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8 Frequently Asked Questions About 8K

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The era of 8K, the resolution we’ve all been waiting for, is right around the corner. As we speak, the home entertainment space is being revolutionized with the launches of devices that offer richer, more immersive 8K viewing experiences. But just how much closer has the industry come to introducing those experiences to living rooms around the world?


To answer eight common questions about 8K, Samsung Newsroom reached out to Bill Mandel, President of the 8K Association and Vice President at Samsung Research America and Chris Chinnock, Executive Director of 8K Association. Read on to learn more about topics like the state of the 8K ecosystem, market prospects, leading industry players, 8K content production methods and what users can expect for the future of the technology.





Q: Who’s leading the creation of the 8K ecosystem?

In 2018, Samsung and a handful of other TV and panel makers planned the organization of a trade group focused on the evangelization and development of the 8K ecosystem. They approached Insight Media’s Chris Chinnock to discuss the future development of products and content. They also took concrete steps to establish the 8K Association (8KA) by developing the 8K Association Certified logo for 8K TVs and establishing consumer and industry-facing educational materials.


This was how the 8K Association was created in 2019 to benefit users, content creators and technology developers alike. Since then, the 8KA has put out a variety of materials to teach people about 8K technology, including a detailed “State of the 8K Ecosystem” report, educational seminars and webinars, and a weekly news service called The 8K Monitor. The Association also has a number of committees involved in developing new 8K TV specs and testing methods, along with encoding and decoding activities, content creation, marketing and promotion and more, with the goal of expanding the 8K ecosystem. Moreover, the 8KA continues to work with several standards development organizations to help create 8K specifications and support the technology’s certification.



Q: What kinds of companies have joined the 8KA?

When the 8K Association was created in 2019, it featured just five member companies. Having focused its efforts on expanding the 8K ecosystem over the last three years, the Association now features 30 members in all, which include not just TV brands but also panel makers, chip makers, content creators, streaming service providers and equipment providers, among others. Global companies like Google, IMAX, and Intel are some of the leading brands that have joined the 8K Association and are helping to bring consumers the best 8K experiences across as many devices as possible. (See the 8KA’s full list of partners.)



Q: What makes 8K-enabled devices different from others?

In addition to announcing Test Specifications at IFA 2019 and CES 2020, the 8K Association has established common industry standards, including an 8K certification program, to enable consumers to enjoy consistent, high-quality 8K experiences.


The certification program is enhanced each year through the addition of specific criteria, and strict evaluations are conducted based on various requirements. The program is composed of elements that provide users with more three-dimensional, highly immersive experiences. These include video decoding and multi-channel surround sound that supports a wide variety of 8K streaming content, as well as resolution, brightness, color and connectivity, which ensure high performance on large screens.



Q: How many 8K-enabled devices are currently on the market?

The number of 8KA Certified TV models is increasing each year. With the launch of its 2019 QLED 8K displays, Samsung became the first manufacturer in the industry to feature a complete lineup of 8KA Certified TVs. As of August 2021, 47 Samsung 8K TVs have received the 8KA Certified logo. Today, Samsung, Hisense and TCL have introduced more than 70 8KA Certified TVs to the market.



Q: How is 8K content typically produced and distributed?

A great deal of 8K content is captured using cinema-grade 8K HDR cameras. However, most of this content is finished in 4K or HDR resolution before being distributed to consumers.


That said, it is clear that the amount of 8K content available continues to expand. Content platforms YouTube and Vimeo also feature a great deal of short-form 8K content, which is mostly focused on nature and travel. This is quite similar to the way that 4K content was introduced to the market. The 8K Association is working to put the pieces in place to enable more 8K movies and shows to become available to consumers.



Q: Will 8K TV users be able to freely enjoy high-quality video even if native 8K content is not widely available yet?

8K devices’ AI-assisted upscaling technology allows users to overcome the issue of not having enough native 8K content. Samsung’s 8K TVs in particular are capable of improving resolution and picture quality using deep learning AI technology. The technology precisely analyzes various elements of every frame of content, including lines, details and noise levels, in order to upscale low-quality images to 8K.



Q: Will we be able to game in 8K?

