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Hello, we have a native executable that we build with -O2 optimization and we use pnacl-strip to get it to a size of 27.9 MB and we were having difficulties on installing the widget with the native executable I've mentioned on samsung tv - UN24M4500. If the size gets under 27.9 MB the app is installed and it runs if we get it to 27.9 MB is not running. My questions is, is this some limitation for the maximum nexe file size that we can install it? Or we need to do something in order to load larger nexe files (*armv7.nexe)? The app is based on helloWorld app and we just replace the *.nexe file with our c++ build in following order:

1. compile pnacl-clang++

2. pnacl-finalize --compress

3. pnacl-translate -arch armv7  

The nexe output then we'll use on tizen-studio to build widget package and then install it on the samsung tv(UN24M4500). Like I said if the size of the nexe goes beyond 27MB the app is not running on tv, but if it is under 27MB the app will run(we just comment some c++ code and we compile less code). 

My question is! There is a maximum nexe size or we have to build the native code and mention certain flags to have the native app running on tv? There is no documentation anywhere regarding nexe size limitation!!!



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