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Samsung Internet Monthly Meetup - May: Background Services in Browsers

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Start Date May 28, 2020

Location Online

We are excited to announce our May Technical Talk. This time let's talk about Background Services in the browser!


Time (UTC) Time (PDT) Topic
6:00 PM GMT+1 10:00 AM Welcome, Latest Samsung Internet News
6:20 PM GMT+1 10:20 AM Background Services in browsers by Maxim Salnikov, Microsoft
7: 00 PM GMT+1 11:00 AM Q&A

Background Services in Browsers

Is there an app life after closing a tab?

The user closes the tab in the browser, and your wonderful front-end application evaporates. But, what if you could leave some parts of it to work a little more for the benefit of improving UX? To respond to some events, to complete the started communication with the network, in general - to execute some code with the tab closed and even the browser.

We'll discuss interesting features of the APIs from the service workers family. Service Workers allow you to extend the life of the application so that you always have fresh data at hand, not be afraid of network problems, and be able to show notifications - all for the sake of a great user experience.

About Maxim

Maxim Salnikov is an Oslo-based cloud and web front-end geek who builds web applications since the end of the last century and shares his extensive experience with many aspects of the web platform by speaking/training at developer events around the world and running his own conferences & meetups. He is actively exploring new features of the web and the idea of progressive web applications (PWA) in particular.

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