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When is popular streaming app MXPlayer coming to samsung smart Tv


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    • By STF News
      Samsung TV Plus is set to unveil a host of new programs under a new brand logo. This raft of premium content will grant users all around the world access to diverse, high-quality TV shows. Samsung is also expanding compatibility with this TV service to even more of its devices.
      Opening Up a New Era of Streaming
      Samsung launched Samsung TV Plus as a free streaming TV and video service in 2015, and as of August 2022, users from 24 countries can easily access connected TV and enjoy a wide range of content including news, sports, entertainment and more.
      Since April 2021, the service has been available on Samsung mobile devices and Smart monitors, as well as on the company’s TV lineup. Now, select Family Hub refrigerators can also be connected to Samsung TV Plus1 in the U.S. and Korea.
      According to internal research, Samsung TV Plus ranks third among the over-the-top (OTT) apps used by owners of Samsung Smart TVs. In the last 12 months, Samsung TV Plus has seen a nearly twofold growth in consumer viewing, including nearly 3 billion hours streamed,2 by highly engaged users worldwide.
      Amidst this global growth, Samsung is opening up a new era for its free ad-supported streaming TV (FAST) and video-on-demand service, with Samsung TV Plus now reaching 24 countries and 465 million devices globally across the company’s TV, smart monitors, mobile and Family Hub refrigerator lineups.
      Enhancing Visibility for Viewing Versatility 
      Samsung TV Plus’ new logo reflects the platform’s cross-device capabilities, with a blue and orange logo design on a black background providing improved visibility that signals the versatility of the platform.
      Samsung TV Plus’ redesigned logo.
      In line with the coloration of its logo’s redesign, Samsung TV Plus’ UI will also be available in a Dark Theme with enhanced visibility. Users can more easily browse what’s on now, recommended programs and channel lists.
      The interface of Samsung TV Plus’ Homepage, featuring the Dark Theme UI.
      Bringing Users More of the Content They Love
      Along with these redesigns, Samsung TV Plus will unveil a host of new programming partnerships. Samsung brings viewers FAST-first content premieres, including an exclusive 2-minute sneak peek release of Prime Video’s highly anticipated The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power series, an exclusive, uncut version of Demi Lovato’s Vevo Official Live Performance. In the U.S., Top Gear, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, NCIS and other popular content will be made available.
      Samsung Plus TV will offer Top Gear in the U.S.
      In the U.K., Samsung TV Plus is exclusively offering viewers the 2022 season of America’s Got Talent, as well as all previous seasons from 2019 to the present. This will eventually include the season finale, which is set to be aired in September. Furthermore, the first native 8K produced TV series, Das Boot, has launched exclusively in 8K on Samsung TV Plus in Germany. While some shows are filmed in 4K and can be upscaled to 8K later, Das Boot is the first show to be filmed entirely in 8K from the start of production. It was produced by Bavaria Fiction for Sky in partnership with Samsung Electronics Germany and has been available to watch on Samsung Neo QLED 8Ks via Samsung TV Plus from 2020 onwards.
      The new season of America’s Got Talent is coming to the U.K. exclusively on Samsung TV Plus, while viewers in Germany can look forward to Das Boot, the first native 8K TV show.
      For Samsung TV Plus users in Australia and New Zealand, the first exclusive, owned and operated (O&O) channels have been launched. These offer fan-favorite shows from the eighties, nineties and noughties — collected under the umbrella channel Throwback TV — as well as competitions and reality shows from around the globe under its Entertainment Hub channel. In India, Samsung TV Plus viewers can enjoy even more content from some of the top national and regional channel partners as Samsung continues to strengthen its relationship with channel partners including Discovery, Republic TV, Aaj Tak, Mastiii, Q TV, Pitaara and Balle.
      Growing relationships with channel partners mean viewers can enjoy the best in local and regional content, both retro and current.
      As Samsung TV Plus expands its global scope, Samsung will continue to invest in premium content, exclusive premieres and key partnerships for its users. Not only does the platform see Samsung providing a diverse offering of channels and shows across a wide variety of countries and languages, but it also sees the company continuing to strengthen its global partnerships in order to provide its viewers with the very best content, free of charge.