Major gaming consoles are expected to support 8K playback through the HDMI 2.1 interface, and 8K gaming will also be possible with 8K TVs’ upscaling technology. On the PC gaming side, high-end graphics cards from manufacturers like Nvidia and AMD may include support for 8K output, even with features like ray tracing and upscaling enabled on the GPU. Although the 8KA has not yet introduced an 8K certification program for games, it is closely monitoring this area and exploring various options.



Q: What is the outlook for 8K’s adoption and expansion?

8K’s expansion is centered around users who long to test out and adopt the latest display technology. If this trend continues among these users who have historically led the widespread adoption and acceptance of new technologies, over time, this will lead to both reductions in cost and the establishment of a larger content experience ecosystem. This was the path for HD’s adoption, and 4K followed a similar route. We are seeing a similar pattern when it comes to 8K’s adoption, which has been aided by the work of organizations like the 8K Association.


For more information on the 8K Association, visit https://8kassociation.com/.

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      Samsung made waves at CES 2024 by introducing the latest Neo QLED 8K with the new NQ8 AI Gen3 processor, delivering a cinematic experience at home. Impressed by its features, the filmmaker called the TV “a transformative advancement.”
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      Take underwater footage, for example, which is often played at a slower pace — giving audiences the time to absorb unfamiliar environments and take in details that might otherwise go unnoticed.
      ▲ Various factors including currents, light refraction present challenges to capturing clear, beautiful shots underwater
      On the Neo QLED 8K, viewers can appreciate the “impressive color accuracy” and “nuanced portrayal of detailed scenes” of the ocean’s depths. From the calming blue water to the vivid and bright hues of fish and coral reefs, Achtel attributes the appeal of his 8K underwater imagery to the variety of striking colors and patterns. With Neo QLED 8K, the benefits now extend beyond just the content itself.
      “On the viewing side, Neo QLED 8K plays a pivotal role in bringing the 8K ecosystem to life,” he explained. “It not only showcases content with remarkable clarity but also upscales lower-resolution footage to nearly 8K quality, ensuring an immersive viewing experience of the highest caliber.”
      Given its advanced picture quality powered by increased neural networks and cutting-edge AI upscaling features, Neo QLED 8K elevates the viewing experience — even with content not initially captured in 8K. Combining advanced image quality with larger screen sizes also opens new possibilities for home viewing to offer an experience that rivals that of traditional big-screen setups.
      In the ever-evolving landscape of visual storytelling, enhancing a TV’s ability to process non-8K content offers significant benefits and inspires filmmakers to strive for higher quality content.
      “At the end of the day, having a device with an enhanced visual experience and immersive capabilities empowers cinematographers to craft and evaluate captivating content that resonates deeply with viewers,” said Achtel.
       ▲ AI Motion Enhancer Pro helps make 8K viewing experiences even smoother, not only for underwater scenes but also footages with fast-paced action like artists dancing on stage or sporting events
      The role of 8K technology in underwater cinematography and home entertainment underscores its transformative potential to enhance visual storytelling and enrich the viewing experience for audiences around the world.
      To learn more about Samsung’s Neo QLED 8K, visit samsung.com.
      1 8K AI Upscaling Pro and AI Motion Enhancer Pro are exclusive features of the QN900D model.
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    • By Samsung Newsroom
      As working from home becomes more commonplace around the world, people are increasingly looking to arrange their workspace so that they can work productively, comfortably and efficiently. But despite our best efforts, sometimes our personal devices don’t offer the capability to review multiple files at once or switch easily between multiple windows as we might require.
      This is where Samsung’s high-resolution monitor, the S65UA, comes in. The 34-inch wide screen with 21:9 aspect ratio can help you enjoy a ‘work-from-home’ experience that mirrors the one you have in your office, as you can easily work across web browsers, document files and messenger programs at once – all on one screen.

      The spacious desktop screen of the S65UA lets you multitask efficiently and smartly without any extra accessories or clutter on your desk, and its ergonomic stand design lets you customize your setup according to your home working environment. In order to take a closer look at the benefits of the S65UA for those working at home, Samsung Global Newsroom tried out some of its leading features.
      Easy Installation and Upcycling-Friendly Packaging

      After purchasing new electronic devices such as monitors, we are often left with a plethora of packaging boxes and materials to have to deal with once installation is complete. However, the S65UA comes with upcycling-friendly eco-packaging, meaning you can transform the monitor’s packaging into various practical tools, including objects for your pets and small furniture.

