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MICRO LED: Discover a screen of endless possibility | Samsung


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    • By STF News
      Samsung Electronics announced that The Freestyle is included in 2022’s Oprah’s Favorite Things holiday gift list featured on OprahDaily.com and in the Winter issue of O Quarterly, on newsstands November 1. The Oprah’s Favorite Things annual list is a must have holiday shopping guide with the most decadent desserts, ingenious gadgets and finest finds in home, fashion and beauty. This marks the fifth time a Samsung TV has been selected, with The Freestyle joining The Serif, The Frame, Q7FN QLED TV and most recently, The Terrace in previous years.

      This year’s list features a variety of wonderful items for you and your loved ones, most of which have been selected from small businesses. To shop the full list of items, please visit: https://www.oprahdaily.com/oprah-favorite-things-2022. The Freestyle is available for purchase at www.samsung.com and in the Oprah’s Favorite Things gift guide exclusively in Amazon’s store at amazon.com/oprah, as well as via the Amazon shopping app for customers to conveniently shop anytime, anywhere. As Oprah says on OprahDaily.com, “Point onto any wall to turn it into a big screen. You can use your favorite streaming apps from it, and it’s got powerful speakers, just like a movie theater.”

      The Freestyle offers first-of-its-kind technology and flexibility that lets users watch TV, enjoy movies and even have a lightshow wherever they go. The Freestyle is a portable display, smart speaker and ambient light all rolled into one lightweight, portable device. Its versatile cradle allows rotation of up to 180 degrees, enabling users to show high-quality video anywhere — tables, floors, walls or even ceilings — no separate screen required. With the optional battery base and case (sold separately), The Freestyle provides entertainment everywhere, with no limitations.

      “The Freestyle is a one-of-a-kind portable entertainment device that provides the ultimate versatility by letting users take it in anywhere,” said Stephen Coppola, Senior Director, Lifestyle TV Product Marketing at Samsung Electronics. “The Freestyle is a fun and adaptable portable display that can be used in many creative ways. On the ceiling before bed? Outside on the fence while roasting treats? The sky is the limit!”
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    • By STF News
      This year, Integrated Systems Europe (ISE) was back in full force, making a triumphant return in-person after debuting as a hybrid model in 2021. Taking place at the Gran Via in Barcelona, Spain, ISE 2022 brought together with key players in the global audiovisual industry and saw Samsung Electronics showcase its latest award-winning and, category-leading displays and innovations.
      If you weren’t able to visit the show this year, read on to learn about everything you may have missed from Samsung at ISE 2022.
      Reimagining Business for the Hybrid World

      At ISE 2022, Samsung was able to present its concept of ‘Business Reimagined’ to professionals from around the world. With businesses experiencing drastic changes to how they operate and plan on a day-to-day basis, Samsung showcased how its diverse lineup of commercial display technologies can help enhance the customer and employee experience whether in-person, remote or a mixture of the two.
      With category-leading technologies across relevant categories, including education, corporate, retail and quick service restaurants (QSR), Samsung’s 2022 ISE booth demonstrated firsthand how businesses can leave lasting impressions while increasing efficiencies.
      Samsung also highlighted the sustainability progress it has made as part of its “Together for Tomorrow” vision. The company showcased its efforts to reduce its environmental impact in the production of new products through such methods as the increase of the use of recycled materials and the improvement of energy consumption in its 2022 Smart Signage lineup, including QHB, QMB and QBB.
      Samsung’s continued use of recycled materials across its packaging even saw the company be recognized by the AV News Awards, where the company won the Sustainability Innovation of the Year Award which recognizes efforts made towards reducing waste, promoting energy efficiency and conserving resources.

      Making a Bold Statement With The Wall

      At ISE 2022, Samsung unveiled the 2022 lineup of its state-of-the-art display technology, The Wall, which features even more options for businesses looking to transform their spaces with next level picture quality and immersion. Samsung also unveiled the new The Wall All-in-One (IAB), which offers transformative installation set to save businesses both time and resources.

      Furthermore, Samsung received two awards for its innovative The Wall lineup within the Digital Signage Hardware and Video Wall Hardware categories from the industry-leading Top New Technology (TNT) awards body.

      Enhancing the Hybrid Classroom Through Seamless Collaboration With Flip Pro

      In order to provide innovative solutions to a new era of the classroom that incorporate with remote, in-person and hybrid learning at ISE 2022, Samsung unveiled the new Samsung Flip Pro (WMB). The intuitive, easy-to-learn whiteboard enhances education through collaborative features including Smart View+, enabling educators to cast student device screens to the display no matter what operating system the student uses.

      Additionally, the advanced touch screen of Samsung Flip Pro supports Brush Mode, allowing for realistic drawing and painting experiences. In recognition of its innovative design and capabilities, The Flip Pro was recognized as the top interactive whiteboard at this year’s TNT Awards.

      Flexible Outdoor Signage Perfectly Suited for QSR and EV Charging Stations
      Understanding that the outdoor signage landscape is constantly changing, Samsung has been continuing to innovate its solutions for such business fields as QSR and electric vehicle (EV) charging. The 2022 outdoor signage lineup features slim designs and reliable performance under a variety of weather conditions and environments in accordance with the changes being seen across the industry.

