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Samsung Tizen TV SDK 1.0

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Samsung has posted the SDK for it's 2015 TV line up: http://www.samsungdforum.com/Tizendevtools/Sdkdownload 




Dear Partners and Developers,


The Samsung TV SDK Team is pleased to release the Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK 1.0.

The SDK provides developers with the tools they need to begin developing for the Tizen-based Samsung TV platform. 

The toolset includes an Integrated Development Environment (IDE) and a Web Simulator for testing TV apps on a PC.

A Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK combines the best features of a TV with the power of web based technologies.

By combining the size, input, and multimedia benefits of a TV with the connectivity features of the internet, developers can create innovative new experiences for their users.
For overall information about Tizen App development, please refer to the
http://developer.tizen.org Web site.

Main Features :
Integrated Development Environment (IDE)
   - HTML, JS, CSS code editing   
   - Templates for Tizen TV applications   
   - Packaging Features
Web Simulator
   - Light-weight tool for testing TV Web Apps on the PC
   - Support for HTML5    

   - Web Simulator supported html5 media formats : ogg/ogv, MP4

    - Caph 2.0 (Caph UI Component is not included.)



   - Web Standard API(W3C / HTML5 / JavaScript)

   - Video Tag based on HTML5(HTTP Progressive Download, HTTP Live Streaming)
   - Tizen Web Device API
   - Tizen-based Samsung TV Product API

   - Caph 2.0 Base package API

Debugger (Web Inspector)
   - Code inspection   
   - JavaScript debugger   
   - Network & Resource profiling


Information :

IDE Relevant Version Information
   - Eclipse Kepler (4.3)


■ Requirements for Installing Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK 1.0.

   1) Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK 1.0 IDE requires Java Standard  Edition (Java SE) version 1.7 or higher.
       Please install the Java Runtime Environment (JRE): 



    2) Tizen-based Samsung TV SDK 1.0 Web Simulator HLS play feature requires Adobe Shockwave Player and Adobe Flash Player.

        HLS play supported only in Windows and Mac OS. 
         (Adobe Shockwave Player requirement not supported in Linux)


        - Please install the Adobe Shockwave Player :



        - Please install the Adobe Flash Player :



■ Installation troubleshooting guide of Mac OS.

   If there are problems installing with the .app file of .dmg, please install via the .bin file in the terminal.

     - Open a terminal

     - Go to the directory of the Tizen-based TV Web SDK install files

     - Run: ./inst-manager.bin

■ SDK System Requirements
   Processor : Dual Core 1.5GHz / Single Core 3GHz or higher 
   RAM : 2 GB or higher 

   OS (32bit and 64bit supported):
       - Windows 7 (recommendation), Windows XP Service Pack 2 or higher
       - Mac OS X : Intel-based hardware, OS versions  10.6 and above.
       - Linux: Tested on Ubuntu 12.x

    Screen resolution : 1280 x 1024 or higher 
    HDD : 5GB or higher
Best Regards,
Your Tizen TV SDK Team

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