      1 Samsung TV Plus compatible devices as of August 2022 include:
      – TV: Smart TVs released after 2016 (availability may vary by country)
      – Mobile: Devices supporting Android 8.0 OS and above
      – Smart Monitor: M8, M7 and M5 Smart Monitors
      – Family Hub: Products of Model 2.0 or above released after 2017
      2 From July 1, 2021 to June 30, 2022
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    • By STF News
      Samsung Electronics announced today that the Samsung Gaming Hub1 is now rolling out to all 2022 Samsung Smart TVs bringing the best game streaming content and game playing experiences with no additional hardware or downloads needed. Announced during CES 2022, Samsung Gaming Hub is an all-in-one game streaming discovery platform where players can discover and play games they love from partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, Utomik, and, coming soon, Amazon Luna. The Samsung Gaming Hub brings better, faster and more convenient access to all things gaming within Samsung TVs, including the 2022 Neo QLED 8K, Neo QLED 4K, QLEDs and 2022 Smart Monitor Series, bridging Samsung’s expertise in hardware and software for an optimal gaming experience.

      “The Samsung Gaming Hub combines Samsung’s leadership in streaming technology with our experience in creating the industry’s most cutting-edge hardware, removing the barriers to entry so people can just play,” said Won-Jin Lee, President and Head of the Service Business Team at Samsung Electronics. “With expanding partnerships across leading game streaming services and expert curated recommendations, players will be able to easily browse and discover games from the widest selection available, regardless of platform.”
      Where Gaming Comes Together
      Powered by Tizen, Samsung Gaming Hub allows players to instantly access the games they love from industry-leading partners such as Xbox, NVIDIA GeForce NOW, Google Stadia, Utomik, and coming soon, Amazon Luna in addition to their gaming consoles and PC, all in one convenient place.2 Players can use their favorite accessories, such as Bluetooth headsets and controllers with the Samsung Gaming Hub without the need to purchase new hardware — making it easier to access games than ever before. Additionally, users will be able to see expertly curated recommendations based on the latest and most popular games.

      The Samsung Gaming Hub also seamlessly integrates music and streaming services to provide access to more entertainment options during gameplay, with easy connection to Twitch, YouTube and Spotify directly on the Gaming Hub experience menu. Players can get the latest gaming news, watch tutorials, play their favorite music and podcasts and view trailers from the most anticipated games all from the new and convenient Gaming Hub.
      Streaming Innovation Meets Incredible Processor and Picture Quality
      Players can also look forward to an amazing gaming experience thanks to advanced motion enhancements and latency reducing technology across Samsung’s 2022 Smart TV lineup and 2022 Smart Monitor Series. Samsung’s latest lineups introduce faster decoding and optimized buffer control technology which reduces the input lag by more than an average of 30 percent compared to the previous models.

      Additionally, Samsung’s latest AI upscaling technology optimizes game graphics, providing incredible 4K and 8K resolution with high color accuracy and sharpness.
      For more details, visit the Samsung Gaming Hub page.
      1 Gaming Hub is available in the following countries/regions: US, Canada, UK, Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Korea and Brazil.
      2 Service availability for partners may vary by region; Amazon Luna will be available in select regions later this year.
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    • By STF News
      TRON is a well-known, blockchain-based, and decentralized platform that aims to create a global decentralized digital content system. By using blockchain technology, TRON has established a network between content creators and consumers, which eliminates the need for a middleman between these two parties.
      Because TRON is an account-based blockchain system, a transaction in TRON is executed by an account and every transaction needs to pass the consensus process, which is known as DPoS. In this process, some witnesses are selected according to a vote to verify the transaction. Any token holder can vote to select these witnesses.
      The Samsung Blockchain Platform (SBP) SDK provides an opportunity for Android developers to develop applications that can interact with Ethereum and TRON blockchain platforms. The SBP SDK supports coin transactions as well as smart contracts and tokens like TRC-10, TRC-20, and so on.
      This blog describes the process of sending TRX (the base coin of the TRON platform) using the SBP SDK, with a sample application. For an example of sending Ether (the base coin of the Ethereum platform), see Send Ether with Samsung Blockchain Platform SDK.
      For developing a sample application that can perform TRX transactions, the following actions must be performed before the transaction takes place.
      Initialize the object Connect to a hardware wallet Get accounts Each of these actions of the application has been implemented with a corresponding button so that the results of each action can be more visible and clearly illustrated.

      Initialize the object
      To use the APIs of the SDK in an Android project, an object of the SDK is required. To create the object, follow the steps below.