      The S65UA’s eco-friendly packaging user manual is also simple to access and easy to use. Simply open up the packaging box, take out the components, and then flatten out the box. With your smartphone, scan the QR code that is printed on the side of the box, and you’ll see a detailed guide to installation. The cardboard packaging box comes with a special dot design that lays out the box’s dimensions in dots rather than centimeters. This means that anyone can create furniture without the need for extra tools to accurately measure the packaging’s lengths.

      The next step is to install the monitor itself. The S65UA monitor comes with a stand base, stand neck, power cable, HDMI cable, and USD Type-C cable, so firstly, check you have all the components you need to continue.

      The ensuing installation can be roughly divided into two steps. First, put the rectangle-shaped stand base onto the long stand neck and tightly fasten the connecting screw at the bottom of the stand base. When assembling the monitor, all you need to do is just tightly fasten the big screw in the middle. Secondly, simply push the assembled stand base and neck into the back part of the main body, and you’re done. Gently push it upward and you’ll hear a “click” noise, which means you’re all done with the assembly.1
      ▲ Looking at the dented area on the back of the S65UA monitor, there are 4 additional ports (HDMI, DP, Type-C, LAN).
      The S65UA comes with a variety of port types to allow for multifaceted connectivity. Whatever connectivity needs you might have, you can easily connect your monitor to your other devices. In particular, the USB Type-C port can be used to connect portable devices such as smartphones and laptops. With a single cable alone, you can go beyond just connecting the device to the display monitor and enjoy up to 90W charging and fast 10Gbps data transmission for both convenience and versatility.
      Customizable Height with an Ergonomic Stand

      Productivity can directly be linked to the environment one works in. Even if a device possesses the best performance specs, if it doesn’t match the user’s posture or field of sight, it will become uncomfortable to use after a while. This is why the S65UA comes with a Height Adjustable Stand (HAS), which lets you quickly and easily adjust the height of the monitor by up to 120.00mm (±5.0mm). Simply hold the connecting part of the stand at the back of the monitor and move the monitor up and down to easily and smoothly adjust the height of your screen.

      When using the monitor at its highest possible height, you’ll notice that you have extra desk space beneath it to utilize or decorate according to your preference, whether you’re looking for a space to store those extra files or to place some small plants and other flora.

      The S65UA also comes with a swivel feature that lets you rotate the monitor to each side by up to 30.0˚(±2.0˚) to further enhance your work productivity. Regardless of which side of the monitor the user is at, the user can rotate their monitor in order to look at the entire screen. This feature also helps you utilize the space you have more effectively. When adjusting the monitor angle, it’s a good idea to gently hold the bezel rather than the display to gently adjust the monitor.

      The S65UA monitor opens up more desk space once you’ve oriented it to your desired place, making work productivity and even cooperative work much more convenient. Regardless of how many people are surrounding the monitor, you can quickly and seamlessly peruse the monitor as needed to examine it. Not only does this harness the 178-degree wide viewing angle of the S65UA to its full potential, but it also lets you check the content on-screen instantaneously.

      Sitting in front of a monitor for a long time can put unwanted pressure on your body – and a lot of this has to do with our posture in front of screens. If you become used to slouching with your neck leaning forward, the surrounding muscles can become stiff and painful. But thanks to the tilt functionality of the S65UA, you can find the perfect angle to keep you sitting straight and reduce the pressure on your muscles.

      Unlike traditional monitors that may have been too tall or too short for optimal viewing experiences, the monitor adjustment capabilities of the S65UA make for a working environment that is more comfortable. What’s more, when taking a break and settling in to watch a movie on-screen for an extended period of time, you can then adjust your monitor some more for the most comfortable viewing experience.
      A Wide Screen for All Activities

      The S65UA offers a wide screen experience that doesn’t affect your field of sight thanks to its 1,000R display curvature for eye comfort and Ultra-Wide Quad High-Definition (QHD) (3,440 x 1,440) resolution. In addition, the monitor delivers more than 1 billion colors enhanced by HDR10 technology, resulting in true-to-life images and next-level immersion. Whether it’s the dew drops on plant leaves or the small wrinkles on flower petals, the display shows images in vivid, vibrant picture quality, with all colors from light to dark presented without any light blur or clarity obscuration. This creates the best possible viewing conditions for when you need to concentrate on on-screen details, such as when you are playing a game or watching media content.