      Verified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) for outdoor visibility, businesses can deliver clear menus to restaurant customers or showcase the latest promotions to EV owners, even in bright sunlight, with Samsung’s 2022 signage solutions. The company’s outdoor lineup (OHA) was recognized with the TNT Award for All-Weather Display.

      Furthermore, Samsung’s MagicINFO 9 took home the TNT award for Digital Software as the industry continues to recognize the cloud-based solution as the most comprehensive signage featuring 24/7 support.

      Leading Innovation in Display Technology Design
      As well as receiving recognition for its latest display technologies, Samsung was also recently honored with two design awards by iF Design, one of the most prestigious global design award bodies.
      Samsung’s Signage Setup Assistant App was recognized by iF Design for its efficient and time-saving installation process for the ever-growing large LED screen industry, while the company’s Micro LED display was honored for its all-screen design and simplicity.
      For those looking to learn more about Samsung’s latest lineup of display technology solutions, be sure to check out The ISE 2022 Virtual Experience site and stay tuned to Samsung Global Newsroom for all the latest news.
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    • By BGR
      If you’ve picked up a Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, then you’re already equipped with one of the best Android phones on the market right now. But what if I said you could make it even better? Here are four handy Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra tips to help you get even more out of your new phone.
      Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra tips to help you get more out of your new phone
      Image source: Samsung The Galaxy S22 Ultra is a great phone, despite some throttling problems, and it’s the biggest phone that Samsung has to offer right now. But just because it’s good doesn’t mean there aren’t things you can do to make it better.
      Newer phones these days have a lot of different features and settings that aren’t enabled by default. When turned on some of those features can make your experience with the phone even better. Wondering if you should buy the Galaxy S22? You can compare the three different models on Samsung’s website to see which one fits you best.
      Make unlocking your phone faster
      The Samsung Galaxy Ultra 22 tip on our list has to do with the phone’s fingerprint scanner. When you first power up the device, you’ll need to press the power button anytime you want to activate the fingerprint scanner. If you want to bypass this small inconvenience and make unlocking your phone just a little faster, you can toggle the Finger always on setting.
      When toggled on, this setting will let you scan your fingerprint even when the screen is off. You’ll still need to line it up perfectly with the under-display scanner. Once you’ve got the hang of it, unlocking your phone will be even more efficient. If you find yourself needing the fingerprint icon to guide you, you can always tap the screen to activate it.
      Find your apps easier
      The App Drawer can be a great way to navigate the apps you’ve downloaded onto your phone. With that in mind, though, the Galaxy S22 Ultra doesn’t sort the apps by any kind of logic by default. Because of that, it can be difficult to find the apps you’re looking for sometimes. Thankfully, there’s a way to sort them all.
      To take advantage of this Galaxy S22 Ultra tip, simply open the App Drawer and press three dots at the top. From here you can select the Sort option, which will let you sort your apps alphabetically. You can also sort them using a custom order, which lets you change where each app is situated in the drawer.
      Customize Air Command
      Image source: Samsung One of the best things about the Galaxy S22 Ultra is the S Pen, the Galaxy Note’s best accessory. You can do a lot with the S Pen, like jot down quick notes, draw in your favorite sketchbook app, or even open apps and tools using the Air Command feature.
      Air Command essentially lets you use the S Pen without touching the screen on your Galaxy S22 Ultra. Instead, all you need to do is hover over the phone display and click the button on the S Pen. This will bring up a list of tools and options to select.
      If you want to add an app or tool to this list, you can simply tap the Add button down at the bottom. Next, select the option you want to add to the list, and boom, you’re ready to go. Making use of this Galaxy S22 Ultra tip is as easy as that.
      Reduce spam calls with Call Screening
      One of the benefits of mobile phones is that we can keep in contact with family and friends no matter where we are. Sometimes, though, that freedom gets used against us. If you find yourself dealing with a lot of spam calls, you can cut down on the junk by turning on Call Screening.
      This Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra tip is really handy because it lets you filter out unwanted calls. To turn it on, simply open your settings, navigate down to the Apps section, and then tap choose default apps. From here you can select Caller ID and spam app, and then select the Phone app to set it up. Presto, now fewer spam calls will make it through.
      The post 4 things you need to do on your new Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra appeared first on BGR.
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    • By STF News
      In 2017, Samsung Electronics introduced its Art Store service, allowing users to bring both classic and modern artwork pieces from all corners of the globe directly into their homes via their TV screens.
      Available exclusively on the award-winning lifestyle TV The Frame, the Art Store has since seen its collection to grow to offer over 1,500 works of art from 42 different countries. Thanks to the expansion of numerous partnerships over the past four years, users can enjoy such world-famous masterpieces as Vincent Van Gogh’s ‘Starry Night’ right on the high-resolution screen of The Frame.
      But how exactly does the Art Store on The Frame transform your living room from a blank screen into your own personal customized art gallery? Take a look at the infographic below for 5 need-to-know facts about the Art Store on The Frame.

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