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Pick Out the Perfect Holiday Present with Samsung’s Lifestyle TVs

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When it comes to decorating our homes, we like to surround ourselves with items that reflect our unique tastes and personalities. This applies not just to things like furniture, artwork and knickknacks, but devices as well, including TVs.


Samsung’s introduction of the ‘lifestyle TV’ has revealed new and dynamic ways to enhance our homes to suit our style. With the holidays coming up, now’s the perfect time to explore what the company’s versatile lineup has to offer.


Read on for a handy gift guide covering the ins and outs of Samsung’s lifestyle TVs, as well as the best holiday gifts to pair with each one.




With its elegant bezels and modern look, The Frame is a lifestyle TV for those who truly love art. The TV’s built-in Art Mode transforms your living space into your own personal art gallery, allowing you to decorate your home with approximately 1,400 artworks from world-renowned artists and galleries.


To add an extra touch of realism, the TV includes a function that mimics the texture of canvas, making its digital reproductions look as detailed as the real thing. Its bezel is detachable and magnetic, and can be easily swapped with bezels of different colors to suit your taste, décor or artwork.




Those who like The Frame may also like:


  • 1) A Hand Drip Coffee Set: When enjoying art, a fresh cup of coffee – especially a rich and aromatic hand-drip – can help you destress and really focus on what you’re viewing.
  • 2) Coloring Books and Colored Pencils: We’ve all got a creative side. Why not take some inspiration from The Frame and create your very own works of art?
  • 3) Scented Candles: Not only are pleasant scents relaxing, they can also add an elegant, gallery-like atmosphere to your home.
  • 4) Flowers and Vases: Placing just a few tasteful vases around the house can do wonders for your interior. Cotton flowers are great for adding a wintry touch to your home gallery.




Co-created with French furniture designers Ronan & Erwan Bouroullec, The Serif gained acclaim as a furniture-like TV with its distinctive I-shaped design. The Serif is perfect for those who appreciate interior design. The TV’s striking form is complemented by a likewise eye-catching floor stand1 that makes the device feel like an objet d’art. For eco-friendly consumers, The Serif comes with ‘eco-packaging’ – a new kind of product packaging that facilitates the upcycling of the boxes, to easily make a small table, shelves or a cat house.






Those who like The Serif may also like:


  • 1) Rugs: An elegant rug nicely complements a standing TV. If you plan on placing The Serif in your living room, we recommend a rug made with high-density fibers. If you want to use the TV in your bedroom, we recommend creating a soft atmosphere by choosing a rug that features colors or patterns that complement your bedding.
  • 2) DIY objet and Ornaments: The top of The Serif can be used as a shelf to hold souvenirs and other items that express your individuality.
  • 3) Mini Flowerpots: The Serif’s eco-friendly packaging introduces the concept of upcycling to TV packaging design. After using the packaging to create small items of furniture, you can decorate your furniture, or The Serif itself, with miniature flowerpots.




The Sero – the TV that rewrote the rule that said TVs should only be used horizontally – is ideal for digital natives who enjoy watching content on their mobile device. The Sero’s rotating design and seamless screen-mirroring function allow you to immerse yourself in your favorite content, whether it’s in portrait or landscape. The TV also features a powerful, 4.1-channel, 60-watt (W) audio system that transforms your living room into a party zone with rich, full sound.




Those who like The Sero may also like:


  • 1) Board Games: Like The Sero, board games are all about having fun at home. They’re especially fun to play during the holidays, as they amplify the season’s festive atmosphere.
  • 2) Meal Kits: What would a party be without good food? If you’re all thumbs when it comes to cooking, simple and delicious meal kits are a great lifehack.
  • 3) Workout Gear: The Sero’s mounted wheels make it easy to move around the house, allowing you to transform any room into a home gym.




Those who like watching movies on a big screen with powerful sound will love The Premiere – Samsung’s new, ultra-short throw laser projector, which can be placed against a wall and supports screen sizes of up to 130 inches.


The Premiere is exceptionally easy to install, and supports vivid 4K picture resolution. The projector’s triple laser technology delivers revolutionary contrast details, while its 4.2-channel, 40-watt (W) speaker and woofer setup and Acoustic Beam surround sound envelop viewers in rich, room-filling audio. Such immersive audio and image performance make watching movies at home a cinematic experience.




Those who like The Premiere may also like:


  • 1) A Popcorn Maker: Popcorn is the perfect snack for watching movies. Having the option to pop your own takes the entire experience to the next level.
  • 2) A Cushion or Neck Pillow: You’ll want to be comfortable when you settle in to watch your favorite films. We recommend a comfy cushion that supports good posture, along with a pillow that can help keep your neck from feeling stiff when lounging during movie marathons.
  • 3) A Wearable Blanket: Blanket technology has really come a long way! ‘Wearable blankets’ are just as cozy as normal ones, and even include pockets for holding things like remote controls while you watch a movie.
  • 4) An Eye Mask: This is a must-have item for those of us who like to binge-watch shows until late at night. After you head to bed, a comfy eye mask like this will block out sunlight so you can sleep late into the morning (or the afternoon)!


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