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Here’s How ‘Team Samsung’ Can Help You Breeze Through Your Busy Day

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After a long day, even an extra five minutes of sleep in the morning can feel fantastic. When you finally manage to open your eyes and start the day, that’s when the rush to get ready truly begins. After going through your morning routine, putting on clean clothes and having a hearty breakfast, before you know it, it’s time to dash out the door.


To help you get through your busy day, Samsung Electronics has put together a team. With the SmartThings app on the Galaxy Z Fold3 leading the way, Samsung’s latest washer and dryer, Neo QLED 8K and the Bespoke Jet Bot™ AI+ are ready to team up to help you get ready.


Read on to find out how Team Samsung helps its user ‘A’, breeze through his busy morning.



Good Morning Mode Opens the Curtains and Displays the Weather

A was watching his favorite movie last night and fell asleep late. He ended up missing the alarm on his smartphone, but there’s no need to worry. All he needs to do to get ready for the day is simply unfold his Galaxy Z Fold3 and activate Good Morning Mode in SmartThings.1 Once he’s done that, the curtains that were closed so he could get a good night’s sleep automatically open up and the lights in his home switch on to help him begin his morning in a bright mood.2




One of the most important factors to consider when getting ready to go out is the weather. It’s the first thing to check before choosing your outfit and deciding whether or not to take an umbrella with you. Because Good Morning Mode displays the weather automatically through A’s Neo QLED, there’s no need to use the remote to check the weather.





A Washer That Chooses the Best Wash Cycle While Staying Eco-Conscious



A has picked out an outfit of the day that’s appropriate for the weather, but he forgot to start his laundry. Luckily, Team Samsung can select the best wash cycle and get his laundry done on time even when he’s not around.


Here’s how it works. First, open up the SmartThings app, tap on Laundry Recipe and choose the color, soil level and types of clothes you want to wash in your washer. Wash cycles will differ depending on the color and soil level of the clothes, and whether you want to wash shirts or things like socks. The feature will automatically choose the best wash cycle based on your input.


The Laundry Planner feature allows you to specify when you’d like the load to finish, so your clothes will be fully dry and looking good to go when you need them.







Whipping Up a Delicious Breakfast With SmartThings Cooking



A hearty breakfast is a must for starting off the day with lots of energy. Luckily for A, Team Samsung makes it easy to pick out a recipe for a great meal.


After receiving a recommendation on his Galaxy Z Fold3 using SmartThings Cooking, A automatically sends the recipe to the smart oven and starts cooking. When it’s all done, he can receive a notification through his Galaxy Watch, Family Hub or TV.





Forgot to Turn Off Your Lights or Devices? Don’t Worry With Away Mode



After putting on some fresh, clean clothes and finishing a delicious breakfast, it’s finally time for A to head out the door. With SmartThings’ Away Mode,3 if A realizes that he forgot to turn off a light or the TV as he’s heading out the door, he won’t need to head back inside to do so. The feature allows you to control not just the lights and the TV, but devices like robotic vacuum cleaners (RVC) as well. In addition, if you have a pet who’ll be left alone at home, SmartThings Pet4 offers peace of mind by allowing you to monitor your furry friend.





Monitoring Energy Usage With SmartThings Energy



After Team Samsung helped him get ready and he headed out the door, while on his way to his destination, A became curious about how much energy he’d been consuming this month. Once he unfolded his Galaxy Z Fold3, he accessed the SmartThings Energy5 service, which offered him detailed insights on his energy usage.




For those who can’t afford to miss work or skip chores in this busy world, Team Samsung is here for you. Experience a smarter and more relaxing start to your day with SmartThings.


For more information on Team Samsung, please visit samsung.com.



1 SmartThings application must be installed and connected to devices in order to utilize its features. Application requirements may differ depending on the device.

2 The electric curtains and lights described are products of a partner company, not Samsung. Therefore, quality assurance depends on the partner company’s standards.

3 SmartThings application must be installed and connected to devices in order to utilize its features. Application requirements may differ depending on the device.

SmartThings Pet is available for Bespoke Jet Bot™ AI+.

5 How much detergent, water and energy can be saved can differ depending on the actual usage environment and the types of items being washed. SmartThings Energy service may not be supported by some devices.

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      Assuming the estimate above is accurate, the 10W charger should do the job in over an hour. The Galaxy Watch 5 is also getting a larger battery than its predecessor. A larger battery and fast charging support should improve the Galaxy Watch 5 experience.
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      The Fan Edition returns in 2023
      The last Fan Edition to hit the market was Samsung’s Galaxy S21 FE. Image source: Samsung While Samsung has most likely canceled the Galaxy S22 FE, it will return with the Galaxy S23 FE in 2023. Hopefully, by then much of the chip shortage will have returned to normal. According to reports, Samsung plans to manufacture 3 million units for the S23 FE. However, we’ll need to wait and see how everything pans out in the long run.
      The unprecedented success of the S22 Ultra during a time when chip shortages are still affecting the mobile industry is notable. And it makes sense for Samsung to push its manufacturing supply toward the higher-end device. Still, there is a lot of love out there for the company’s Fan Editions. And the Galaxy S22 FE’s cancellation may be disappointing for many. But, keep in mind that this is not official news.
      All I can recommend right now is to wait for additional confirmation from Samsung on the cancellation. It’s still possible that the device could drop in the coming months. Or, these reports could prove true, and the S22 FE may never see the light of day.
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      This was a feature I had set aside an afternoon to implement but in the end it only needed a moment and made the experience significantly better.
      Web Share Target allows your Web App to receive URLs from the operating systems just like native apps do.
      In the video below I use the share button in Samsung Internet to share the website’s URL with my Web App, which then retrieves and displays the associated feed information from the website.

      You add a Web Share target by adding the information into the Web App Manifest:
      "share_target": { "action": "/feed/", "method": "GET", "params": { "title": "title", "text": "text", "url": "url" } }, When it’s shared, it will open your WebApp at the following URL /feed/?url=[share url]&text=[share text]&title=[share title]. Not all of these get filled out, depending on what is being shared and what is sharing it.
      When sharing web pages to the app sometimes, the URL was in the text field rather than the URL field. So if you are expecting a URL you should probably check there as well.
      const { search } = new URL(req.url, "http://example.com"); const params = new URLSearchParams(search); const sharedURL = params.get("url") || params.get("text"); There are more options you can add to the share_target, for advanced features like sharing files, you can find out more information in the great article on web.dev:
      Receiving shared data with the Web Share Target API
      Note: At this writing, the Web Share Target API is implemented in some browsers (notably Chromium-based browsers like Samsung Internet) but it is still considered experimental and in “incubation” within the W3C. Make sure you take this into account when incorporating Web Share Target into your development plans.
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