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Update circle remains during live tv watching

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Hi all,

I just had a SW update for my Samsung TV UE55KS7005. It's now at version 1201.

I watch TV via my HD Homerun tuner box. I can select HD Homerun, browser folder with channels and then select TV channel to watch live tv.

Earlier this has worked fine. It still works after the SW upgrade to version 1201, but the Samsung TV constantly shows a rotating circle in the middle of the picture.

Anybody else experiencing this? Is there an fix for this?





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Congrats on getting the elusive update that many worldwide, including me, are waiting for. As for the rotating circle, that usually means the app is loading and stops when it is completely loaded. Something may be happening where the loader is: 1. not finishing; 2. is not giving out a finished command to the Tizen OS to kill the icon; or 3. a new feature, enjoy. It can also mean buffering is going on. That would be Internet speed and quality of service.

These days there are way too many variables that take time to locate issues. And many times more gets broken than fixed in these updates. I would suggest doing a Power Cycle, that you should do after any and all updates, by unplugging the OC box and power from the TV, waiting 30-60 seconds and then plug in the OCB and then the power. Hopefully this will "seat/set" the update and it will work "better". Good Luck.

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Thanks Farmerbob,

I've uplugged the TV for hours and then plugged it in again. It did not resolve the issue. It appears to be a bug with Tizen 1201 when opening up a HD Homerun tuner on the network via the default Samsung Tizen DNLA interface (the plain yellow folder UI where I can just pick a channel).

Well hopefully the'll fix it one day. I can just watch TV via Windows Media Center using the same tuners - no problem then.

I'm not sure what the have changed in the tizen os. It looks the same to me and there are no new apps in the apps section. HD Homerun with RUI interface is still not possible. Emby is still not available in the apps section, so really nothing new that I was hoping for in this release.

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I'm sorry to hear you did not get relief from a Power Cycle. Unfortunately you are not the only one that has/is suffering from wonky FW updates and symptoms are all over the place. My TV went "wrong" after an earlier version and Samsung offered to replaced it. BUT replacing my TV is not going to fix their bad updates. Who's to say that the next or same update doesn't do the same to the next TV? I have yet to go through the process of swapping this one out to see what future FW releases might do to fix it. I read in forums daily of people remarking on how much better their sets worked before whatever release and now there are problems. I'm waiting on the 1201.6, or further, to see what and if it fixes or breaks in mine. I fear that this will become a big problem for Samsung.

The problem you describe is sounding more like a "third party app vendor" and Samsung mesh issue. And this too can be due to changes in the FW that causes a "wonky" FW release. This makes it a problem for the app providers as well and many times they get blamed when it's not them. The advent and serious implementation of Upgradable Firmware was monumental. But also a curse if it's not dealt with properly and diligently.

Since I haven't gotten 1201.6 yet, I'm now severely curious as to what fun I have to look forward to. We'll have to see . . .

It was reported that "supposedly" we are to get the 2017 version of Tizen that is in the current batch of TV's sometime this Fall. I have conversed with a forum moderator that seems to remember reading the same and we are looking for any information about it. That's a BIG "we'll have to see . . ." AND fingers crossed so tight that they are blue. Hopefully the new OS will clean up a lot of problems and allow our sets to operate to their best abilities as reported that they did once. Fingers still crossed and a big stalling point of me exchanging my TV.

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