      Those who are accustomed to using dual monitors in the office will find the Easy Setting Box particularly useful. By pressing the control panel button, located on the back of the logo below the middle part of the monitor, you can choose the best aspect ratio from various options whenever you want. Also, Picture By Picture(PBP) shows two input sources on the same screen side by side along with the Picture In Picture (PIP) feature which enables you to open up a small pop-up window within your screen.
      Unlike when you have to use multiple monitors to complete a task, there is no need for you to deal with height or color differences across screens, and you can enjoy the near gapless continuity of the monitor’s virtually borderless design for uninterrupted and seamless working experiences.

      In order to protect users’ eyes from becoming dry after working for extended periods of time, all monitors from the Samsung 2021 high-resolution lineup come with features that help protect the eyes, leading these monitors to be Intelligent Eye Care certified by TÜV Rheinland, a certification institution of global standards and specifications based in Germany.
      New to the 2021 monitor lineup, Adaptive Picture eye care technology automatically adjusts the brightness and color temperature of your screen to one of 42 levels when the environment you are in changes – for example, when your surroundings become darker after working in a bright environment, the monitor adjusts its settings in response to the room conditions. If you’d like to reduce blue light emissions which cause eye strain, you can turn on the special Eye Saver mode by pressing the control panel button. What’s more, Flicker Free technology, which reduces the flickering on the screen to protect your vision, also comes in helpful to maintain your eye health.
      In times like this when the home has become blurred with the workplace, the ‘best monitor’ has evolved to become the one that is able to be flexible in response to the user’s environment and delivers the best performance wherever it may be. As well as encouraging you to strike the best balance between work and play while working from home, the S65UA helps increase your work efficiency with ease and comfort.
      1 When assembling the monitor, please refer to the user manual that comes with the product.
      View the full article
    • By Samsung Newsroom
      One of the main factors that can impact work efficiency is our monitor choice. Since it is a device that we use for extended periods of time, it is important to pay attention to such features as the device’s resolution, eye strain reduction and adjustable design.
      On March 21, Samsung Electronics announced its new full lineup of 2021 high-resolution monitors for the home working environment. These monitors come in three series: the S8, the S7 and the S6, all three of which provide users with vivid displays with high resolution from UHD to QHD. On top of the monitors’ ergonomic design that lets you use the product with utmost convenience, the 2021 monitors are certified for their eye protection capabilities, as well as for being environmentally friendly.
      Take a look at 5 of the key advantages offered by the high-resolution monitors in the 2021 lineup in the infographic below.

