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Samsung goes big on smart fridges

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Samsung goes big on smart fridges with 10 new models

With Family Hub 2.0, you can do more on the fridges' 21.5-inch Tizen-powered screens.


Samsung must have done alright with its crazy WiFi-connected smart fridges last year, because it's launching six more in 2017, for a total of 10. That includes both three-door, four-door and four-door "flex" models with dual freezers (shown above). It's also updated the fridge's OS to Family Hub 2.0 with a new interface that lets everyone have a profile, complete with avatar. From there, you can share photos, calendars and handwritten memos on your fridge's giant 21.5-inch LED touchscreen. Voice control and entertainment apps like Pandora are on offer as well.

As before, the Tizen-powered fridges can take a picture of their contents each time you open the door, and let you replenish stocks using "Groceries by MasterCard." Taking a page from Amazon's Alexa, they can also read out recipes via the AllRecipes-powered app, and run apps like Spotify, GrubHub and Glympse. Using voice control, you can run apps, get the weather and update grocery lists, for instance.

Samsung didn't say exactly which models are coming, how much they cost or even what regular refrigerator-type features they have. However, last year's Family Hub 1.0 model, when it finally came out in May, cost $6,000, so we assume it can do pretty much everything you'd want. Hopefully with 10 models in total, some will be more affordable -- naturally, we'll try to get a look during the show and ask Samsung for ourselves.

Click here to catch up on the latest news from CES 2017.

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    • By Alex
      Samsung has annnounced novel third-party compatiblity with TVs as part of its 2019 Developer Conference (SDC). This also involves the roll-out of new tools, so as to help developers generate fresh apps for this ecosystem. Therefore, more obsolete or perhaps less-used smart screens could become the face of interesting side projects or new insights into what this OEM's ecosystem could deliver.
      This year's SDC also debuted new tools that may make ends like this even easier in the future. They include EastST, which might replace self-contrived playback modules in order to check that content is running on a given TV as planned. Wits is the perhaps overly on-the-nose term for a new tool that allows immediate uploads of code edit to a Tizen-based TV, so that the developers can view said updates without delay. 
      However, the most important user-facing new facility here may be TIFA, or Tizen Identifier For Advertising. It allows advertisement opt-outs that may be more informative than ever before. It is less than super-clear why Samsung has taken such steps; however, a prime candidate rationale is to raise awareness of Tizen's open-source and cross-platform nature. Accordingly, it may pull target products into an ecosystem that also includes essentially Linux-based smartwatches, other wearables and pre-existing Samsung TVs.
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      An 8K TV in and of itself isn't really new. But they're getting ridiculously cool. The new QLED line from Samsung in 2020 is headed up by the Q950. It's Tizen-based, of course, which is the semi-open-source operating system the company has been using for years. (That's in contrast to things like webOS from LG, or Android TV, or Roku TV.)
      There's also plenty of AI baked in — because what doesn't have AI baked in at this point. And that'll do things like automatically adjust brightness and contrast based on the ambient light in the room. It'll also do its own thing to compress the video so that you're not sucking as much bandwidth as you might otherwise. (And Samsung says it's working directly with Amazon on this to scale up standard-definition content in Prime Video to 4K.)
      But what you'll absolutely notice is the near lack of a bezel. Samsung says there's a nearly 99 percent screen-to-body ratio, which essentially makes the bezel disappear. And the TV itself is 15mm thick and has a completely flat back, so it'll fit flush against a wall.
      And somehow Samsung has managed to cram killer audio into the Q950 as well. It's got speakers on each side of the display, and woofers in the back for virtual 5.1 audio. Will that be better than external speakers? Perhaps not. But it's still an incredible feat in a device that's less than 2 centimeters thick.
      And 2020's 8K TVs are making use of MicroLED panels across the board, from the 75-inch size all the way up to a monstrous 150 inches. That's allowing for the thinness and minuscule bezels. And it just looks good.
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    • By Alex
      Hopefully there will be a Disney plus app released for Samsung Tizen TVs. Disney announced devices that will be compatible but most TV brands are not on there yet.
      Disney unveils international rollout of streaming service
    • By STF News
      And that’s a wrap for SDC19!
      We started our morning at Fit @ SDC with Under Armour before heading to the Spotlight Session. If you didn’t get a chance to attend, make sure to watch the video. We also listened to Justin Sun’s tech session at the Theater, along with a few others, and continued exploring Dev Park and Tech Square. There was no shortage of inspiration!
      Check out some highlights from today:
      1. Spotlight Session
      The Spotlight Session really hit the developer sweet spot. Taher Behbehani spoke about B2B innovation, while Vitalik Buterin dove into blockchain technology. Overall, it highlighted What’s Next for Samsung developers. Keep reading for some key takeaways.

      Rapid B2B Growth
      Taher focused on B2B growth and innovation. Samsung has over 700 million devices deployed around the world and serves 50,000 large enterprise customers globally. 2019 especially was a big growth year – our mobile revenue grew by 20% and we doubled our tablet sales.