      Create a new Android project and integrate the SBP SDK with the application. All dependencies need to be mentioned in the build.gradle file. To complete this step follow these instructions. After completing the synchronization of build.gradle with the file system, the project is ready for creating an instance of the Sblockchain class. Relevant source code can be found here. Connect to a hardware wallet
      A hardware wallet is a storage device with the facility of authentication for securely storing the public-private key pair. There are several hardware wallets in the market, and Samsung provides a hardware wallet integrated with select Samsung mobile devices, known as the Samsung Blockchain Keystore.
      SBP provides an interface to connect hardware wallets. Alongside the Samsung Blockchain Keystore, SBP currently supports Ledger Nano X and Ledger Nano S. Connect your application with a hardware wallet using the following code.
      In this article, the Samsung Blockchain Keystore has been used as the hardware wallet. While running the sample application on your device, please ensure you meet the device restrictions of the Samsung Blockchain Keystore. You can also change the hardware wallet type and test the same application with other supported hardware wallets.
      Get accounts
      An account is an important protocol of TRON. It functions as a gateway to interact with the TRON blockchain. Your TRX balance, token balance, bandwidth, energy, and so on are all attached to your account. TRX balance can be sent from one account to another. Moreover, an account can issue a smart contract. TRON accounts also provide the facility to vote for super representatives. To learn more about super representatives and voting, see the TRON documentation.
      Every account consists of a private and public key pair. An account remains deactivated until a TRX or token transaction is performed. Creating an account consumes frozen bandwidth points. If none are available, then the action burns 0.1 TRX instead. If you want to know more about the underlying algorithm and the process of creating an account, see the TRON account documentation.
      The SBP SDK allows you to create a new account or restore existing accounts from the TRON network. Restoring and creating accounts are network operations. For more information, see the account management guide for the SBP SDK. It discusses generating, restoring and fetching accounts using the SDK.
      If you have no TRX in your account, you can get some by purchasing from the sites listed here or get test TRX.
      TRX Transaction
      Let's send TRX from your account to another account. The SBP SDK provides an API called sendTransaction to perform a transaction between two accounts. This API needs four parameters.
      wallet: A connected hardware wallet. fromAccount: The sender’s TRON account. toAddress: Where you want to transfer your TRX to, taking the address as a string. value: How much TRX you want to transfer. Input unit is SUN (1 TRX= 10^6 SUN). The CoinService class called TronService provides the sendTransaction API for transactions on the TRON platform. In addition, a Remote Procedure Call (RPC) is required to communicate with the TRON node. We are going to use TronGrid for this purpose, which allows developers to access a TRON client that is running on the cloud instead of creating one. You can learn more about the TronGrid here.
      Before completing the example transaction, some terminology related to transactions, like bandwidth and energy, are discussed.
      NetworkType networkType = TronNetworkType.SHASTA; CoinType coinType = CoinType.TRX; //Shasta rpc String rpc = "https://api.shasta.trongrid.io"; // creating coinNetworkInfo CoinNetworkInfo mCoinNetworkInfo = new CoinNetworkInfo(coinType, networkType, rpc); //Creating CoinService CoinService mCoinService = CoinServiceFactory.getCoinService(getApplicationContext(), mCoinNetworkInfo); //Creating TronService TronService tronService = (TronService) mCoinService; Fetch TRX balance
      TRX is the primary currency of TRON. It can be used to obtain Bandwidth, Energy, or Power. The SBP SDK provides the getBalance API for fetching the balance of an account.
      public void onClickGetBalance(View view) { mCoinService = CoinServiceFactory.getCoinService(getApplicationContext(), mCoinNetworkInfo); TextView trxAmountTextView = findViewById(R.id.amount_tron); mCoinService.getBalance(mFirstAccount).setCallback(new ListenableFutureTask.Callback<BigInteger>() { @Override public void onSuccess(BigInteger bigInteger) { convertedAmount = TronUtils.convertSunToTrx(bigInteger); Log.i(LOG_TAG, "Balance has fetched successfully."); Log.i(LOG_TAG, "Balance is:" + convertedAmount.toString()); runOnUiThread(() -> { accountInfoButton.setEnabled(true); trxAmountTextView.setText(convertedAmount.toString()); } ); } @Override public void onFailure(@NotNull ExecutionException e) { Log.e(LOG_TAG, "Fetching balance is failed."); Log.e(LOG_TAG, "" + e.getMessage()); } @Override public void onCancelled(@NotNull InterruptedException e) { Log.e(LOG_TAG, "Fetching balance is canceled."); } }); } Fetch bandwidth and energy
      TRON implements some new and interesting features named freeze, bandwidth, and energy. You can freeze some of your TRX balance to gain bandwidth and energy. For every frozen TRX, the user receives 1 TRON power which is needed to cast a vote on super representatives. After freezing some of your TRX, it is not possible to use these TRX until they are unfrozen.