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    • By Samsung Newsroom
      Samsung Electronics today announced its new full lineup of 2021 High-Resolution monitors. This year’s portfolio delivers life-like picture quality and enhanced convenience with advanced ergonomic design, making it the perfect complement for any workspace or at-home setup.
      Designed to meet the needs of today’s businesses and consumers who require excellent picture quality and comfortable, ergonomic design, Samsung offers 12 different High-Resolution monitors across three series – the S8, S7 and S6. All models deliver more than 1 billion colors for a vivid and vibrant image, enhanced by HDR 10 technology. The displays feature color vividness and clarity through a 178-degree wide viewing angle designed for professional work environments, delivering an uncompromising viewing experience from any angle.
      “As demand for higher resolution monitors continues to increase, Samsung plans to continue to lead the market by unveiling new products that meet our customers’ needs.” said Hyesung Ha, Senior Vice President of Visual Display Business at Samsung Electronics. “Our 2021 High-Resolution lineup delivers dazzling picture quality and powers enhanced performance, all the while ensuring user comfort with a streamlined, eco-conscious design.”
      Additionally, all monitors are Intelligent Eye Care certified from TÜV Rheinland, the first in the industry to receive this recognition. Adaptive Picture eye care technology optimizes picture quality for any viewing environment by automatically adjusting brightness and color temperature in response to room conditions. This ensures the most comfortable viewing experience in any environment, reducing eye strain even after extended use. The monitors also feature a special eye-saver mode to reduce blue light emissions which can cause eye strain, and Flicker Free, protecting the user’s eyes from any flickering on the screen.
      The lineup has also been acknowledged for energy efficiency thanks to Eco Saving Plus technology, in addition to receiving the Swedish Confederation Of Professional Employees (TCO) display certification for next-gen sustainable products, the Electronic Product Environmental Assessment Tool (EPEAT) ecolabel certification for electronic products, and an Energy Star certification for energy-saving products. Eco Saving Plus technology reduces up to 10% of power consumption by adjusting the brightness of black sections automatically while maintaining bright and vivid picture quality.
      S8: Superior Visuals and Ergonomic Design
      As the flagship model in the High-Resolution monitor lineup, the S8 is packed with key features for both businesses and creative professionals. This model provides Ultra-High Definition (UHD) resolution and is available in 27- and 32-inch options. In addition to supporting UHD and over 1 billion colors, the S8 delivers a 99% sRGB color gamut for users to enjoy more vivid content.
      The S8 is capable of blazing fast 10Gbps data transmission through its USB-C type port, while the S80UA specifically offers up to 90W charging. The S8 also provides a variety of connectivity features including USB 3.0 and a USB hub to provide enhanced usability and versatility. The flat borderless design maximizes comfort and minimizes distractions while enabling near-seamless dual-monitor setups. Video Electronics Standards Association (VESA) mount compatibility and Height Adjustable Stand (HAS) offer a variety of tilt, swivel and pivot control points, allowing users to mount their monitor in any environment. The slim metal stand and narrow depth also take up less desk space for a cleaner, seamless work setup.
      S7 & S6: Simple and Seamless for Any Setup
      Like the S8, the S7 series delivers UHD resolution in 27- and 32-inch sizes, with ultra-slim stand, 178-degree wide viewing angle panel and vibrant color gamut. The virtually borderless design empowers users to stay focused on their work, supported by a convenient tilting function.
      The S6 series is available in 34-, 32-, 27- and 24-inch sizes, supporting not only QHD (2,560×1,440) resolution, but also PBP (Picture By Picture) and PIP (Picture In Picture) features, enabling users to multitask effortlessly and efficiently. The S60UA monitors not only support Daisy Chain technology, allowing extended multiple screen and screen reproduction, but also LAN cable (RJ45 compatibility), transforming the monitor into a Docking Station Hub. Built-in Wake On Lan (WOL) functionality allows the connected computer to be powered on remotely from another device.
      The S65UA 34-inch monitor in Ultra-Wide Quad High-Definition (UWQHD) offers a 1000R curvature, further enhancing productivity with a 21:9 aspect ratio for optimal multi-tasking. The S6 series is also supported by customizable swivel, tilt and rotation functionality, allowing users to find their perfect viewing angle as they can swivel the screen and even rotate between portrait and landscape modes.
      The Samsung High-Resolution monitor lineup is available in a variety of models, sizes and specifications. Please see the specification table for further information about each model. For more information please visit: https://displaysolutions.samsung.com/monitor/detail/1789/S27A800U
      Model S8 S7 S6 S80UA
      (27″) S80A
      (32″, 27″) S70A
      (32″, 27″) S65UA
      (34″) S60UA
      (32″, 27″, 24″) S60A
      (32″, 27″, 24″) Picture
      Quality Resolution UHD
      (3,840 x 2,160) UWQHD
      (3,440 x 1,440) QHD
      (2,560 x1,440) Color Support 1.07B HDR HDR10 sRGB 99% Support – 99% Support FreeSync – AMD FreeSync Design Bezel 3-side borderless Stand HAS, Pivot,
      Swivel, Tilt Tilt HAS, Pivot,
      Swivel, Tilt Flat/Curved Flat 1000R
      Curved Flat Connectivity USB-Hub 3.0 x 3ea 3.0 x 3ea,
      2.0 x 1ea – 3.0 x 3ea,
      2.0 x 1ea 3.0 x 3ea USB-C
      (up to 90W Charging) Yes – – Yes – LAN – Yes – Etc. Certificate Energy Star, EPEAT, TCO Eco Package Yes Intelligent
      Eye Care Yes View the full article
    • By SAMSUNG
      You’ll never have to compromise on picture quality with Neo QLED 8K. Feel the power and clarity of 33 million pixels on one screen. A new evolution of screens is here. Quantum leap for neo vision Neo QLED 8K See details within the details Real 8K Resolution Feel the power of every frame Greatness never ends, but evolves #NeoQLED8K #8K #SamsungTV

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