      The trends driving this rapid growth are:
      Growing Device Landscape – new market opportunities in industrial devices and a technology refresh that moves away from single-purpose devices A New Generation of Networks – deployment of private networks Changing Apps – IoT, AI, and edge computing We’re excited to see how our devs take advantage of this sector.
      Tab Active Pro
      The Galaxy Tab Active Pro is now available in the US! Its hardware and software will give enterprise devs the tools that they need to innovate.
      Hardware Updates: It’s purpose-built. Rain, snow, and mud roll right off of Galaxy Tab Active Pro and you can wear while using work gloves.
      Software Updates: The Galaxy Tab Active Pro includes Samsung DeX, which enables an immersive PC-like experience. It is also mobile POS-ready, allowing you to easily integrate payment and inventory management features in your apps to improve the user experience. It’s ideal for devs who are building apps for mobile food service vendors, delivery, and logistics companies.
      Check out the video to find out more!

      Knox and Security
      Knox provides easy-to-use tools for business users to control devices at every step of the mobile journey. It manages the different layers of the stack to get deeper levels of customization and integration.
      Today, the Knox Partner Program was introduced. Devs now have access to partners around the world, the latest test devices, and unlimited developer keys. You can also get your apps Knox-validated.

      Blockchain and Samsung
      Vitalik spoke about Ethereum and the future of blockchain. He praised Samsung for its efforts integrating Ethereum application support in its devices. Despite the challenges blockchain tech currently faces, Vitalik believes that blockchains are almost ready for mass adoption. He spoke to many scaling solutions and thinks that as 5G gains more traction, it will also help.

      Inspirational Dev Stories
      Lori Fraleigh, Senior Director of Developer Relations at Samsung, introduced several inspirational developers to the audience.
      Daniel Mittendorf: Founder of DigiVoice.io
      As a Bixby Premier Developer, Daniel works with Bixby Marketplace to share DigiVoice capsules. His capsules are at the forefront of voice tech and can launch sounds that are undetectable to human ears. He’s discovered how to keep mosquitoes at bay and comfort your pets when you’re gone with a single sound.
      Melanie Lombardi: Echo Visuals
      Melanie creates stunning themes that transform Samsung phones. She started designing themes four years ago when she got her first Samsung Galaxy S6 edge. Melanie was able to turn a fascinating side project into a successful, income-generating business. Now, Echo Visuals is one of Samsung’s top revenue makers in the Galaxy Theme store.
      These are just two Samsung devs mentioned during the Spotlight Session that exemplify Where Now Meets Next. We can’t wait to see what our talented developer community comes up with next!

      2. Justin Sun at the Theater
      Justin, founder and CEO of Tron, spoke to a crowd at the Theater during his tech session, “TRON, Blockchain, and Real-World Uses.”

      TRON is now supported by Samsung Blockchain Keystore SDK, which means that you have direct access to apps that run TRON blockchain while on Samsung devices. Devs will have access to a crypto-ready audience, that can start using their applications with ease!
      Check out this short interview!

      3. Mobile Design Showcase
      The Samsung Mobile Design Competition challenges professional and student designers to imagine how mobile devices will be used in the future. It also presents a fresh perspective on how the Galaxy will evolve. The winners had a chance to showcase their designs at the Theater today, and were honored during Keynote on Day 1. A huge congrats to all the winners!

      3rd: Blossom of Galaxy: Guan Hong Yeoh 2nd: Approachability of Galaxy: Andre Cardoso 1st: Garden of Galaxy: Kalle Järvenpää MOBILE+ WINNERS
      3rd: Belt of Galaxy: Alexander Rehn 2nd: Fellas of Galaxy: Ece Demirpence 1st: Stars of Galaxy: André Gouveia
      4. Most-Visited Sessions
      Just like yesterday, we took note of the most-attended tech sessions from Day 2! Check out what fellow devs were most excited about.

      Become a Leader in Voice AI: Join the Bixby Premier Developer Program
      Attendees joined Rachel Batish (Audioburst), Piyush Hari (Dilli Labs), Steve Arkonovich (Reed College), and Adam Cheyer (Viv Labs) as they shared insights about the exciting frontier of Voice AI and the benefits of joining the Samsung developer ecosystem as a Bixby Premier Developer.
      Transforming Consumer Relationships Through Digital Identity Services
      Bob Reany, Executive Vice President Identity Solutions at MasterCard, and Sang Ahn, VP and Division Head of Content & Services, GM Samsung Pay, discussed how Digital ID addresses pain points and transforms consumers’ lives. Attendees learned how Mastercard’s global digital identity service, developed in partnership with Samsung, works smartly, securely, and seamlessly with mobile devices.
      One UI: Designed for Everyday Simplicity
      Huichual Yang, Head of Basic UX Design Group at Samsung, explained One UI 2 design principles and its visual system. He also discussed its grand vision and progress towards creating a single user experience.
      Thanks to all 5,800 attendees who made SDC19 a success. We’ll see you next year!
      View the full blog at its source
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