      Bandwidth is used as a fee for TRX transactions. Energy is needed to execute smart contracts. The SBP SDK only provides an API to get a frozen balance amount. You can freeze TRX and gain bandwidth and energy using Tronscan. Tronscan is a blockchain explorer, which allows anyone to explore addresses, transactions, and tokens in the TRON blockchain.
      The SBP SDK provides the getAccountInfo API for fetching bandwidth, energy and power (frozen balance) information. The input parameter is the account address of the sender. In the sample application, after pressing the Account Info button, the asynchronous task returns this information, which is set on a text view in the UI.
      public void OnClickAccountInfo(View view) { tronService = (TronService) mCoinService; try { tronService.getAccountInfo(mFirstAccount.getAddress()).setCallback(new ListenableFutureTask.Callback<TronAccountInfo>() { @Override public void onSuccess(TronAccountInfo tronAccountInfo) { Log.i(LOG_TAG, "Account info is fetched successfully."); Log.i(LOG_TAG, "BandWidth is:" + tronAccountInfo.getBandwidth()); Log.i(LOG_TAG, "Power is:" + tronAccountInfo.getFrozenBalance()); runOnUiThread(() -> { sendButton.setEnabled(true); bandWidthTextView.setText(tronAccountInfo.getBandwidth().toString()); powerTextView.setText(tronAccountInfo.getFrozenBalance().toString()); } ); } @Override public void onFailure(@NotNull ExecutionException e) { Log.e(LOG_TAG, "Fetching account info is failed."); Log.e(LOG_TAG, "" + e.getMessage()); } @Override public void onCancelled(@NotNull InterruptedException e) { Log.e(LOG_TAG, "Fetching account info is canceled."); } }); } catch (Exception e) { Log.e(LOG_TAG, "Error in fetching account info: " + e); } } After fetching bandwidth and energy, we can check them on the sample application UI.

      Transfer TRX
      Now we have all the parameters needed for sending TRX. The sendTransaction API is used to transfer TRX to the recipient. If the transaction is successful, the onSuccess() callback returns the transaction hash.
      Every transaction in the TRON blockchain can be found in Tronscan.
      public void onClickSend(View view) { if (toAddress.isEmpty() || amount.isEmpty()) { Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "Fill ToAddress and Amount Field", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); } else if(!tronService.isValidAddress(toAddress)){ Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "Invalid Address.", Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show(); } else { BigDecimal sendAmount = new BigDecimal(amount); BigInteger convertedSendAmount = TronUtils.convertTrxToSun(sendAmount); try { tronService.sendTransaction(mHardwareWallet, (TronAccount) mFirstAccount, toAddress, convertedSendAmount).setCallback(new ListenableFutureTask.Callback<TransactionResult>() { @Override public void onSuccess(TransactionResult transactionResult) { Log.d(LOG_TAG, "Transaction Hash: " + transactionResult.getHash()); runOnUiThread(() -> Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(), "Transaction Hash: " + transactionResult.getHash(), Toast.LENGTH_SHORT).show() ); } @Override public void onFailure(@NotNull ExecutionException e) { Log.e(LOG_TAG, "Transaction failed."); Log.e(LOG_TAG, "" + e.getMessage()); } @Override public void onCancelled(@NotNull InterruptedException e) { Log.e(LOG_TAG, "Transaction canceled."); } }); } catch (AvailabilityException e) { Log.e(LOG_TAG, "Error in sending: " + e); } } } Now that you can send TRX to another account, you can create your wallet application and implement a transfer function using the SBP SDK. Keep an eye on the Samsung Developers site for updates as the Samsung Blockchain keeps expanding support for new platforms.
      Additional Resources:
      Download the SBP SDK Transaction Sample App More Information on the SBP SDK Follow Up
      This site has many resources for developers looking to build for and integrate with Samsung devices and services. Stay in touch with the latest news by creating a free account or by subscribing to our monthly newsletter. Visit the Marketing Resources page for information on promoting and distributing your apps. Finally, our developer forum is an excellent way to stay up-to-date on all things related to the Galaxy ecosystem.
      View the full blog at its source
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