm’s brand new Snapdragon 8 Plus Gen 1 processor, paired with 12GB of RAM and 256GB/512GB of storage.
      The rear camera module will feature 50-megapixel (primary), 12-megapixel (ultra-wide), and 10-megapixel (3x optical zoom) sensors. The inner selfie camera will continue to feature a 4-megapixel sensor placed under the screen. The outer selfie will have a 10-megapixel sensor.
      The final Fold 4 specs detail concerns power. The phone will feature a 4,400 mAh battery with 25W charging.
      Assuming the information is indeed 100% accurate, there’s no groundbreaking surprise in this list of specs. The Fold 4 will be on par with other Android flagships coming out in the second half of 2022.
      Samsung fans might not appreciate the lack of meaningful updates on the battery side. Or the 4-megapixel under-screen camera. But overall, we’re still looking at solid hardware for 2022.
      The only question that remains is what will Samsung charge for this package. You can score the same set of specs from traditional phones for half of what a Galaxy Fold usually costs.
      The post Galaxy Z Fold 4 specs just leaked in full appeared first on BGR.
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    • By Samsung Newsroom
      On March 30, Samsung Electronics held its virtual Unbox & Discover 2022, at which the company introduced its very latest Samsung Neo QLED 8K along with the remastered Samsung Smart Hub and other user-first innovations set to redefine the role of the screen and provide users with all-new viewing experiences.
      If you weren’t able to catch the event live, take a look at the video below for a replay of the Unbox & Discover event in its entirety, and be sure to stay tuned to Samsung Newsroom for all the latest details on Samsung’s newest products.
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    • By SAMSUNG
      Enjoy an enhanced viewing experience with Neo QLED 8K. Its game-changing display technology brings you a step closer to reality through your TV screens. Greatness never ends, but evolves. #NeoQLED8K #SamsungTV
    • By Samsung Newsroom
      Establishing a perfectly balanced home décor means adorning your walls with just the right things. But what if, instead of having to choose just one artwork to pull together a room, you could pick many?
      Samsung’s lifestyle TV The Frame is known for its ability to recreate images that look remarkably like physical prints and paintings, with quantum dots in the panels making colors more vibrant and sharpening contrast. The Frame has been offering curated selections since 2017, with the Art Store providing access to an expansive range of artworks from a host of eras and contributions from world-renowned galleries and museums.
      Under its monthly theme of ‘Wild and Free’, the Art Store is featuring world-renowned photographer Tommy Clarke, whose aerial photography transports viewers to scenic, dreamlike destinations. Samsung Newsroom sat down with Clarke to learn about his creative journey and his work.
      ▲ Bamboo Parasols (2019)
      The View From Up Here
      Ever since he first picked up a camera, Clarke knew that photography would allow him to capture his artistic vision in a way no other medium could. “I found I could most easily capture what I wanted to with a camera,” he says. “Plus, I’m able to have my camera with me at all times!”
      And Clarke’s preference for aerial photography has led him all over the globe, from Miami Beach to Iceland, as he searches out interesting scenes to capture. “From there it becomes about whether I can get a helicopter or plane over the area,” he relates. “When the stars align, I pack a camera and go.”
      Rather than orchestrate a scene, Clarke prefers to capture what’s naturally going on beneath him, flying high enough so that people aren’t looking up at him, but low enough so that he can capture those important details.
      ▲ Tommy Clarke
      Capturing Incredible Colors Around the Globe
      For Clarke, color is a vital element when it comes to getting the perfect shot. “The colors may be the most important part of my photos. It’s what first catches the eye and it’s why my photos hang on walls around the world,” he says. “Capturing incredible colors – be they from sand bars in Australia, or colorful beach towels in Saint Tropez – is what gives my photos their beauty.”
      And technology plays a huge role in ensuring those colors are accurately reflected. On The Frame, which produces 100% color volume thanks to quantum dot technology, colors have a lifelike quality that truly communicates the artist’s intent. “I am used to world class printers and museum quality paper, so when I first saw my images on The Frame, I was blown away,” he notes. “The colors pop in the same way they do in a physical print.”
      ▲ Playa Shoreline (2015)
      Redefining Norms
      With technology like The Frame’s QLED display now available to him, Clarke says his craft is shifting. “I’d be willing to put on a fully digital exhibition now. Technology like The Frame gives me full faith that my images will be displayed exactly as I want them to be,” he says. “Given the choice of doing an exhibition with five screens on the wall showing images on rotation, or printing and framing forty images, I’d go for The Frame every time.”
      What’s more, with The Frame users have access to an ever-growing library of art unlike any other. In Clarke’s opinion, “The best part about The Frame is that you don’t have to choose just one picture to hang on the wall. Often, people at my gallery are torn when deciding which picture to buy. But The Frame resolves this by allowing them to rotate the images they’re displaying.”
      8 of Clarke’s pieces are available today on the Art Store and The Frame.

      View the full article
    • By jcr
      So.....I bought a new TU8000.  Tizen newbie here.
      I keep all my TV/Movies in shares on a Synology Diskstation NAS.
      I usually watch through Kodi (on a MeCool box running CoreElec), which I was hoping to do away with now.
      What I care about:  1) being able to have menu options which map to my file shares, 2) be able to view in a folder/file list, and 3) sort by either date added OR name.
      1 is not problem, but I can't seem to have 2 and 3 together.
      I've tried, and I've searched.......
      I just can not work out how to get Samsung Tizen to give me this. Sure, I can use Plex. I'm not a big fan, but it comes close. But that also does not seem to give me a folder/file list view AND the ability to sort by date OR name.
      Synology's DS Video is available on the Samsung, but is not real nice, and similar limitations.
      So at this point, it's continue with my Kodi box for NAS TV/films rather than relying on the Samsung Tizen. I was hoping to remove a device from my setup.
      If anyone has any helpful ideas/advice, or tell me what I am missing, it would be most appreciated.

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